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Orchid Lady

LOL, thank you Nut, by the way, I wasn't offended by your comment....glad I wasn't eating at the time I read it, but not offended 


I'm sure you weren't Tracey but some might have been

star gaze lily

Wasn't offended Nut 

Haven't had any notifications for over a week now, but just read through threads anyway. 

I still can't see my pms  can't  send them and now can't  see peoples info when you press on avatar. Think i'll go and sulk

i don't even know how to get/send pms i'm so technophobic my almost 3 year old runs ringas round me


Louise, go to the top of the screen and in right hand corner there is your name and a white arrow. Click the arrow and options come up. Press my messages. The screen will give you options.

I'll send you a PM so you have something to look at.  


People are so overrated sometimes. Its 2014 where's my robot army???

Louise...........what's the going rate for loaning out your 3 yr old.....could do with a bit of help

Orchid Lady

Why does GW get 1/2 an hour of air time and yet Clarkson et al get a full's so unfair 


Because I fear GW wouldn't fill that extra half an hour with "here's a project you could be doing" or "follow our complete newbie as they work on their garden" (I'm here if you need me GW!!) or even "here's a really simple way to create a dramatic display in a pot that will last you a few months and then we'll show you how to do another one".

Top Gear makes the BBC big money being sold all over the world, merchandise...

Orchid Lady

I know Clarington, I just feel hard done to when the men in the house get an hour and I get a measly 30 mins LOL! Those are great ideas by the way and a newbie section would be ever so helpful  (Just in case anyone from the BBC ever read this )


I do enjoy when they show a "normal person" who has a passion for gardening like the chap the other week with his sweet peas and ladies tights (I didn't even know there were so many different colours!) But it would also be interesting to follow a new person, or maybe a student in a horticulture college student starting with their blank canvas and showing the highs and lows that those of us without a huge budget / camera crew to be bullied into moving mud / perfect soil conditions making the SAME MISTAKES WE DO!!

Orchid Lady

Mistakes like what exactly you mean like doing the compost bin all wrong, not digging in BF&B properly, planting plants in unsuitable places, mollycoddling my sweet pea plants is they are leggy and sowing seeds in trays when they germinate at different times....doesn't make for good TV really though, even if it reality in the Tracey-Newbie household 

great idea clarington, i'd be rubbish though, keep having to run back inside to feed/nappy change/put washing in..! tracey i planted lavender along north facing wall lat year, needless to say did not do well, dug up yesterday to recover in pot in south west corner

phillipa, sorry only just saw your post, tee hee!! you'd be asking for a refund!! though she did just help me make fridge cake, yum!!


Some time back we had a thread about what was the daftest thing you've done in your garden, we had some brill posts.


Louise.......she cooks as well ????You could earn a fortune   

Stupid question probably but what is Fridge Cake ?  I have a fridge..........what else do I need?  It sounds like something even I could make altho I'm a bit older than 3


mmm it's about 3000 calories a slice, melted dark cho, butter and syrup, broken digestive biscuits, raisins and cranberries, lave to cool, then pop in fridge, we bake lots, it's such a shame i' forced to eat so many brownies, flapjacks, cupcakes...!


OMG I've put a stone on reading about it

My rant is why do all yummie things make you fat?  Shame broccoli isn't full of calories and should be avoided. 3000 calories a slice, I think I'm just going to have to enjoy it on a "cyber" basis but thanks anyway

Yes, that's really bad that you have to eat all the stuff that the Small Person helps to make...........criminal really

my excuse is feeding baby need those calories! i do love my veg too!!