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Dove thanks for the info..and....just thanks x 

GG  and Bev - big hugs to both of you from me  x

Don't post on this thread much more the morning one but always read it big hugs to you all keep your chins up and gardens pretty at all times. Am sure family,friends ,dogs and hobbies help everyone along the way and as my father always said to me look forward never back in life. As FG said this is like a family on here it gives everyone good support in times of need long may it continue. I only took up gardening last year so can't really answer many question's on the forum but what i have learned from others is great and has made making my garden looking great that little easier and loving every minute and is helping me get through my illness easier no doubt have a good day all and take care.

Andy, well said.  Mind ??ou, the past is important too.  We all wish you well in your fight.  I guess we all need to take each day as it comes and appreciate things, and people, more


Reading all your stories has brought a lump to my throat. Had depression too several years ago, but thankfully am over it now. Try and take one day at a time, make the most of every moment and every flower (or veg). Wish you all a bright and happy time.

Verdun, are you in a clinch with the letter Y on your keyboard or have you got a foreign one? All your Y's seem to turn into ??-marks!

Hiya Swiss sue

Yes I know that happens sometimes.  I type too quickly on this iPad. I need to check my messages before posting I think.  Hope you're getting the sunshine...... think everybody will



FB, I have only one dane, two would be too much


Tell me about it. They had the first one from a rescue place, to keep the dalmation company. He had been tied up, his back legs wasted, and terrified of men.  A few months of friendly faces and walks sorted that. Then the dalmation died and he was lost, grieving in his own way. So they got the second one. A matched pair, except cassie  is a bossy b , so wimpy harley has  to behave himself. Cassie goes ape with other dogs though, and is terrified of swans.  Trouble with rescue dogs, is you don't know their history, so it takes a long time to rehabilitate.

Gardening Grandma

Evening all.   Think the distinction betwen the two threads is blurring, but it doesn't matter a scrap, if the conversation is satisfying and useful.

Spent the day planting, weeding and pruning. Lovely! OH did the shopping and cleared up the mess. What more could I possibly ask?

Woodgreen wonderboy

It would be good and preferable to keep on track now that GG has spoken, lest confusion reigns?

Gardening Grandma

Hi, WW.  'GG has spoken'? You make me sound very authoritative! I'm glad you have an appropriate degree of respect for me.


The potty gardener

Evening anyone else who is indoors. It was beautiful when I got home but I was just so tired I ended up napping on the sofa- a day teaching division is enough to shatter anyone!! It was so lovely when a class of 12 year old were discussing ways to do it and seeing the realisation on some faces that writing out the times table could get the answer.

Oh I did treat myself on the way home. Popping in GC and getting 6 nice sized begonia for £2 and a lovely little osteospermum for 50p.

Have a great evening and even better weekend everyone

spell check doesn't like osteospermum

Gardening Grandma

Great,  Bev. Have a nice time planting them this weekend.


Bev- good bargain. Spellcheck-  It doesn't like lots of things! Enjoy relaxing Bev- you've more than earned it 

GG- you had a great day!

I've done sod all today apart from watching the tennis -and that's exhausted me. 

And I don't care...

And I've had cake too...

Gardening Grandma

no cake for me til Tuesday afternoon (I hope) FG. Daren't go to Fat Club having gained - AGAIN!   Your day sounds pretty good. I'm watching Andy Murray - the first tennis match I have ever watched in my life! I have a hole in the brain where sports appreciation should be. Enjpoyed playing tennis in school, but my best friend and tennis partner was such a sports dud that she did not even bend her arms and legs when playing tennis, so I didn't get much chance to improve. Maybe that's why I've avoided it ever since.



Fairy are you deputising for Verd? Bev TGIF. GG I respect my elders

Woody, bet you've garden plans for weekend..put some sun cream on..I'm older than you so can be bossy.

I've had such a busy day, pegged two lots of washing out, moved a few stones from a rockery had a sit under brolly, fetched washing in, sat under brolly, wandered around with hose, sat without brolly, picked salad stuff and washed it, watered in GH's, slaved over hot oven to cook shop bought pizza and again sat down without brolly & I've loved it.

Think better retire early tonight so can do some stuff before it's scorchio tomorrow...KEF's telling porkies again

Have a good evening all.

Gardening Grandma

Younger than me but older than Verdun? Just how old do you think  I am? 90?


GG,  I meant Fairy scoffing instead of  Verdun & GG being authoritative I'm only 26 1/2 ish  so being respectful.


I need cake to see me through the tennis. watching Novak earlier drained me and now Andy's putting me through the mill. 

Have followed the tennis off and on since the days of John Newcombe, Rod Laver et al.Was a big Nastase fan and saw him when he played at Meadowbank in Edinburgh.

I am only 27 though...honest 

KEF- you've done more today than me love!!! Put wash out - brought wash in. Reheated leftover chilli from Wed night. That's about it apart from drinking tea!


Fairy I lost interest in tennis after Borg, but did fancy Nastase strange as I was minus 6 at the time.  cos I'm only 26 1/2 now.