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I think as a lot of us are upset and angry at current events, and other things that are really getting to us we should start a rant thread. We had one some time ago but I thought maybe start a fresh one.  


Go on pile in, but no bra burning.

Anyone remember the tv programme Grumpy Old Men ?  In order not to be sexist, I think they did a follow up Grumpy Old Women...........altho of course there were not so many contenders

How about Grumpy Old Gardeners - I think there are one or two of us about here and there


I would like to have a rant about mankinds need to kill every other animal that it comes across, or destroys its habitats; so effectively killing it.

I was in South Africa recently and was lucky enough to se a black Rhino and calf. The ranger told me that within 10 years there will be none left. He had not seen a calf for over a year. What have they done to us?

Not a single Hen harrier bred in England in 2013. Persecuted by the staff of pheasant and grouse moors.

70% decline in Starlings in last 20 years. Why? We have destroyed their habitats.



I don't think that's the problem with starlings.  I had them years ago and nothing has changed.  But they have gone.  They are my favourite bird, great operators. -  

sole traders, also they have great fun in a gang!  So beautiful close up.  I'm going to try to come back as one in my next life.

Edd..........I agree about mycelium but what about Ants ?  They are phenomenal - not only in species and spread but connectivity.  Absolutely fascinating to watch

Hester - the Starlings.......we have plenty here but unlike last year when we could watch them flocking and doing their bit from our garden (as beloved by TV progs recently ), this year we haven't seen that spectacle.


Puncdoc.............I remember being at the ZSL Whipsnade for the birth of their first Indian Rhino....."Bheema"...........but without the safe habitat to re introduce this species safely, it was just a zoo birth.  As my old boss used to say....."we in the zoological world should be aiming towards closing every zoo ".  A bit simplistic I suppose but the sentiment does ring true. 

Orchid Lady
I agree Punk and commented on that last night......giraffes, lions, foxes and then someone told me to shoot magpies and I think they we serious so I wasn't amused!!

Glad I got that off my chest, that's KEF

Are you talking about the floods KEF?  There was a woman on the early morning news in a high vis jacket looking exhausted on the verge of tears begging for help because they are just locals rescuing people and wanted the army deployed.  Well to me it's like shutting the door after the horse has bold or in other words proper planning prevents piss poor performance (in the words of Andy McNab).  Seems to me now it's happening along the Thames more people are sitting up and paying attention.  They should have listened to the locals and kept up with river dredging etc.  I am from Spalding where the Danish originally drained the land and we have never had this flooding.  I just feel so bad for these people with their farms, homes and livelihoods gone.


People say wild life can look after itself. I'm sure that's true if no 'super' species comes along and destroys their habitat, shoots them or poisons their source of food.


Hester - how lovely to come back as a starling in your next life.  My husband wants to come back as a ginger tom cat.


I've just set this ball rolling, not my thread our thread.

I have so many beefs. Not least about our council and changes to bin collections, not life threating but not fair and upsetting to the elderly. Tonight for once I'm having a chill time and watching funnies on tele' and looking forward to tomoz'.

Will no doubt be on my soap box later in the week.

Go for it..just get stuff off your chest..we might disagree about stuff but let's do it here.


MrsG - Me and fidget are starting the Revolution....

Do you want to join? 



I want to join but not until Thursday  soz Friday. Doing M's shopping on Thurs..


I'll keep a space for you KEF  

Does your Mum want a space too? 


Fairy, given a chance she'd be at the top of the thread, if I hear anymore about a paper sack instead of a blue bin for papers I'll explode!


Nothing else to worry about, but we have a few jobs to do up there, see compost heap below, that needs spreading.



I'm with her on that one  KEF 

Our council constantly bangs on about how they keep the council tax low, frozen again for another year - blah blah blah. That's because they don't provide decent recycling facilities -  among many other things....