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I was once a call centre captive (in bound, for an investment company). We did our best, and I did enjoy it. totally understand how frustrating they are though, and frequently lose my temper with them!


Sara, you must never have dealt with BT. (a swearword in our house) British (NOT, half the time) Telecommunications . Ha wot a laff.  Can't even transfer you to the right dept, and has anyone ever noticed that there is no option amongst ALL of the menus for customer complaints?.  Won't go into detail, except to say that I am thinking of going to Trading Standards as the name does not accurately describe their business, and I am refusing to pay my final bill as I believe that THEY are in breach of contract.  Anyone else had any troubles with them?  I would love to know as this is twice, now.  Never had any bother with any other company, so I know it's not me!


sara.How old is the fridge/freezer only as far as i know that if it is still under warrenty,never accept a repair ask for a replacement.If you accept a repair it then effect's your right's.Check it out with consumer direct and see what they say.





If you think thats bad about customer services,try british? gas.Itook my missus almost 3 years to resolve an issue.we spent loads on phone call,s and never got re imbursed for it.


Has'nt it been a great year for growing and spending time in the garden,instead of looking out of the window staring at the rain like last year,

I think that i am very lucky really i have a large family with four of my older children and the 6 grand children,who come for dinner or for the weekly bbq.I am just in the middle of building my own pizza oven,so that we can have pizza parties late into the evening with family and friends.This is my own home made bbq,it,s the same type i used when i lived in mexico.








This is my fire pit which is great in the evenings, I usually have cushions for the wall and fold away chairs to sit around for a nice warm when it start's to go cooler.

 and below is some of my decking,so as you can see i have it mainly hard landscaped which saves me lot's of time to enjoy my garden,and party on.
















Thank you for your imput sara4, do you feel better now that you have all of that taken off your chest?  

Dr Diddy.

The potty gardener

Diddy what a lovely garden you've got. I think those orange loungers would need my help to stop floating away most of the time.With a nice cold drink just to hand.


Thank you PG  you are so kind.There's lots more when i can be bothered to get out the box brownie.I dont have much garden realy it,s just a council house we had been allocated to us when we came back from mexico,after we were ripped of by a lawyer out there.But however like all good british people,and i do not mean that in any biased or predjudise way,you just get up and brush your self down and move on.

I had the house handed to us and stepped outside into the garden ( as the house did not interest me ) and the council had been in with stimmer,s and blitzed everything right down to the ground,not a blade of grass was left standing.

However i was very greatfull that they gave us a house at all,but my eyes lit up when i saw the woods at the bottom of the garden as i am a lover of nature " yes including the grey squirrels".I knew that everything else was irrelavent.Due to the nature of the ground which is realy heavy clay it has been landscaped by myself twice now.I had lawn and boarders first,but it saturated throughout the winter.It was then i decided to rip it up and start again,this time i chose to hard lanscape the garden,which was to be constructed using a selection of gravel some york stone and decking and included a water feature and a couple of borders. this is softened with the use of various pots and types of mixed flowers for the bees and butterflies,but alsonot forgetting my tropical plants.Friends are asking me if they can come on their holidays here lol.

sorry about that,dont i go on.

gj... if you want to make a complaint about BT don't get me started I have the address you can write too. I will never purchase any service from them as long as there's air in my lungs. You would not believe what a call costs if you get it put through from their directory enquires....and I was told the call had already been paid for when asking the question what it would can ring Australia and talk for an hour or more and it costs less than an 8min BT call to a house within walking distance...when I rang their on line service to complain the guy I spoke to agreed no one would pay for a call costing that much per min if they knew what it was costing them... 


Don't talk about BT to me either. When my Dad died 4 yeras ago, they didn't cut the phone off and despite umpteen calls they kept charging us for rental etc. Guess what? When it was eventually sorted - after threatening us with court action- they owed us money.  I've just spent five months in dispute with a utility co. who kept insisting I owed them £60. Kept on at them - they never reply to emails etc, threatened me with court as well,so I said I was going to my lawyer. Yes, yet again, they owed me money. They have offered me £20 in compensation. I'm considering telling them where they can shove it....sideways. 

First Utility- don't touch them with  a barge pole folks. 

Use that site 'saynoto0870' and get freephone or local numbers for calls. I never use these premium numbers. Also - if you don't press any button when they give you options you'll be put through to someone right away.


Here's my 3 pennys' worth.I was treated to a state of the art PULSATING ociliating sprinkler from DOBIES. I need to go on a course to learn to adjust it. Despite SEVERAL E-mails to them and expensive long phone calls for instructions(none on box) I have have had NO joy. Small wonder that they had to be taken over by God TESCO to survive.When will retailers learn that GOOD after sale service is what makes them money. Word of mouth and bad publicity is damaging. One good job that Twitter does do


going back to price of plants.. i have not bought any plants form a garden for a long have no idea of their price.. i am trying to gather plants form seeds.. (as in the seedshare) cuttings and swaping with neighbours.. and any i grow and dont need i sell at top of my garden at 3 for a £1.00 or £1.50 - £2.00 for the larger plants..and they go like hot cakes.. brill.. then the money goes into buyingmore compost and seeds. a good rotation system i think..  and the fact i sell unusual plants (that cant be got a garden centres here as they very restricted in choice) as well as the annual bedding ones..

this year i sold £325 worth of them.. loads of compost, seeds and all otehr garden required needs..


That's great GF I do a simular thing with my crosmia's,Have you seen the price they are charging in the garden centres for a few bulbs in a pot,it's disgracefull.I gather the seeds and sell them on ebay,again this pay's for my running cost through-out the year for such as compost and other sundrie's, another little tip is to go to b&q on a tuesday and look for damaged bags of compost,they reduce it before wednesday morning ready for the OAP day.Lot's of people dig a hole into the compost to see what they are buying.And once the bag has been damaged they will reduce it for you if asked.\this does not mean that i condone people going round and punching holes in bag's of compost or even stone chipping's.


I have just read the columb and think it is discuting how they treat people,and then they complain that customer are leaving them,is there and wonder?.




So what's happened to you today?

I have just had one of the most embarrasing moment's in my life.I do want to state that i do not wish to lower the tone of the site but...... I have just had some mates over and one was a suiter for my recently divorced daughter.we were all sat around having a drink or three And due to a lack of seating,due to the volume of people my wife and granddaughter were sat on the floor,every thing was flowing fine when all of a sudden my wife let out one almighty f..t I have never been so embarressed in all my life,now if that was me i would of blamed my granddaughter for it.But no she just stands up and say's ooop's sorry.

Can someone dig me a deep hole to hide in?.



Ha, fart! Love it! My step-mother used to fart when she stood up. Unfortunately, my two teenage boys roared with laughter and set me off. We were the embarrased ones after for laughing so much. Poor woman...


the best one was when the mother in law was helping my wife to fit new curtain's,she was stood on a stool right in the middle of the window.My eldest son who was about 14 at the time got up and pulled her pants down.She could do nothing as she was holding the curtains up,we have laughed for years over that one.

she was fuming,she was on full show in the middle of our front window te te te ha ha.

whats your funny moment.




Brave 14 year old!


Daft as a brush maybe'he was in hysterics with laft even when he was running out of the house.


Haha ha you silly fool.