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I have a small garden, about 23 squae meters which I paved 30 years ago, I laid paving slabs on 2" of lime stone dust down, thats 2mm to dust.  I have removed the slabs, formed 5' boxes about 6/7" high. What I would like to know is what material I should fill the boxes with to grow vegetables?.

Is it not possible to dig out the dust? What is underneath it, any idea?


When we made ours we dug down to churn up the soil and then mixed in bags of multipurpose compost, let it settle and then we added chicken manure pellets and dug them in. It is worth you digging down to see what the soil is like underneath. I have read that you don't need to do this and just add topsoil or compost to top up your new beds as whatever you grow in them will find their own nutrients.

I was wondering if someone had paved or tarmac-ed the area before and it might not drain.

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