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hi, I am new to the forum (and gardeneing!) and this is my first post. I planted some gladioli bulbs earlier in the year, but late in the season and they are just flowering, looking fantastic. I'd like to cut them for a vase and wondered if can use the same bulbs again and how look after them and if they can be transfered into a pot for next year (they are currently in a border) and when should do this? many thanks


Mine survive the winter in the soil, I don't bother to dig them up, but you may be in a cold area.


Big bulbs I use again,but each year I add some new. I grow gladioli for  cutting in the veg patch.


I dug mine up last year, and every one rotted.  I missed one by mistake and left it in the border - it has come up again and is flowering well.  So this year I am leaving all mine in !!

thank you. I only have a small garden so may start again next year with them and plant in a more appropriate place where can leave them in the ground. Does anyone leave them in big pots?? x

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