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 Ah no, leave it on - eye candy..... 


Hellooooooooooo!!!! is this site still working?


So then everything is back to normal now i think,and how is everybody.Whats happening in your gardens at this time of the year?


what do you think over what this government is doing to the country?I personnaly think its in a complete mess.


whats your verdict on " refuge technitians, "they are just like little job worths ".The sightest thing wrong with the bin and then it's,  I cant take that"the lid is open half a centimetre" it drives me up the bloody wall.And then they have the bare face cheek to knock on your door and say merry xmas then stand there holding out their hand waiting for a tip,what a bare faced cheek.I now just shake his hand then shut the door,it really gets my back up. and then when they do collect the bins what a mess they leave.that reminds me I saw a job on the job centre wall asking for a Refuge Technitian,saying no experience required as you pick it up as you go along.

well that made me psml.


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