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Getting Crafty in my old age...

Planting and discussing spring bulbs with my grand-daughters prompted an ad hoc craft session with them the playroom

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David Matthews2

The accompanying craft model pictures show just one way of getting kids motivated about bulb planting and the rudiments of border planning, succession, colour balance etc. Having decided (democratically) where [?front, back, middle of border] and how deeply, densely the various bulbs were to be planted, we finished the job indoors with all the illustrative packet cards turning into a simple 'floral ball' - it doubles as a playroom seasonal bauble but also gives a direct link to the pleasures yet to come as Spring progresses.

Nadolig Llawen!! Best wishes to all "Forkers" for the Festive Season and New Gardening Year 2014!!


David Matthews2

 This photo 'fell off' the previous posting, Forester2 - my comment about succession of blooming makes a bit more sense when tulips etc are included!

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