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Orchid Lady

Oops Lily, is that as in the plural or just the one???  I know what you mean but can't moan about mine this weekend and next weekend my three 'men' are taking me away for Mother's Day.  Last weekend however......well that was a different matter, as you know   It will get better again ((hugs)) xx

Miss c Cole arrrrrrrrrah !!!! Joe swift labour leffties one direction kleely Donavon 

being called a lady of leisure!!!!

Orchid Lady

OMG  Louise, who has said that, or shouldn't I ask??!! Being a mum is such hard work in it's own right without everything else that needs doing  


i went into the department store where i used to work on a counter that will remain nameless, an ex colleague to a customer i used to know well,whoi asked what i'm doing-er.. what does it look like?! i am allegedly self employed in same/ similar field and take jobs very occasionally i will pick it up when children go to school but we waited a long time for these 2, don't want anyone else bringing them up, and financially it'd barely make a difference i know it's the norm now  that everyone seems to back to work and i know i'm lucky to be able to stay at home but no,it's not the easy option!

Orchid Lady

Don't get disheartened Louise, I had to go back to work and didn't really have that choice, but either way it is hard work.  There was an article in a paper once that said how much a mum would get paid if they were paid for every role they undertook (nurse, teacher, cook, cleaner etc etc) was way more than a standard paid job 

my old job was just over minimum wage they made it out as we got loads of commission but always made sure targets were high and hard to reach

Orchid Lady

I was lucky (?) enough that I could work weekends as at that time the bank opened Saturday and Sunday, so OH was able to look after LOs.  It makes me so cross when people judge and they don't really know!!!  I used to get the opposite to you and get frowned upon in the school playground for working 

Orchid Lady

Off for ANOTHER meeting at school, the teacher in question will learn not to keep picking on son number 2 

how did it go?hope teacher in question put in place! i did basic teaching course so i can teach my area when children go to school promise i won'pick on anyone1 did a few shadowing lessons with my old head lecturer loved it but don't know if i'll ever manage to get a position when been out of workplace a few years

Orchid Lady

It went well Louise, tried blaming everything on our son when there were about a dozen students all doing the same thing (talking). I am fine with punishing when they have done wrong, and yes let him have an hour after school detention if that's what it takes.......but give all the others one too and not just our son!!!!  Needless to say, detention cancelled!! 

star gaze lily

Well done Tracey, been there....on one occasion the teacher got my son completely muddled up with another child for not doing homework!!! Great to know that the teacher doesn't even know thier names! 

Rubbish basically...................not your posts I hasten to add.............just the amount of rubbish discarded everywhere...........towns, countryside...........absolutely everywhere.

star gaze lily

Agree phillippa, that and spitting!! really hate that.

And the fact I'm 19hrs overtime short in my wages this month!  grrrr.



People who don't move over on the pavement...I don't expect someone to move over completely but those who do not acknowledge you are even walking towards them so you have to move on to the road really bugs me.  Particularly if I'm walking on my own and there are 2 people walking towards me and they still don't move at all!  I always move over and it really bothers me when the other person doesn't.


Potters, develop 'sharp' elbows, works wonders


Are you referring to the noise nut, or was that just a polite way of saying *##**#!...

Potters- agree totally.

Lily - according to a deputy head teacher,apparently my youngest got a B in a Higher prelim recently- in a subject she didn't take...Now that's really clever!

 I should have told him that too...


Supermarkets that have mega offers and the shelf is empty, staff without looking in the back say we have no more, and SM doesn't have "buy later at same price" policy