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The potty gardener

It's so good to read this thread- it often has me chuckling


When the chips are down - cake and a laugh sorts it out!

Oh - I ate the cake....



Thanks Dove & all.

Just done last inspection and one really ripe strawberry, the first, we've had!

Oops, we did have  very nice it was too. Night all.

Gardening Grandma

Looking forward to lunch tomorrow, Dove.  I'll bring a couple of bottles. Red OK? I make a not-bad coffee and walnut cake, maybe I should bring that, since FG ate today's cake.

Nice day here but not debilitatingly so - was able to work in the sun. Its getting hotter tomorrow, apparently. OH cut the square front lawn into a rather wonky circle to match the one on the other side pof the path. I put in about fifteen plants  grown from seed, to fill the new borders he made. I'm beginning to think I should just put the rest on the wall for people to help themselves!



Mmmm coffee and walnut ...

I'm a greedy fairy...all that sawing and digging and concreting..makes me hungry for cake...cake...I want cake..

Very satisfying - putting in plants you've grown yourself GG 

Watching Brideshead Revisited.... bestest ever...and then bed.

Nighty night all. Sleep well everyone.

Woodgreen wonderboy

Hi, lovely day at Exbury with family and 4 month old latest addition (great niece, and I mean "great"). Rhoddies etc over now but still a beautiful garden and we more or less had it to ourselves. Hot, green and peaceful.

Lunch (Ham,eggs and chips , cider) , tea and cake later ( seriously chocolate) and a New Forest ice cream replaced the calories walked off.

Longstock Water Gardens tomorrow.... such is life...

Woodgreen wonderboy

oops, that's a technical hitch... I posted the one above hours ago... why has it appeared again?

Gardening Grandma

Evening all! Anybody else completely flattened by the heat? (Oh, if only that were really true, rotundity suddenly flattened by heat. I'd get in the frying pan before Fat Club!!) 


Evening GG.  Have only just ventured out but was quick to come back in.  Still very hot although there is a bit of a breeze.  Couldn't have sat out there anyway because of the screeching little cherubs and male adults. Sorry gents.  Think that a little vino was being partaken and the Dads reverted to childhood and the 'ladies' to cackling hens.  Roll on Monday. Oh, I do sound like a right old grouch.  I have no problem with children playing, in fact I like to hear it, but when it gets out of hand and there are up to about 6 + of them, it was just too much. Even son gave up and came indoors. 

I bet FG is still recovering. Hope she's OK.


Hiya GG & Tina, yes been a scorcher, and kids next door in paddling pool at minute, hope it cools them off, been bickering all afternoon, too hot me thinks.

Happy day for all Andy M. fans

Been so busy in garden today, moved from one chair to another. But have given a lot of mature plants a soak, Callistemon & Buddleja both wilting, so done the lot. Then at 5.30pm O/S temp in shade showing 35C I flagged. Must have moved too quickly Coldish shower and then had to eat meal inside, so hot conserv' door has swollen and at minute won't shut.

Meal consisted of homegrown lettuce, rocket, onions and radishes, had some corn on cob in fridge and not too smart chicken kebabs ..lot on the griddle, well not the salad.

 Did I mention courgettes? hubby said thought it was chicken kebas for meal and stuff not courgette kebabs and stuff.

Now going to sit o/s as cooling a little, but brolly still up.

Oh, first thing this morning I went to see new arrivals next door. Sparkles and Malteser have had a week in their new home. G. pigs...not allowed to hold as pigs not fully trained per 8yr old. I am so looking forward to looking after them as well as their garden...... not sure about which smiley to use.

Enjoy evening all.

Shame Andy Murray lost that match today. , so disappointed


Having read your post Kef, I don't feel half so bad at moaning about the noise.  Never allowed mine to scream and screech in the garden as we were the ones with the young children and I had more respect for my older neighbours. 

signed Saint Tina.



Verd you are being naughty the women will get you.


Evening all. Tina-  nothing can upset me or faze me tonight as I'm on cloud nine! 

I treated myself to a glass of coke!

Not much done outside apart from some painting but I don't care- tomorrow is another day! Very hot here too so I was better off inside....

KEF- the guinea pig poo's very good for the compost heap I hear- I got some from a friend the other day to get mine started.



Exchange on G pig poo arranged, I can give winter flowering broc leaves in exchange for poo...I"ll get my coat.

The potty gardener

Evening all. It seems to have been too hot today for many of us to get much done.

All the head has made me tired so it is already off tobed for me.

Night all


Night night Bev