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OK Verdun. You can stop bragging.


Verd...go away!!! It's been p***ing down here most of the day 

According to 'Landward' (is that just in Scotland?)  nice here tomorrow, s*** on Sunday, nice on Monday.

Tina- Good evening!!!


My nails are shot as well

3 days away now so time for them to recover, and my back, neck and shoulder . Just hope the weather does as well

Ha ha ha, tee hee hee, chortle,, chortle, chortle, ho ho ho
Can't help being one of the chosen few
Don't worry Tina, when you're having a heatwave later we'll be shrouded in sea mists

Oh Tina Turner, so sad you are having sh..e weather. It will get better; it can't get worse



It is said the the sun only shines in the righteous.  Even God makes mistakes.

My time will come - for the sun I mean.

Gardening Grandma

The trouble with thinking that God makes mistakes is that I might be one of them! 

So I'm hoping He doesn't.

Fiinished potting on in time to go away. A friend will water them, but can't come til Thursday! Will have to wet them pretty thoroughly tomorrow!


My post was meant for smug Verdun, GG. Going on about all the sun he's had today.  My time will come.

I don't think there's much chance of a heat wave GG, so you should be OK. 

Hope it doesn't get any worse Artjak, otherwise I will have fish on the grass!

The potty gardener

Afraid it's been nice here on south coast most of the day. At one point I realised it was spitting very lightly as the mag I took out with me had little spots of rain on it.

I'm sorting the pots giving them BFB then mulching. Trouble is that at this time of year I keep choosing to move things around. I also want to change my water feature.

Pleased I haven't had to move tons of soil like you Matty2.

Lets hope we all get some good weather over the weekend


It's been a real April day here in Norfolk, alternating soft showers of rain and bright sunny spells.  Birds have been building nests and feeding babies and bathing in the birdbath and feeding from the feeders outside my office window, and I've done the first sowing of secret Foxgloves 


Well done Miss Willmott! 

Gardening Grandma

Good for you, Dove! Hope those foxgloves thrive. Sounds like there was an idyllic side to your day.

It rained quite a lot here (well, it is Wales) and mine was all indoor gardening, but the pleasure of seeing seeds spring up never fades. I did try to limit the number of seedlings, but had to throw away quite a few verbascums the other day. When I passed where I threw them today, they were still alive. I felt like a murderer...


Chicky, I hope you weren't one of the pathfinders, otherwise you'll have spent your birthday being 'gate bitch'

Tell your OH to look out 'Mud Club' on the internet - not the one with the young ladies of dubious reputation, but the off roading site.  He'll probably quite like it.  Hope you've both got laptops otherwise you will start to fight over them.  Had lots of off-roading friends at our wedding, and the bit between the sit-down meal and evening reception, lots of them went out, as the hotel was near quite a few lanes (not really a coincidence!!), and in the way of off roaders, some of the other guests were asked if they wanted to go for a ride - priority given to the children who wanted to go.  Was v. funny seeing everyone go outside and don walking boots or wellies with their glad rags.  Even had a land rover on our wedding cake (will have to try to find pictures).

Gone completely off topic now, getting my coat

Went to a local nursery and discovered they are selling plug plants for only a few pence so bought some geraniums and begonias, tiny little things which are going to be bea-u-ti-ful  Also bought three Fuschias and all have been potted up.

Planted some Hollyhocks and some blue things which I don't know the name of. Planted some trailing tomatoes into baskets but am keeping them inside the greenhouse. Moved some Snowdrops.

Looked at the Frogs in the ponds and the loads of Frogspawn. I like Frogs Last year we have a total of two snails so am sure Frogs are very beneficial. 

Light showers and warm sunshine today. It feels like Spring


Evening Forkers
nutcutlet wrote (see)

The test for a real gardener is in the finger nails. There's a sort of ingrained murkiness that's still there when you get out of the shower.


I must be a real gardener - as I end up with my nails like that.

Been seed sowing indoors as raining out and buying more seed trays on Internet as got a good email  so just thought worth a try as always sow too many seeds for my trays.

Check out the link see what you think


Woodgreen wonderboy wrote (see)

I went to Wisley today. Had to collect someone from Heathrow so thought i would kill 2 birds etc. and have lunch and a quick look around. My favourite corner is the Alpine House which always looks good, especially at this time of year. Imagine my horror when I couldn't get into the AH...b****y Monty Don was in there filming for Gardeners' World. Not my favourite presenter at the best of times, and now it's getting personal. What's worse is that the AH looked better than ever... no doubt putting it's best foot forward for GW prog. But I couldn't get in!!




Shame missed seeing you on GW tonight as Monty was at Wisley in the Alpine house, I guess they stopped people going too near there because of filming

They were sowing wildflower seeds I need to do that so that was helpful for me

Woodgreen wonderboy

Alpine house looked great from inside now that I got to look at from the inside!! However MD's promising introduction when he said he wanted to learn more about growing alpines was not followed up with anything much in the way of substance. Lots of pretty pictures but shallow content. That's the problem with GW now, as I have griped many times before.

The alpines looked inspirational however, as ever the plants do the talking.

Maybe he will when he is in his own garden look more about alpine plants, the plants did look great only thing in flower mainly at minute - did look cold there, they said weather about 20 days behind - sounds about right


I been doing more digging in garden in veg area digging in my green manure and taking down my runner bean canes. 

Anyone else been up to any gardening?


just catching pots really , been far too windy.