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plenty done . and lots more to do . warm windy and now a glass of wine 


Good Evening Gardengirl, would you believe now its dark the wind has dropped mayb tomorrow i can get something done.

On the other hand I made a cream of carrot and parsley soup based on this recipe 

  Added a little rosemary and ground chilli flakes, worked really well. Can't beat it along with some garlic bread. 

Highland Jeannie

Went for a "daffodil walk" with the gardener & one of the volunteers at Brodie Castle in Moray, they hold a national collection of narcissus.  Unfortunately of course there aren't many out yet!!

The weather was beautiful & it's good to hear that the National Trust for Scotland a couple of years ago appointed a gardener & she has plans for the (unused) old walled garden. They've moved some of the old varieties as they were originally planted between a wall & a lime avenue, now they are in the open in rows.  The old storage shed was interesting - I think some of the cobwebs date back to the heyday of breeding in the 1920/30's!!

They're doing another garden walk, in a different area on 6th May, we hope the weather will be as sunny then.


Gave up trying to post several times this evening as it was so slow.  Looks like others have had the same problem.  It's so quiet.

Wind now dropped here. Really was too much and I had to give up in the end as it gave me a headache. 



So slow today that most of the threads never came up, so I didn't bother. Went out to the allotment and got loads done - breezy, but sunny and warm, and I have got my first 'suntan' of the year; well,certainly windswept and ruddy!

Back from my weekend conference, OH managed to prep a couple of veggie beds on Friday ( unable to do much as he's suffering from frozen shoulder!). Apparently it rained all day on Saturday and there has been showers today. I dont feel so bad about being stuck indoors all weekend now. Forecast is not brilliant so hoping to spend a little time each day in the greenhouse ( after work), at least we have lighter evenings now. Sweet dreams all


Evening Brum   I saved you a piece of Rhubarb & Custard cake

(I hid it from OH and Verdun )

Cream with yours?


Evening Brumbull has warmed up a bit out side, so I guess seeds will start sowing outside soon. Got a bit more space there then emptying all your plants out

I pricked on a few seeds out today into another tray

Been busy day but not in garden apart from cutting grass and applying feed.
Hope you all kept out of mischief
Still disappointing weather ....bit drab now but good weekend to come
Bet my lawns will be better than yaous? Lol

You won't have to try hard for your lawn to be better than ours LOL

When we moved here 18 months ago the lawns had been neglected for years and years - the back one has more wild flowers and herbs in it than you can shake a stick at, plus a generous helping of thatch and moss.  It's also very dry because of the roots of the two big ash trees at the bottom of the garden.  I've raked it and spiked it with a fork and the Under Gardener mows it as instructed, and I dose it with seaweed fertiliser - it's getting better .... slowly.  

The front lawn was similarly neglected, and contains a similar mix of plantlife, plus for most of last summer it had 3 builder's skips on it.  I re-seeded the bare patches last autumn and at least it all looks green now - but that's about it so far.

Gardening Grandma

Evening, forkers. Just reporting in from a small caravan in the Cotswolds. Awning now up and OH and I still married!   Found a pleasant little nursery/GC opened in someone's garden today and bought lots of seeds in a rather glorious and posh larger GC. I'm getting the propagating bug in a big way! Tfhe seeds were about the only thing I could afford there, anyway!  


Evening GG and everyone else. Glad you're still married GG 

Rained on my parade this afternoon- just as i was organised to measure up garden so had to give up. It's to be precipitating down tomorrow so I'll have to content myself with 'planning'.

Grass here is just yellow moss....oh well it'll be ideal for lining those basketty/troughy things I'm going to do for that 'Heucherella' fence Brum!!

Top dress. Feed, mow. Used to be so fastidious .....raking, spiking, hand pulling of couch grass, fine grass seed only, mixed compost and sieved top soil twice a year, watering, regular feeding. And best cylinder mower. Then I woke up. So time consuming; so obsessional. Oh yes, used lute too.
I like a nice lawn....and people say its nice....but as long as its green, weed free, level and soft to walk on I'm happy.
So Brum It's reasonably good.
I'm more of a perfectionist with my plants though



Sad news from USA - explosions at the Boston Marathon - 2 dead 22 injured 

Evening dove. That's terrible news. Just saw panorama prog on north Korea. It's a mad world right now. So much energy to cause misery????
It's a strange world indeed, Verdun. I was on the Aldgate underground train blown up in London eight years ago, and I can truly empathise with the poor people caught up in the madness in Boston.
Pentillie, that must have been horrendous that can never leave you I guess. Me? I can only imagine. Truly terrible. Madness? Yes
Down at my local foodbank today as a volunteer. Things are getting worse. Pretty hectic there today. Foodbanks just don't seem synonymous with today's riches, do they? Nobody should be short of food today anywhere.
Been good weather-wise today....reached 18 lunchtime for a spell albeit not much sun.
Hope you all had good the garden or not