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I can't even get my OH out in the garden which, according to her, is simply a jungle of injurous throny stinging plants populated entirely by spiders and wasps.  Because of that I constantly have to tell her what NOT to buy at the supermarket as she has no idea what I grow until it arrives in the kitchen.

We really couldn't be more different - she loves soaps and films while I generally only watch documentaries and science programs.  Oh, and I'm white and she's black just to complete the set!


waterbuts,have you t lol.ried taking it out of the packet first,it tastes so much nicer


bob that is so funny,is she really black? not that it matter's.with the garden why dont you set you self a target of how much to clear as and when.I am also the same give me a wildlife film or documentry and i,m quite content.

Bob the Gardener, you are unmasked. Bob Flowerdew!



Tea- my OH is the same, but good at laying paths etc. Would be lovely if my son helped...but secretly happy keeping my garden all to myself.( have pm'd you) .


My OH does nothing in the garden and has to be dragged out there (he is allergic to sunshine!) so it is all my own work  That said, he does seem to have an idea of what plants I have as, when watching gardening programmes he says whether we have a plant or not. He clearly pays more attention to what I buy than I think 


All of you who have 'useless gardening OH's' should think yourselves lucky that you can have yur gardens to yourselves!  My ex (a professional gardener) came to live with me for a while, and although my new borders (Dug very painstakingly all by myself, on very rocky ground) filled up quckly with plants from his work, they were almost all, unfortunately, ones I didn't like!  Even removed some that I loved.  Has taken me longer to remove the things than  making the beds in first place! Did build the patio I had planned, but now all needs lifted and re-done as he made a c**p job of it.  Well, as I built my greenhouse alone (and moved and levelled the sleepers for the base), and my smaller shed, I'm sure I'll manage that, too, when I get time between work, kids and garden.  What a great summer, garden has never kept me busier, but can't keep up with the picking and preserving!  No time to sit in it with a glass, but I do take a large glass when working out in it!

 On the neighbour front, I get irritated with mine wanting a chat over fence when I'm in middle of a long job and don't want disturbed! I know, I know, I shouldn't complain, I'm very lucky to have such lovely neighbours, but when will they learn that if they won't let me pick my fruit, veg and flowers, they won't get any?  And now nights drawing in!  Seems only yesterday I was out 'til 11pm (I'm in Ayr), and now too dark to see out there by 9pm!  Too much to do, so little time!  Sorry, whinge over!

Tea, patio will be being re-done shortly.  If you manage to remove your wee 'D' prob, I may be able to help dispose of the evidence?!!!!  Unless you do manage to offload him onto 'Hyacinth'! Maybe they would be happy making each other miserable, but I pity the nursing home that would end up with them!

Waterbutts, I think all veg (except toms, onions, garlic and a wee bit homegrown salad) is 'goo', own or bought. My boys love it and CAN taste the diff, but I even grow veg even they hate.  Don't know why, jst like growing it!

Anyone in my area want perennials? got lots going, FREE, including hostas, veronica, hemerocallis, solidago and some whose names I can't remeber right now.  Some in pots, some removed and just sitting, and loads ready for division so I can make more space for bulbs, cutting flowers and, well, just more things that I and the bees n butters like. Really, just space for MORE!! 



My OH didn't 'get gardening' at all to start with - would've been just as happy living in a loft apartment (he said).  

Then I got to work, nurturing his interest in insects (he's long been interested in moths),  buying him insect-attracting plants to sit on the terrace by the studio window - sedums etc, then he discovered hover flies (he calles them helicopters) so I planted things like fennel and lovage where he could see them from the window and he was soon out there looking at the hoverflies on them, from them to wasps and bees, then bats and birds .... . and of course our hedgehogs 

Now he's got the gardening 'bug'   he's taken on the role of the Undergardener and is responsible for lawn mowing, heavy digging and carrying bags of compost etc .... that's as much as I need him to do until I get old and decrepit 

And he loves eating our home grown fruit and veg - he says it's even tastier than what he sells at the Farm Shop 

Not really getting it off my chest ............... 


Mine is just like that, Dove, plus putting in hooks and lifting, moving heavy baskets, pots etc. Just the way I like it!


Gardenjeannie you're not far away from me- about half an hour. My ex (husband) once cut the grass. Enough said. Somehow I don't think new wifey will be doing anything much in their new garden so he's having to learn quick! In his defence, we did build the deck together at our house and it was very successful.

My recent ex was very keen on the garden and we did lots together in the various houses we were in but he liked all the shrubs at a 'nice manageable height', ie everything chopped to about 4' regardless of what it was!!!

We did laugh about it though...sometimes.....


dove from above, i once was out in my garden lat one night and i heard a rustling coming from inside my out house.As quick as a flash i shot inside my house and grabbed my air rifle from inside the cupboard.I was sat outside and waited to see if it would come outside. sure enough it did,but it was'nt a rat as i thought it would be,but it turned iut that it was an hedge hog with four young,it had nested in a bail of hay that i had for the kides rabbit's.

A very lucky hedge hog.





Hi............Dont shoot!!!!






Doe's any of you ladies have any nice recipe's for mint? all it has been used for so far is mojto's.I have load's of it as i grow it as an hedge around a stone circle with seating around it, with a nice warm fire basket for them cooler evenings.


Hi, Diddydoit4u, good jod you didn't shoot that hodgeheg, I would've shot you!  Been trying to encourage them into my garden for ages, but no luck.  Have only ever seen one live one since I moved up here 7 yrs ago.  How does your mint do?  I used to have lots of types, but kept in containers due to it's invasive rep.  I make mint sauce and mint jelly with mine.  The mint sauce is the easiest and quickest, and tastesmuch better than the bought stuff.

Mint leaves, young and picked early in day are best (loads, washed and dried)

Vinegar (I like to use white wine vinegar, as it doesn't drown the mint flavour like malt)

sugar to taste

Put mint and viginer in whizzer (liquidiser), then add a little sugar to taste. Then put into sterilized jars, label and done!

You could boil the vinegar and mint together if you want to keep it for long, but I have never tried this as I usually use it fresh.  Thinking of trying it though, to have it for winter.



Hi, Fairygirl, where are you?  I'm in Hollybush, about 5 miles from Ayr.


Diddy - years ago we had a very similar experience 

and then when we moved here my daughter was sitting out in the garden one evening and heard a rustling and a snuffling in the undergrowth - she thought we had a prowler, but then saw the biggest hedgehog she'd ever seen.  Two winters on and he and a couple of other slightly smaller hedgehogs are regular visitors - two of them hibernate in the garden - we have one bought hedgehog house and we've made a couple too which they seem to find acceptable 


I was driving my hubby home from work from Kilburn, North Yorks last night. It's all very rural there, dirt tracks rather than tarmac roads most of the way back to the A19. I had my high beams on, and spotted a hedgehog crossing the road. I thought I was going to avoid it Hubby said I had. Daughter said I had. But I felt the impact, and the pffffft noise it made as it exploded under my wheel I felt aweful.....


Oh dear  but it would've been even sadder if you'd crashed swerving to avoid it



I suppose so....... I did try hard to position the hedgehog between the wheels, rather than under them.

Few years ago, I had a phonecall while I was at work from my hubby. He said that our daughter had found a tiny hedgehog splashing about in a hole that I'd dug in the front garden and stupidly hadn't filled in. It couldn't escape Meg lifted him out and blow dried him, while hubby made him a nice warm bed. 

I weighed him when I got home, he was far too small to survive Winter (must have been a 'late crop'). So he stayed with us until Spring We called him Sam. Last night reminded me of him. Wonder if he made it......