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Tracey, its a horrible feeling. They are your babies no matter how old they are. Many years ago I can remember my mum getting a bit upset about something similar, (and we were very close, just like your family) and I probably pulled a face by raising my eyebrows or something. I'll never forget what she wait till you have children of your own..........mums are always right 


My very grown up (40) 6ft 14 stone son was jumped on, beaten up and kicked unconscious by some thugs a few weeks ago when he spoke to them about their racial abuse of a local shop owner - it was all on CCTV and they're in court later this month - I'm usually quite a mild sort of person, but they'd better not even look at me in court 

Tracey, mum mums also called Tracy (without the E) and when I went on a ski trip in year 9, we were both standin. At the coach grizzling! I rang her everyday (even though it did cost a fortune!) and we went out when I got back 


Dove...How terrible! I'm so sorry to hear that! What are they up for? GBH or Attempted Murder or? 


Oh Dove that's horrible! I hope they have a very unforgiving judge x


It's not the first time they've done it - they're under 18 - they've been in a Youth Offenders institution already - think it's going to be ABH as this time they didn't manage to break anything!  My son is big and tough and very fit - he couldn't believe they could do that to him, but if you're jumped from behind when you're not expecting it ............. 


star gaze lily

Oh Dove, thats awful, I am so  sorry to hear that. Hope your son is ok now. And hope those $###$ get what they deserve!!


He's ok physically - just anxious about going out on his own in the evening on foot in the quiet little town where he lives - when I say little, it's only got one High Street, one bank, one supermarket etc.  and he does loads for the community and helps run the local football club etc.  He's also anxious about leaving his wife alone in the house in the evenings if he has to go out, and also anxious about possible damage to their cars outside their homes.  Associates of the little bs have been walking past several times a day with absolutely no reason.  

star gaze lily

Oh my god Dove thats even worse that they know where he lives. I thought you meant it was some distance from his home. You must be so worried.

Big hugs from me Dove.

Looks like lots of us on here have some worry or another at the mo.

Dove that must be so scary! (Sorry, not helping)... Is there witness protection or anything they can put in place? 

I thought spring was meant to be the time when everyone is cheering, what's happening?! 


Part of the bail conditions is that they're not allowed in the town, but that doesn't apply to their friends of course.  The problem is they think that they can get away with anything 'cos they're under 18 and up until now they have - hopefully the judge will think differently this time.  The CCTV evidence is pretty shocking!

Ashleigh 2

It's sadly unusual to find anyone willing to confront racists even if they don't agree with them, the world needs more people like your son, you must be so proud of him. I hope his physical and emotional wounds heal fast, is there any counselling available to him through victim support or anything? Do the police know about the little scroats who are trying to intimidate him? Makes my blood boil.


My son's wife is from an ethnically Islamic part of Russia and she is Moslem.  My son in law's family are from the Caribbean.  We cannot  bear racism and intolerance. 

My son wasn't violent or abusive - he just told the boys politely that their behaviour wasn't acceptable - just as any adult should be able to.  

As the 18C philosopher and politician Edmund Burke said, "All that is necessary for the triumph of evil is that good men do nothing." 

It makes my blood boil too.My anger is directed at the parents, there are too many no hopers who's only talent is to breed.The children should be taken into care, or if older compulsory military service.If the child is deemed too be too young to be legally responsible for their actions it is the parents who should be prosecuted.

I would like to think that I would have the courage to follow your sons example.


Yes, the police are aware and have told him to dial 999 and quote a CAD number if there is an incident. 

Victim support haven't really been able to offer anything.  


Dove, I find your story truly depressing and a sad inditement of Britain today.

However AWB, what you suggest is nothing more than Nazism.


punkdoc, why, are you really that ignorant, shouldn't parents be responsible for their children's actions. it is the over use of emotive language by people like you that  is an example of the way in which society has degenerated.What statement exactly do you disagree with.


These young people are the children of an underclass which has grown since the 80s; people who are alienated from the rest of society by an education which doesn't fit them for employment and their consequent inability to attain the material goods that society tells us we must have in order to be 'happy'.  They don't value themselves or other people - they want  'respect' but have no idea what it means.

The damage done to many young people in the care system (remember I was employed by Social Services) doesn't suggest that it is a  panacea for a troubled childhood, and the inadvisability of training troubled young men to fight is evidenced by the number of ex-soldiers in our prisons or selling Big Issues on our street corners.  Exactly what benefit there is to be gained from prosecuting the parents of children who are already out of control I cannot imagine.  

The only thing that will improve things is for those who govern this country to send their children to the schools that also educate the children of the sink estates - then those with power will ensure that all children have an education that fits them for life in the 21st century. 

The parents are failing the children, if it's not the social services who will look after their needs. The military will teach them a trade that will enable them to support themselves and have pride in their own abilities, it's not just about fighting, in fact I do not support any involvement in Afghanistan, Syria or Iraq and wish our politicians would stop interfering.I do not agree that military service is detrimental to persons development. It is often argued that boxing and other contact sports teaches restraint.

Teaching is the most important of all the professions, and is fundamental to the future for our society.

If a parent is made to be responsible for their child a lot of problems would be solved, it cannot be on a voluntary basis there must be recourse to legal action,even if it is a last resort.

How would you solve the problem of young thugs roaming the streets?




Unfortunately the army that taught young men a trade is a thing of the past.  They're in there long enough to do a couple of tours overseas and then they're out again and the next lot are recruited.  By the time my friend had got used to the idea that her eldest was a soldier he was out again and her youngest was on his first tour! 

And unfortunately we now have two generations of inadequates - you can't make an inadequate parent into a good one without a great deal of support.  But support for struggling parents has been cut and cut in order to keep the Council Tax down.

And we won't solve the problems of young thugs on the streets by closing the police stations in rural areas and concentrating the few police there are in a police station 15 miles away, but that's what's happened in the area we're talking about. It can take police 45 minutes to respond to a call, if there's a squad car free.  But that sort of policing keeps the Council Tax down. 

And why do we have to keep the Council Tax down?  Because governments of every colour have repeatedly cut their contribution to the local authority finances in real terms and capped any rise.  It's easy for them to do that because it won't be the government that gets the blame - it'll be the local authority that gets the blame when they can't provide the services, like state education, that keep society functioning. 



However, maybe this particular branchline of this particular thread has gone far enough for the time being.