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Rubbish basically...................not your posts I hasten to add.............just the amount of rubbish discarded everywhere...........towns, countryside...........absolutely everywhere.

star gaze lily

Agree phillippa, that and spitting!! really hate that.

And the fact I'm 19hrs overtime short in my wages this month!  grrrr.


People who don't move over on the pavement...I don't expect someone to move over completely but those who do not acknowledge you are even walking towards them so you have to move on to the road really bugs me.  Particularly if I'm walking on my own and there are 2 people walking towards me and they still don't move at all!  I always move over and it really bothers me when the other person doesn't.


Potters, develop 'sharp' elbows, works wonders



Are you referring to the noise nut, or was that just a polite way of saying *##**#!...

Potters- agree totally.

Lily - according to a deputy head teacher,apparently my youngest got a B in a Higher prelim recently- in a subject she didn't take...Now that's really clever!

 I should have told him that too...


Supermarkets that have mega offers and the shelf is empty, staff without looking in the back say we have no more, and SM doesn't have "buy later at same price" policy

star gaze lily

It gives you such confidence in them doesn't fairy.

Yes agree  potters, or the times i say 'sorry' to people when its thier fault when they havent moved...i then ask myself why i said it lol.  

Or when some walks through a shop door and lets it go in your face.

Orchid Lady

I am getting increasingly fed up with people who don't move out of the way, ie the footpath is only wide enough for 2 people so if walking my dogs myself or OH will move in front, yet all too often I pass people that refuse to move and want to stay side by side / hand in rude.  Then the people you move for, or hold a door for that lose their tongue and can't say thank you!!  I can't abide mad manners in general, it makes me SO CROSS!!


The amount of people I've seen totally unprepared for driving!

Not just the applying your make up while moving (disadvantage of the truck is I can see in all your cars - and see all that junk on the back seat... tut tut!) When its sunny you see people trying to shade their eyes (I always keep a pair of sun glasses in the truck and most of these don't even seem to remember to use the visor) and pulling blindly into main roads knowing full well they can't see you but then glaring at you like its YOUR fault that YOU have priority on this road and that YOU are unsurprisingly sounding the horn when performing an emergency stop missing them by inches (I catch it with my knee!!)

Its not as if I'm a little tiny car I do stand out quite a lot! Its pretty hard to miss me in a car park when I'm TRYING to be discrete much less when I'm trundling down a busy main road at rush hour. I've got 6mm thick steel bumpers its not in your advantage to hit me!

Then when we get a frost you see them driving down the road the window completely misted up on the inside bar a tiny hole, the outside frozen and stupidly obvious they haven't even tried to scrap the screen.

My truck heater will only demist the screen once the engine is hot. So I get out of bed five minutes earlier and make sure I clear the screen completely. It takes a couple of minutes, I keep a special little sponge in the car. Sometimes when the weather is really bad I used to sit in my car drinking a cup of tea while the screen demisted so I knew it would be clear for my journey.

Its a good job I'm not a policeman. Aside from the whole sex change issue I would be that annoying git everyone hated because I was stopping people on their journey to work to make them clear their screens. People would hate me, complain that they pay my taxes (which gives them the right to break the law?) and that I should be catching criminals (which they don't accept they are).

I almost died because the normal unassuming "professional" gardener who had a girlfriend and a nice house hit me couldn't be bothered to clear his screen fully. He'd driven less than two miles. His excuse? He was late for work. Grass grows quickly you don't want to be five minutes late in cutting it do you.

People don't see the years of pain that morphine wouldn't touch, the sessions with a physio trying to break through the scar tissue so I'd have enough flexibility to tie my own shoe laces, the indignity when you find people talking to you like an idiot because you're in a wheelchair, or even moving you out of the way of the loaf of bread because they just "assumed" that its okay to grab a chair like you would a shopping trolley and that you were too incapacitated to complain, the years of crying myself to sleep every night when the nightmares flash by flash relived the moment. The fact that despite what friends think they'd do if a friend was injured they all drifted away when you "fail" to get better.

People don't think that if they're lucky they'll just steal a persons chances of the career they wanted, the children they wanted to have. The last thing these people think as they pathetically clear that tiny little hole in the screen is that they will be sat on the side of the road, their car awaiting recovery, talking to police, watching the stares as cars slowly filter by when the parents arrive and rush over to the bundle of coats on the ground that passers by have tried to keep warm.

Most cars have fantastic electrics that will defrost and demist a car in seconds, if not a couple of minutes. Can we really not spare the time to save another person?


Orchid Lady

Oh Clarington, big hugs.  Your post made me fill up.  I drive a lot with my job and there are some complete idiots out there.  I would never, ever leave the driveway without clearing my windows and also when the weather is really bad I stop at services and wipe my mirrors and lights, something you don't actually see many people doing.

People just don't realise do they 


There are too many idiots out there on the road. Certain roads around here are said to be dangerous, but they're just roads. It's the idiot driving that's dangerous

Orchid Lady

Or that headlights are not only for use when it's dark......the number of drivers on the motorway when it is throwing it down with rain or foggy that don't use their lights is unbelievable!!

Clarington............I was going to say how Teed off I was with my neighbours the other day who poured waste water from their car cleaning through the boundary fence into my they don't have a drain on their own property ?

However, this sounds pretty petty compared to your post............don't know what else to say other than I wish you all the best........not much help but...........



I sometimes think, that with all the safety aids in cars now, people believe they're invincible. 

A friend of mine says the best safety device in a car would be a big metal spike sticking out of the steering wheel, it would make people realise they are driving a weapon that kills!



Clarington, did the police prosecute the driver who hit you?

I had someone run in the back of me while lighting a cigarette, she was concentrating on the cig end and not the queue of traffic in front of her. ... and then of course they throw the fag end out of the window.


Clari, I knew you had been knocked off your bike and had head injuries and needed mega surgery I didn't understand the extent of your injuries, and the lasting grief in so many ways. Sending you my love, doesn't put your future right, or your dreams and wants. Can't say more cos I'm crying. I know you haven't posted for sympathy but I do so feel it for you hugs & hugs. xx  KEF xx

star gaze lily

Clari, I didn't know anything at all really except that you had been knocked off your bike. I didn't know what to say earlier really, as I was crying too. As Kef said nothing we can say puts things right, but sending best wishes and hugs xx

Fidget - they didn't. He even got a new car from his insurance as I wrote his off.

Scroggin - my first car was 1964 Vauxhall Whose steering wheel lacked a crumple zone meaning it would push you through your seat ribs or no ribs. It taught me to be very aware of my stopping distances.