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 Kef............I don't think Leicester planned to just dump him back in the car park... ( think of the uncollected fees he must owe already without adding more ) ...........I think .they should leave him in the vicinity of Leicester tho...............that's where he has lain for ages......why move him now other than for "tourism" purposes.  If nothing else, it sets a precedent for various other ancient bodies when discovered and shuffling them around the country to appease various historians. 

As a matter of interest, how old do human remains have to be before we begin to treat them as "archaeological finds" rather than bodies to be treated as bodies (if you get my meaning ).  A lot of controversy over remains discovered and exhibited for us to examine and peer at.  I wonder where the line should be drawn ? 

Or we could just give them to Edd..............recent ones for composting and ancients for bonemeal........


Philippa I know his remains won't go back into a car park

I don't think it's a tourist thing, doubt many would come just to see a slab or whatever. Just think if his relatives who have come forward would like him back in Yorkshire his bones should come back.

Why would Leic' want his bones ( since he's not in his final resting place any more) if we rule out tourism?

Blood, fish & royal bones

Orchid Lady
Why do the government have to change GCSE exams, which now means a 12 year old is choosing his options which determine his life, just so he can get enough study in to be able to pass Feeling sorry for myself because my little man suddenly has to grow up up so fast and it's not fair

Tracey hugs, not something I've encountered but must be so worrying.

Think when I was a  school we had to decide what subjects to study for GCE qualifications when we were 3rd yrs, so were 13/14 yrs old. Did 2 yrs study prior to final exams, no class work considered, just down to the day. Suited me but some had exam nerves so results didn't reflect their ability.

Orchid Lady

That's more or less what it is going back to now KEF in the main subjects, not good for my little man as he is already nervous with exams and is much better with coursework, but we'll see.  They do get lots of practice at school so fingers crossed. 


star gaze lily

Kef, lol not sure, just remember the song


Orchid Lady

WUMs are the scum of the earth!!!!! Sorry but I needed to say it 

star gaze lily

Unfortunately,  Tracey, I think its the same one back again. Just a bully.

Orchid Lady

I would actually say a coward Lily, these people hide behind their keyboards in a faceless society to carry out their bullying, but if we saw them in public they probably wouldn't say anything that they are prepared to say on here......


Don't bite Tracey. You are giving them exactly what they want. Just, Ignore, ignore, ignore. its the only solution.


I've reported it to the mods as a personal attack on Mike. I personally think that's the best way to deal with them. The mods look and they make a decision. 

Orchid Lady

It actually doesn't neither me directly, I couldn't give a stuff about their silly games.  It's the way they are targeting certain people that bothers me....anyway, not saying anything else on the matter and if it happens again I will report too.  

Happy Weekend everyone and hopefully a sunny one 


That's the way to go Tracey, report then ignore button. Don't let him know you've even noticed


Oh dear I didn't realise the WUMs were back. Silly devils. You know they're just silly little people locked in their dark damp houses because they've no friends to talk too and their family avoid them.

If that's how they get their kicks so be it. Its sad, its amazingly pathetic, and they probably smell of stale urine and BO so low is their opinion of themselves if they can only communicate through hatred I doubt they bother to wash their pitiful bodies. I mean its not like anyone would want to be near them so why waste the soap and water?



Ilike your thinking Clarington.


I always have a picture in my mind of someone much as Clerington describes. Probably doing unmentionable things to himself as he reads our responses.


Ah, exams KEF.  I actually enjoyed them.  O and A levels. Had loads of pressure of course prior to them, mental blocks at first sight of the papers but then relaxed and got on with them.  Coursework I think is not such a good indicator of ability.  

Re WUMS.  I think there is just the one right now but, as I understand it, every forum, social group, anywhere where people gather in some way, has a WUM.  Part of life.


That one isn't much of a problem. Just comes in with one unpleasant post then sits back and watches.

I was good a passing exams. My short term memory is good.

Swot up, write down, pass exam, forget.

I know nothing now