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Emma - I hope it wasn't the one you saved.....

Circle of life though.

Jeannie I live in Clarkston - about ten miles south of Glasgow. Always lived in this part of the world , more or less.


Blees him,we all have to start some where lol.


lol dont be cruel to him,the birds will eat .

Heather Michaels

Sara 4, what can I say? Can't help giggling to myself about that! Must have been soooo infuriating though. So how long did it take other half to pick it all up?! Assuming you were cruel enough (oops I mean deservedly frustrated!) to make him actually pick it up. Plus side, he's probably not gonna be in a hurry to do it again! 


Sounds like your having it tough sara.throw him some slack lol.



I started off gardening growning sweet pea mattucana in a trough on a 6 by 4 balcony four floors up, and some baby blue eyes and geraniums. Then I graduated to a house with a corner plot with hardly any plants in but with a pond and koi fish left by the previous owner. Now I'm in a house with a 150ft garden and most of the plants in it have been bought, given to us or grown in our greenhouse. Again we have a pond as we 'moved' the fish with us when we went as most of those we had since they were about six inches long.

My other half wasn't too interested in gardening but again if I had an idea about creating seating or raised beds, he came up with a plan and suprised me with how good they turned out. He has got into bamboo and chillies now. I wanted to get the greenhouse tidies up but it wasn't until he wanted to put chilli plants in it that the job got done. But now I've got a good floor in it, heating and a nice corner for pottering.

We start chillis off after Xmas and tomatoes in Jan/Feb. We've also been successful with cucumbers, figs, blackcurrants, gooseberries, tayberries, strawberries, raspberries and blackberries (the last 2 we can't take credit for, they just appeared). We grow some veg like beetroot, radish, spring onion, courgette, but only what we eat.

We grew some tomatoes in hanging baskets and pots and we are now overloaded with them. We tried a new one for us costoluto genovese and as someone who didn't like tomatoes of this size, it is great on cheese on toast, I could eat them all day.

Looking forward to the next growing season and growing lots of plants with the seeds from the seed share, and some that I had seen as plants and wanted.


I need something to grow across a 6 foot north facing fence,it  but is in shade most of the day,i would like something with a high fragrance,and will provide food and shelter for the wild life.Any suggestions welcome.


Diddy I have the north fence covered with a  Jasmine and a clematis montana. They flower later than if they were in Sun, but now cover a Hawthorn tree they climbed up into.


Gooooood morning fellow gardeners, what's new in your life today,and what have you been up to? " keep it clean ".lol


fridget,i already have a pink jasmine on it and although it does cover some what, i find it very disappointing.You have to be very close up to see the fower's,as with the cematis they are nice and bold.


today i have been opening lots of seed packets sent my way.. many thanks to you all.. and i will sowing them over the next few days.. if i have time.. nipper back to school thurs so i will ahve all the time to potter in my garden and harvesting my seeds to send out.



Does anyone think that the cost of plant has risen drastically?Ther is no

wonder lots of people are growing from seed or from cutting's these day's.

how are the rising prices effecting you?.




I get most of my plants from our local market. my best snaffle was 17 plants for £13! And they don't die, and are all still going strong 

The potty gardener

I think there must be courses run for people wanting to go into customer services. They are trained to put people on hold, transfer people to someone else sitting in the same room and accidently cutting people off



I was once a call centre captive (in bound, for an investment company). We did our best, and I did enjoy it. totally understand how frustrating they are though, and frequently lose my temper with them!


Sara, you must never have dealt with BT. (a swearword in our house) British (NOT, half the time) Telecommunications . Ha wot a laff.  Can't even transfer you to the right dept, and has anyone ever noticed that there is no option amongst ALL of the menus for customer complaints?.  Won't go into detail, except to say that I am thinking of going to Trading Standards as the name does not accurately describe their business, and I am refusing to pay my final bill as I believe that THEY are in breach of contract.  Anyone else had any troubles with them?  I would love to know as this is twice, now.  Never had any bother with any other company, so I know it's not me!


sara.How old is the fridge/freezer only as far as i know that if it is still under warrenty,never accept a repair ask for a replacement.If you accept a repair it then effect's your right's.Check it out with consumer direct and see what they say.





If you think thats bad about customer services,try british? gas.Itook my missus almost 3 years to resolve an issue.we spent loads on phone call,s and never got re imbursed for it.


Has'nt it been a great year for growing and spending time in the garden,instead of looking out of the window staring at the rain like last year,

I think that i am very lucky really i have a large family with four of my older children and the 6 grand children,who come for dinner or for the weekly bbq.I am just in the middle of building my own pizza oven,so that we can have pizza parties late into the evening with family and friends.This is my own home made bbq,it,s the same type i used when i lived in mexico.








This is my fire pit which is great in the evenings, I usually have cushions for the wall and fold away chairs to sit around for a nice warm when it start's to go cooler.

 and below is some of my decking,so as you can see i have it mainly hard landscaped which saves me lot's of time to enjoy my garden,and party on.