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Hi all. gardengirl I love polemonum and find they seem to grow well anywhere in my garden including fairly shady places. Hi addict I think that everyone is welcome here but, new person brings the cake and booze.


If you shout  CAKE loud enough, verdon usually pops up.


Everyone's AWOL tonight. All newcomers welcome Addict.  Just a shame there's so few on here tonight.  Keep popping in though.

Quite nippy outside now. Back to TV. 



Hello all   Welcome Addict - everyone welcome here, especially new gardening friends 

I'm shattered - got home late today as Business Support person had caused mayhem in the filing department then gone off for the rest of the week feeling 'not quite right' - Ofsted arrive in our building tomorrow!!! 

I'll need to be in the office very early tomorrow morning so if I don't appear to say good morning don't panic!

Now I'm going to doze while OH watches The Apprentice 

See you later folks ............. 


Hi. Addict,  booze for me please.

Where to start? Skip the morning, my food shopping, no plants at Tesco & Morrisons have shut there garden site down. Skip early afternoon did Mum's shopping..Coop don't have plants.

Home, frazzled, hate food shopping

Planted Aubretia & Gypsofilia in garden / rockery type area, not likely to do much as poor looking things after I stepped on and uptipped seed trays a few weeks ago.

Topped up toms & cumbers. No mega watering needed.

Swept up and noticed that Hostas in pots on patio been attacked. Copper banded and been fine, but recently repotted some apple mint and left it near them.. NOT touching them. Whilst lazy one napping on sofa last evening hubby watered pot plants...says didn't move it    So I've now moved hostas and had good examination, no evidence of culprits, then checked mint damn fat snail in there having a rest. Got my specs and the devil was still covered in green / blue at it's mouth end. Won't say more in case some haven't had their cake yet.

Been a lot cooler today and more suited to gardening, should have also done ironing but didn't and it will be too hot tomoz

Have a good evening all.




Thank you 

CAKE!!!!!!!...was that loud enough fidget? 

Two gardens in the heat today. My more mature clients....first one being 92!

Love the plants she has but no pleasure without pain. Horse tail, bindweed, dandelions and wild geum. Am only there once a fortnight so barely keep up with everything

2nd garden had little in it and was terribly overgrown. Have begged stolen and borrowed plants to fill it up. She doesn't have a lot of money to spare so only way to make it look like something. Just about filled it with enough now so hopefully next year it will fill out and actually look like something. 

Now had shower so feel human again. Luckily tomorrows garden has lots of shade




Ok kef will try and remember....Verdun cake Kef booze lol. 




Hello all and addict. Been to OH's choir's party, bring and share food. It was fun. There was one of these.


CAKE!!!!!!   this time of night not good. Guess Verdun has gone to bed early as doing food bank tomorrow

Hello Addict, you live in Hampshire me too - in Southampton, not many around tonight had to go out water the garden this weather is sure bringing plants on quickly

Spell checker not work now - what a pain 

think I spotted a butterfly in the garden today not seen many for a while

Thanks punkdoc will try figure out where I want the plant to go

Cake? Someone mention cake?  

Busy day today, one way or another.  No time to check forum...which I love to do now.

Yes gardengirl another stint at foodbank tomorrow....hope it won't be as hot as today though. Hate being indoors when it's weather like this.  At about 3 pm the thermometer hit's been a few years simce we had temps like that.  

I guess most everyone has gone to the land of nod.....means I'm talking to myself!


not quite verdun, had to have a major  watering session this evening everything was parched when the flowers in the window boxes rise up to greet the water you know its  got too dry. green house has a spray pipe  snaking round the roof so easy to  make it hot and humid in there tomato plants are growing like triffids

think i should be up at dawn  for another watering session before the sun bakes it all out tomorrow.  Landlords beech hedging is suffering from the dryness too had to give them a good soak today as well.

Gardening Grandma

Evening Forkers, a bit early. TTG is waiting for news about her son's operation. Hope it is going well.

 I am waiting for news about elderly SIL, who has haemorrhaged from cancer area in her mouth. OH has called an ambulance and gone into hospital with her. This puts our holiday plans into perspective and we may not go, depending on the news from doctors. This is not important, we can go at another time anyway.  


GG, so sorry to hear about SIL.  Hope the doctors manage to make her comfy.  As you say, there's always another time for yet another holiday, but for everyone's sake let's hope you get away.

Son eventually went down just just after 5. Think he was on the verge of walking out! Had he been on his own, he probably would have done, but his wife calmed him down. Quite a difficult job that.

Just going to do a bit of watering.  Didn't get anything else done today.  Just not in the right mood.

Actually GG, I think lines or a detention for being early are appropriate. Take your pick, teach.



Best wishes to TT and GG.

quick look around the garden (not that it takes much more than that), weeds in flower, geraniums campanulas, almost cosmos, last bit of lupin( disappoint ting how quickly they finish-any tips?), lavertera starting, mock orange (must ask for pruning tips soon), lucifer trying, foxgloves still going (especially the white ones!), that's about it! 

how can I keep my salvia hot lips flowering? I love it, it started red, changed to red and white and now has a few pure white flowers (ok 2). I tried pruning a bit but got scared. Can I prune any more, is it worth it or has it finished?????


GG sorry about your SIL.....serious situation and very worrying. We are all here to listen.

Tina ...wishing you all the very best

Mrs lips does do all white flowers, all red and red and white's the nature of the plant.  Pruning wont change that.  It's a microphylla type meaning its pretty hardy and tolerates heavy pruning.  Cut it to the ground if you want to.  Re the flower colour.....usually it's mid summer when it flowers red and white.  Down here they grow very big.....mine is 4' tall from cutting last autumn.  I prune hard every autumn 


Hi verdun, I love the plant for its change. I only got it last year and was so disappointed it came red but looked it up and love it more for its mischief! But... If I prune now will help give more flowers, as it looks like its finished? Does it have a short flowering time and when I prune in autumn will that in itself give a longer flowering period next year. Gosh I wish I was clever! Did that make any sense? 

Hope everyone's had a fab day.


Hi all, had to mend my wheelbarrow again today after overloading while removing all the crazy paving - my barrow's now like the "family axe" - you know, only had 3 new heads and 5 new handles..  in this case the barrow is now made almost entirely of random replacement bits of scrap metal and welding rod!


TT hope things are okay with son. Any news yet?

GG really sorry to hear about SIL hope she is stable & comfortable. Very worrying times ahead, I wish you and hubby and obviously SIL, all the best.

Done little o/s except watering and bit of dead heading..decided another lazy day in order. Supposed to be hot again tomoz so will have to get on with it early. Nice home grown salad for want some of my toms. 

Really of little importance considering what some of you are experiencing.

Hoping to hear positive news later / tomoz.