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Can anyone tell me what happened to my geraniums?  I planted up several pots of geraniums this summer and they were looking great.  Then they suddenly started looking a bit miserable.  On further investigation, I noticed the leaves had been eaten away and only stalks remained.  There were tiny black grubs on the leaves and a couple of green caterpillers!  My next door neighbour has cabbages in his garden, so would this be the problem?  I have seen several white cabbage butterflies around, and thought maybe they were laying their eggs on my geraniums too.  Any advice on this please?

David K

Hi, Welsh's those little green caterpillars that are doing the damage. Unfortunately geraniums are always troubled by them at this time of year.

My guess would be that those 'black grubs' are the faeces of the green caterpillars.

You’ll need to act fairly quickly as the little blighters can defoliate the plants in a matter of days.

An application of ‘Bugclear’ spray will sort them out and (as it remains effective for six weeks) it should last until the end of the season.

Btw, these are not related to cabbage caterpillars.  



David K

I do rather wonder sometimes why someone would take the trouble to ask a question and when someone else takes the trouble to try to help, why they would not have the courtesy to acknowledge that help.

It does happen too frequently on this forum.


hollie hock

Probably are cabbage whites, I would just pick them off. It's late in the season both won't be here that much longer

Too small to pick off Hollie.  The caterpillars attacking geraniums are numerous and tiny.  Leave remedial action for too lomg amd ??ou will have no geraniums flowering in mid summer.  A spray as soon as seen...after a hard cut back.....will produce new growth and new flowers and,,hopefully, no more attacks this year.

This is the first year I have experienced such attacks in a long time.  The year of the caterpillar I think.



I totally agree David K

I always check my post/question and thank all involved as to the outcome.

this forum is full of people giving good advice so it normally a matter of 30 min before you have a reply.

some people are just strange.





Some people's lives take unexpected turns and they're not always able to follow things up immediately (sometimes never ) .  I try to assume that something's happened which means the OP is now thinking of other things rather than that they are being deliberately rude - that is unless they make a habit of it, in which case I blame their parents - they probably didn't make them write thank you letters after Christmas! 

I always write  thank you letters to father Christmas even tho I'm so disappointed he doesn't bring me what I asked for.

I think we should not look for the thank you posts.  It would spoil the forum if we always expected that.  People often dont think.  I see it every day and it is annoying when people don't respond as you would yourself, whether on the roads or in town or even friends n family.  

The resulting banter on the forum is always good whether the questioner responds or not

David K

Ermm..... No wish to dwell on this matter, but as someone who has been around these parts for longer than most, I can assure you that some very knowledgeable gardeners no longer contribute to this forum for the reason I mentioned.

It is a very relevant & valid point!


Hi all ,,Hi Dave ,your right iv noticed this when iv seen the question asked that i also needed the answer to,this has happened quite often so i usually hijack the answer,er and thank them myself,manners cost nothing mi dad used to say and i think sometimes people spend quite some time checking that their advise is correct,its all and still is a great help to a beginner like me ,i also just love the funny cheeky bits we get treated to now and again, AND iv not exchanged contracts yet, estate agents id swing em from the yard arm i really would and they want paying loads, im off

Hi everyone.  First of all I apologise to everyone who has been offended by my not replying promptly, but I do lead a very busy life.  I am not able to sit at my computer for hours on end, so I am sorry in not replying earlier.  I am really a well mannered person, so am disappointed to hear so many barbed remarks for my late response.  Thank you for your advice David K, I will certainly use the spray recommended next summer.  Also thankyou Verdun for your advice.     

David K

Oh dear, hope this doesn't turn into a protracted debate.

Welsh Daffodil, for myself I was referring to what seems to be a general trend lately, of people asking advice and having received not bothering to acknowledge the fact that someone has taken the trouble to respond…..not you in particular.

Like you, I have a busy life which doesn’t include being online from morning til night.

Having said that, others visit the forum for banter & cyber-friendship….and that’s fine by me too.



Hiya welshdaffodil

ThaTs fine.  You're welcome


Point taken David K but as the gripe about bad manners was on my particular 'thread' what was I to think!  I don't come onto the site as often as I would like to, but I always find it interesting and entertaining when I do.  I am signing off now, so happy gardening to everyone and looking forward to connecting with you all again. 

hi Welsh, i dont think anybody was refering to you personally i asked a question once then went to Norfolk and back before i answered, i thought id give the oldies time to think about mi q before they answered, got to b thick skinned ere mi duck, anyway hows ya geraniums now Good luck,


Thanks for that Alan4711. My geraniums are just about holding on!  Always next year to try again.  You have a nice picture of Tenby harbour, lovely part of the world.  

David K
Welsh Daffodil wrote (see)

Point taken David K but as the gripe about bad manners was on my particular 'thread' what was I to think!  


Fair point, WD.....please accept my apologies.

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