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Fairy, given a chance she'd be at the top of the thread, if I hear anymore about a paper sack instead of a blue bin for papers I'll explode!


Nothing else to worry about, but we have a few jobs to do up there, see compost heap below, that needs spreading.



I'm with her on that one  KEF 

Our council constantly bangs on about how they keep the council tax low, frozen again for another year - blah blah blah. That's because they don't provide decent recycling facilities -  among many other things....  

philippa smith2 wrote (see)

Edd..........I agree about mycelium but what about Ants ?  They are phenomenal - not only in species and spread but connectivity.  Absolutely fascinating to watch

OOH. where do we go from here. Ants that take all nutrients from the plants, Down underneath to feed their kids and then dispose with the waste to the worms,That east the mold down. (they only eat  mold,  like red wigglers in your compost live!

I am a big worm farming lass , and have been for 13 years. i would have liked the name user name "Oneman" As it was a horse i used to own a long time back, that did eventually win at Cheltenham. race, (big stile) Back then. 

I have now had to revert to the things i love. Gardening / Nature( i have written books about moss and mycelium., While living at the Low barns Nature Reserve, Witton-le-wear  while,Just trying trying to live. I have a son now, my first and i am getting old ( would like another but, I have bigger projects to help mother nature) 

Our lass may say different. 

It's hard with no money? And not needed!!!!!!!!


Kind regards

Edd (Oneman)

p.s. There was a new edd today what does he do?





How about this ? The floods are terrible no doubt, but at the moment there are about 50 houses flooded on the Somerset Levels and about 600 around the Thames.

In 2007, 25000 houses in Yorkshire were flooded during the "great storm". But then I suppose it is always grim up North!


O.k. I do understand,punkdoc and the frustration is absorbed on both sides. I did not want to get into this debate. What can we do to stop it! I think you and me know it's too late. We are just a small part that they did not listen too!!! It hurts especially when we new beforehand. SAD.



Did you see the lad who just got his first step on the ladder, with his new home?. and was flooded out. 

His first home at these prices. Hope he had time to get insurance. I really do.

I could mention the bedroom tax and lack of one bedrooms properties but we would just fall out and argue.we have to remember this is Gardening world and it should be about this topic no matter how we feel. If we want to talk about the lack of politics then PM me and i will argue with you and probably agree.

P.S. Things are often lost in translation with text, so please forgive me if i sound like i am offensive to you, there is no bad thoughts on my halve and never will be. and we are just having a discussion. Probably one that i or you wish we had never started but that is the way the world goes round. You are not the problem. We are just looking fore someone to blame, and that someone was us 30 years. Unfortunately

Lets stick to the gardens and hope we can help someone else and may be us too!!

Kind Regards


I'll join the revolution why not. 

It is bad that anyone is flooded wherever they live but it is not just people's homes to thing about it is farm land and livestock all destroyed and an ecological disaster for the wildlife around there too.  I just hope all the promises the PM is making aren't just words.  The same area seems to have been flooded last year and no preventative measures taken, according to locals on the news.




Orchid Lady
Some muppet (whose name escapes me as he is so insignificant) has said that the homeowners living on the flood plains should take some of the responsibility/blame.......these are the worst storms rain for 200 years so how on earth can he work that one out, even some of the Queen's staff have been flooded. That remark probably made me more cross than anything today. That's my rant over

I do not want to start something here or judge those who needed new property, but along time ago it was said (before they started selling the green belt, off for money)

I feel for us all at this moment in time, as this is only the start. step back and look at the bigger picture. Step back and take the human race out and look at the big picture. It's a worry.


"Everyone therefore who hears these words of mine, and does them, I will liken him to a wise man, who built his house on a rock. The rain came down, the floods came, and the winds blew, and beat on that house; and it didn't fall, for it was founded on the rock. Everyone who hears these words of mine, and doesn't do them will be like a foolish man, who built his house on the sand. The rain came down, the floods came, and the winds blew, and beat on that house; and it fell—and great was its fall.

— Matthew 7:24–27, World English Bible"

Sorry i am not that religious.

There are non so blind as those that will not see. 

Lets just keep pointing the finger.


This really hurts me. (you might have noticed) Sorry.

Edd wrote (see)

Did you see the lad who just got his first step on the ladder, with his new home?. and was flooded out. 


I just felt so sorry for him, scooping up foul water in a small bucket. So glad he had his dad there to help and hug him. I wished I could have helped him too.

Sorry,that wasn't a rant was it.


Sorry, my reply appears in the same box as the quote, not quite got to grips with this yet

Forester,  hope you are around next time too and can keep your husband under control and out of my feathers.  Hester

Just to correct Mrs G from an earlier post, Spalding and the Fens were drained by the Dutch, not the Danish...

I think it is just a glitch on here Suburbshrub. you are not the only one. I will quote your text below and i bet when i answer after it will appear in the same box.

Suburbshrub wrote (see)

Sorry, my reply appears in the same box as the quote, not quite got to grips with this yet

Has it ?




Orchid Lady
Very well said Mike, I couldn't agree more.....and you obviously had to get it off your chest at nearly 1.30am when I was fast asleep Hope you got some sleep after that.

It looks the flooding is going to get worse before it gets better too

As for building on rocks etc etc.....there is only so much high ground that can be built on and with the population increasing somewhat since 'Matthew's' day the houses had to go somewhere.

It's all too worrying and I don't think the answers are going to come any time soon


Edd wrote (see)

I could mention the bedroom tax and lack of one bedrooms properties but we would just fall out and argue.

Kind Regards


What is wrong with the 'spare bedroom tax'? It has been in operation in private rents for years and it brings publicly provided and subsidised housing into line. Try getting housing benefit for a 3 bedroom private let when you only need 2. There has been too much noise on this subject and little fact. 

Sorry Dutch not Danish! 



Morning all,i find it strange ,this country has nice rivers, lovely canals, and resavours that go dry in the summers some mainly relying just on rainfall, now am i missing somthing here or is  rocket science to build resavours where they can be fed by rivers and canals with lock gates for as and when needed, cant the farms be relocated to better and safer land that doesnt flood and given a hand starting up  again just like the miners were helped to relocate years ago from up north, why dont we use the resavours more for sailing,fishing,hollidaying, they would make wonerfull holliday venues, the kids would love them log cabins, chalets, caravans, indoor persuit for rainy days, and the water sodden areas would then be under control the water either going into the resavours or along the canals down to the sea, and who wouldnt want a break on a canal boat, the canals them selves built right would be  a nice place to live  and all this creating thousands of jobs building,catering,new pubs ,shops, cafes, and all bringing in revenue in different ways instead of  the powers at be saying theres going to be more of all this weather in the future and they say monies no problem, well get building then NOW

Edd, yes it does.

Not only me then

Cameron's back sliding on that comment today about money being no object.  How long was it this time before he broke his word, just a day!  Apparently he was just referring to the rescue effort not to preventative measures.