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Tracey-Newbie wrote (see)

.... I make a point if telling people I don't actually love IN Blackpool.  Such a shame 


Glad to know that you do love any and everywhere else Tracey


Busy Bee2

Why don't the slugs eat the weeds?  There, I've said it!

Orchid Lady

Dove  Stupid autocorrect!  Obviously was meant to say LIVE 


Hi Busy Bee2.

The slugs have been genetically engineered by the company that makes slug pellets.The next generation soon to be released can move at 30mph. The slugs will and do eat some weeds but much prefer plants with soft leaves. Hosta plants seem to be a favorite. (unfortunately) Some weeds protect themselves from attack by creating a toxic chemical in their leaves. You would think the plants we wanted to keep would cotton-on!


They dont eat Penstemon, fortunately I love them.


Busy Bee2

If only snails liked thistles and were so attracted by our paddock full of them that they couldn't be less interested in the hostas.  To be fair, I don't really like hostas that much, and they don't really go with the style of garden we have, but we got 10 free ones, so I grew them in pots, but they were pretty much doilies by the end of the summer.

The only good thing about snails is that if I chuck them on to the tops of the the walls, I am soon joined by a number of grateful blackbirds and thrushes, who are good company.

Duncan Blackwell
Seeing as it's a rant section, spent the day out in the garden, moved my copper Birch and noticed that the back of the greenhouse frame has been crushed by the concrete posts from next doors fence. Nice of them to tell me this, oh wait, they DIDN'T

Edd...........30 mph  More to the point at the fast are they going to be able to swim


philippa. As long as its the opposite direction, they can swim as fast as they want. 

Edd...........I feel a new thread coming on...........Slug Racing............I've got a couple of good contenders

It might make a new hobby for those frustrated gardeners ( like me ) who squelsh out into the garden every day but beaten back by the continuous rain.

It does make me wonder how much water the earthworms can contend with though - only part of my garden is flooded but I'm wondering about the worms in the remainder ?  Just how long can they exist in these conditions ?


Thanks. philippa smith2.

I have just posted on another thread, ABOUT WORMS UNDER WATER!

ITS CALLED HYDROPONICS and uses fish and worms under water for feed to plants.


Ed...........thanks.....I'll look for that.

Hope you get the caps lock unstuck

Orchid Lady
Why can't people return text messages/phone calls when they know you urgently need to sort something out......not garden related at all but needed to get it off my chest!!!

Slugs don't eat my Hostas (smirk, smirk) 'cos they are surrounded by pea shingle, which I don't think the slugs like that much.

Tracey... I agree with you soooo much; young chap designing my website has about 20 photos from my portfolio and didn't respond to either a text or email for a week

I was incandescent...had he emigrated to Tierra del Fuego? with all the evidence of the last 30 years of my work? I finally caught up with him...'Oh I didn't get your text (Oh right, and the dog ate your homework!) ...and I was away for the weekend...'

Orchid Lady
That's rubbish Artjak and slightly more serious than mine, but still frustrated! I'm trying to organise my sisters hen do, need to book train tickets before the price goes up, what is up with people!!



From other post.

Thanks Forester2

It now looks like they want allotment gardeners and chefs in the same program! With presenters with character. What happened to the Organic presenters of resent past that took over all the shows.

What went wrong or ???

Can you remember,Hugh Fearnley-Whittingstall and river cottage/and earlier books that his posh upbringing allowed him to get to press and media . He had a heart of gold and has just proved it by changing UK parliament with the fishing quota (put back) and allowed space for the fish. He was on Tell-lies-vision and used the media for his gain. The fact is He did it and still is. He has/and is changed government policy (uk) and made the government look like t*t* for their lax policy. 

The fact is he made such a fuss and difference that it's effect has changed things for the fishermen, in the UK, and european parliament who are embarrassed, now!!! You will never hear of this in the news. 

Oh! is there a election coming up!!!  

Too late for this government that we never voted in, remember. ” There are None so Blind as Those who will Not See ”

Hugh taught me through his BOOKS. About slugs and snails/Sea fish and meat

there was a mention About elderflower for ( flat) wine, in the last few days, it was Huge who showed me sparkling wine and how to do it that has been mentioned and, someone asked about cordial recipes only about a  few days ago and Hue has a great blackberry bramble recipe that i have done.  I only got one taste of it was so  like by all my friends. They all came back and asked for more. So i was depleted 

I do remember that it had over 1 pound of sugar, but i was in a industrial  container, on a home oven / hob. with a whole days pickings with 2 adults and 2 kids who got pricked just like a heavy casserole dish that is the same size as you can carry in a (british bucket with handle) 

You know what size i mean? 

Its a bucket with a good carrying handle, that you can walk up the road with, when you have been down the field collecting cow plats?

Is it really only me that continues the composting process??


EDIT: Please tell me i am not the only, lonely one that does this, in the middle of night just so i do not upset the cows and farmer???? 


Who learned the colours of the rainbow by this rhyme ?

Richard of York, gave battle in vein.  

Red Orange Yellow Green Blue Indigo Violet.

Bring his bones back to Yorkshire & rest him in York Minster.  Better than in a damn car park.  



star gaze lily

There was a song...RED and YELLOW and PINK and GREEN, ORANGE AND PURPLE and BLUE. I can sing a rainbow, sing a rainbow, you can sing a rainbow too.



Lily is that a rainbow?

Red, yellow, pink, green, orange, purple & blue

Know what you mean I think.


Soz I meant vain, not vein, maybe I was after blood