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Been a successful day and then I get a presssie in the post. A kind member on the forum sent me two rooted cuttings of a salvia I've been trying to get for a while. Plants for free! A kind heart! A nice feeling. Others swapping cuttings?

Hello Verdun

I like to do that it would be nice to have plants for free.

I would like to have a go at this. How did you go about doing that. 

Is that a blue plant salvia? Tall spikey one will look nice then

Anybody wants to give me plants for free


What a great idea, I'd be happy to and seeds, I had a very good year last year with a new wildflower patch.  I bought the seeds initially but have harvested tonnes and they are so easy and the bee's and birds loved them in my garden and I'd be happy to share .

I,m still a very novice gardener but it would be great to have a go, save money and recolonise



What a great idea.

Seeds would be great. Some of that Lucifer that was going would hvae been great. Perhaps this thread will take off.

Garden girl, yes the blue ones. This is a brand new hybrid so I'm chuffed. Got quite range now. I love em. Short dumpy ones, tall spikey ones. Can send cuttings if you like but it's too late now. Not sure if forum can get into this but let's see? Bjay I grow lucifer...maybe send you piece. all in spring now I guess.


That would be nice of you to send some cutting any sort all will look nice I l ive  in southampton possible I could swap some thing with you if you want.  Have to see if anything you want I may have.


That would be great. With a newish garden i am always looking for plants. Perhaps by spring I'll have some things other folk would like.

Roll on spring

Ok guys. Remind me in spring garden girl. Bjay, I should be able to pull a piece of lucifer before spring. Because of postage it won't be too big but it grows with such vigour that it wont stay small for long.

hi all yes im all for that have got a great wildflower garden so would be happy in the spring to send free cuttings or seeds to you all

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