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Orchid Lady

It was me Fidget, on another thread I think when someone mentioned they had been burgled.  I know you shouldn't really laugh/smile at people's misfortunes, but I'll make an exception in this occasion 

Is there a laugh thread? Must have missed that.

star gaze lily

I really do believe in the saying...... in what goes around....comes around...

Clari you have just made my blood boil,  It's been nearly thirty years since my mother died and I would never be so rude as to be disrespectful to anyone in a wheel chair.

What has happened to you was just so preventable.

Very different circumstances but she was wheel chair bound not through a car accident but through illness. Her speech began to fail before finally she could only communicate by actions. Even now I get so angry if people speak to the person pushing a wheel chair, like the person in the chair doesn't exist or people can be really patronising, I can't get my head around that.   

I have fond memories of being allowed to play on my mothers wheel chair.

One game was an obstacle course, if we were good she would let us play the game which was to get from the front door to the back in the quickest time but time points were added if you knocked a wall or door which had to be opened whilst you were sitting down in the wheeel chair. To make it harder there would be obstacles put in the way and if your feet touched the floor that incurred more time points.

I remember popping mothers tyres when unsupervised we put drawing pins down as the obstacle .




Only just read this thread Clari - you are one very brave and determined soldier



Zoomer; you'd be amazed how quickly children learn that disability is a bad thing from their parents and learn that you shouldn't talk to a disabled person.  Just think how many times a young child wants to know WHY is that woman fat? WHY is that person is black WHY do they have a wheelchair? Yes normally they choose their loudest voice to ask  waiting for the one time the shop is quiet but I've seen kids dragged away and really told off because they simply wanted to know if my feet were poorly. No wonder you become reluctant to talk to disabled people if you never get the chance to try when you're little! 

Chicky- tgge alternative didn't sound like much fun. I'm not brave or special we'd all do the same!


Clari ((hugs))  Way back I worked for a while as a PA for a young woman who'd had an accident resulting in similar outcome - hit by a speeding police car whilst crossing the road - two weeks after her wedding.  Apart from the physical disabilities she was left with the severe head injuries resulted in quite radical personality changes.  So difficult for them both.

Also one of my dearest friends (first boyfriend) had a severe spinal injury as an adult - the progress he's made is remarkable but the devastation wreaked by a few minutes fun on a bouncy castle .................... so tragic.  

My last job involved assisting in the assessment and arranging of support and respite for children and young people with severe disabilities and life-limiting conditions - the unthinking unkindness of adults no longer surprises me. 

Orchid Lady

PUT YOUR FLAMING LIGHTS ON IN THE FOG YOU MUPPETS!!!!!!   That's all and that feels better now, thank you 

flowering rose

agree with you on that,  and could all those people on bikes wear something nice and bright (not black) at night plus lights and if they could would they decide which they are going to ride on as in pavement or road and not jump the lights and if when I am out walking on the pavement would they mind not bumping into me and if so could they use a bell.

Whilst I feel sorry for cyclists ( and am constantly amazed at how they manage to stay upright in the slipstream of huge transporters )there are a few who obviously feel that traffic lights don't apply to thru red lights............veer from road to pavement with apparent impunity.

Also the number of vehicles these days which appear to have been manufactured without indicators ?????

Orchid Lady

Grrrrr....don't get me going on either of the above points, as a motorist (of many miles PA), a dog walker and a cyclist it amazes me how many rude people in all 3 categories there are  I said to my OH the other day that sometimes I just feel like I'm too polite and should start being rude to other road / path users as they are to me.  

OL............whatever you do feel like (and I can sympathise ), don't go down the route of being as rude as other people (well, I'm sure you are too nice for that really )  I always apologise (whether it is my fault or not ) and the more of us who do that, maybe it will sink in ...........eventually 


In Norwich city centre we sometimes get skateboarders in their mid 20s using the roads - there's no way of telling which direction they're going to take and they swerve in and out of parked cars with abandon - when I remonstrated politely with one who'd cut me up at traffic lights then swerved across my path down a hill, he swore at me and said that he should be treated as a cyclist - I said in that case he should have brakes, some form of steering and lights and put his arm out if he was turning right - you should have heard the abuse I got 

Well, I did say it may sink in eventually...........depends how long we have  to wait I guess 

I've been riding a bike since I was really young and my mum taught me the correct road procedures from a very early age. One time though, I was crossing a dualcarriageway that had traffic lights on it, so I waited for the green man and then waited for the traffic to stop, it was 2 lanes and there was a lorry in the first one so I couldn't see the second, so I carefully started to cross and then next thing I knew I got hit by a car, that failed to stop and drove off. Luckily, he just scraped my front wheel and i hadn't fallen off hard, but still have a scar on my leg now.

As of my 16th birthday (last year), I got a moped and so many people treat you like rubbish. I've also had so many people pull out on me. The worst time was a couple of months ago and I was doing 30, then suddenly this old lady pulled out and I had to veer off of the road and she swerved and hit a van. We were both really shaken up, and she was crying, so I consoled her. Which I shouldnt really have done, but I didn't want her upset.

i guess what I'm trying to say is Clari, I'm really sorry for what happened and thank my lucky stars nothing like that has happened to me. I'll be passed my test soon and so won't need a bike anymore. Wish you all the best x


On a different note, there was a disabled person in Waitrose I saw struggling, so I asked him if he needed help and I needed up going round half the shop with him, picking things from high up and passing them to him. It made his day and he was ever so grateful. He asked me what my favourite food is and I said strawberries, so he went and bought me some. I couldnt believe it, and told him I couldn't accept them, I didn't do it for the thankyou and he told me that nobodies ever done that for him before and it was nice not to be left to struggle 



We've always known you're a bit of a star Ryan 

Orchid Lady

Aww that's really nice Ryan 

Something else that annoys me is when elderly people moan about the youth of today, you have just proven that they are not all bad 

Oh guys that made me blush! Good thing no one was here to witness it  No but seriously thankyou, it also annoys me when some elderly people complain all we do is drop litter, swear and sit on our computers all day! I don't think I've ever dropped litter once, I do swear on the odd occasion I feel it's needed though , and the only reason I go on my computer is to do my assignment work or here (I can't take the blame for the latter haha) 

I too sobbed at Claris post and I hate it when people treat disabled people like nothing, and moving you out of their way is disgraceful! were all just normal people at the end of the day, whether you're fat, skinny, black, white, disabled or not 


Ryan............not all elderly people people are the same.............just as not all young people are the same.

Old people also drop litter, swear and sit on computers/iphones all day too.......they  too should be condemned ( well... not literally of course ) is attitude perhaps rather than age.

You are right..........we are all people .............doesn't matter what you look like.

Tho a pic of you blushing might be good