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The potty gardener

Evening Liz.

It has taken me ages to catch up on yesterdats posts- still haven't cought up and read them all.

Pleased to see your son seems on the mend Tina, better when he gets home though.

GG hope you are able to enjoy your holiday after all the upset and worry.

I can't wait to get out into garden tomorrow though may spend quite a bit of time holding lounger down.

Hope everyone enjoys this evening and has a great weekend


Hello to newbie Kapn61.

Mrs G glad son been ok today.

Swiss Sue good shout, thought they were ads but worried to act in case I was wrong

Lone gardener you must have a re- think on new name..does sound so sad..maybe Pots 120, depending on how many you actually have. Hubby watered this evening and informed me how many are lurking in our garden,  think I'd better do a re- count.

Been so hot that not been hungry, so made big bowl of salad with feta and just piled in with crusty bread..added the few raw peas that were ready Still no ripe toms.

Will walk around garden a few times to make room for "our" strawberries & some ice cream.

p.s. Verdun ..I wish my gall bladder could do cheese & butter at the same time Salad and a bit of feta for tea, to make sure ice cream will settle well ( big bowl planned )

Have good evening all. If I'm not on here in morning too much ice cream

pps..BusyL..please can I have some peas


KEF- steady on! I made a nice tomato sauce with the toms I picked today and we had it with pasta. I've got loads of toms about to ripen so I'll send you some!

Here they are:



Fairy   extra scoup of ice cream for me if you've had your own toms.


Wow, Fairygirl. We had the first big tomato for lunch. Had 3 Sungolds before that.



They were inside for ages on window sill with a radiator under it BL! They were well on and flowering before they went outside and because of the awful spring I waited because I don't have a greenhouse or anything here. Bought a couple of those little plastic ones. I've got a few others that I bought cheap and they're flowering now too so I'll get a succession which is good.

I'll swap you some toms for some strawbs KEF!

Evening forkers

Still very hot.  Picking g masses of blackcurrants for freezer.

Hope all those with health problems are improving.  Today had reason to call on elderly neighbour.......wanted to borrow £5000 but not seen her for year or so !!!......and was shocked at her appearance.  Very frail and poorly.  Also another neighbour there, much younger, and she has suspected brain tumour.  Bit of a shock. So much can change in life so quickly can't it?  Going to make sure I look in bit more on these two from now on. Sorry nothing to do with gardening

Buddleia opened it's flowers fully today and another echinacea too.  Runner beans at last forming.  In all this hear the lawns are still green.....for now!



How does that proverb go Verd - 'do as you would be done by'... No - nothing to do with gardening maybe, but maybe gardeners are more aware of the cycle of life than others are. Not a bad way to be is it? 

not even got buds on buddleia yet  


Evening everyone

What a kind person you are, Verdun, wish there were lots more like you!

Glad your son is OK, TT, enjoy your holiday GG and don't worry to much!

Liz, you must have loads of pea plants. I decided it wasn't worth growing them as they need so much room and from a colander full you only get 1 or 2 portions to eat.

Great crop of tomatoes, Fairy, have got a couple of pea-sized ones on Tumbling Toms. Hope this heat will get them to ripen fast.

Enjoy your strawberries and icecream KEV, but watch out for that bladder!

My miniature Buddleia Buzz are starting to flower now, one pink, one violet. A white one and a purple one still to come. Still no flowers on the French runners.


He's not a bad soul that Verd right enough Sue....even if he was very cheeky to me on Morning Forkers earlier...!!  

Bit of a fluke my toms Sue - the  sunny weather recently has helped enormously. We're usually sheltering from rain not sun here...


Hi Verd & all, runner beans also finally forming here, first raspberries ripened today too although they didn't make it very far - "gardener's privilege" if you know what I mean!  Noticed all of the winter squash have at least one fruit on now, with each vine growing another metre since Monday - amazing what a few days of sunshine can do!

Hope things go better for those previously mentioned in this thread who are currently unwell.


Hello folks - anyone sunburnt?  Not me, I've been sitting in the shade drinking coffee/Sicilian lemonade/rosé - plants got watered this morning and the bathroom and the kitchen got a quick wipe over.  

I went into the city, got the car polished , Ibought two new frocks, met up for coffee with son, daughter in law and her mum who were all out shopping.  

Since then I've been home marnating steak and chicken to cook on BBQ this evening and making salad.  

Now I'm on the terrace with you lot nibbling pickled Spanish chillies and drinking rosé while the BBQ charcoal is getting itself ready.

Cheers everyone - happy gardening  

Hiya dove.  Well you sound happy. 

Temp hit 33 in garden today.  Everyone parked in my drive to go to the beach but I declined today...other things to do. It was misty on the beach itself but very hot....""exciting" and "eerie" they said.  Nobody burned cos we are all used to these comditions.  We get 30 degrees from may to September of course.  Ha ha 

Even though the garden is full I still look to add to my plants.  Looked down the GC today but nothing to tempt me.  One of the workers down there was drenched...he was hosing the plants but he said it was just "sweat". I asked for a shower and he aimed the hose at me.  Of course I complained and got him fired

Ha ha ha ha.....only joking.   OF COURSE.  I did get bIt  of a spray but enjoyed it.  Always have a bit of banter with them down GC

better post this quickly before you all attack me............


Evening Dove.  Just read your pitiful post and thought I would join you. No booze though.  Just spent 2 houirs in garden but it feels like I have just been in the shower.  Hair plastered to head, etc. Not a pretty sight. Not got the energy to climb the stairs yet. Still so warm, but at least no sun which was just toooo much for me. But I'm not complaining.

My son may be complaining later but, no doubt, he has some soothing potion to apply if he has overdone it.  I've never seen anyone with so many bottles and pots of this and that.  He's worse than the girls.

Enjoy your evening Dove and any other posters if  they appear.

Just pressed edit.  Hi Verdun. You weren't there when I started posting.  Bet there's a lot of very uncomfortable people tonight down your way.  Overdid it myself many years ago on Newquay beach.  Didn't realise the strength of the sun behind the clouds, if that makes sense.  That was in the days when Newquay was just a small town. Went back years later and was so shocked and disappointed by what it had turned into.



TT - I've got some Elderflower cordial and fizzy water if you're interested 

Verdun, I hope you realise you've had this gorgeous weather down in Cornwall ever since we (The Artist and I) graced you with our presence - just thought I'd mention it 

Of course.....we owe it all to you Dove.  Appreciate your kindness.  Lol


Thanks Dove, bit of a jaunt though.  Will stick to my very uninteresting Summerfruit squash.


TT - Sending my Tardis - did I mention that I was within touching distance of a Dr Who the other day?  Power seems to have rubbed off 


Dove- what a horrible life you lead.... I feel really sorry for you - the things you have to put up with....

Chuck us some of that elderflower cordial then.....

Been a little cooler here today thankfully though it had it's moments of high twenties. Been faffing around sorting my compost bin out - would have been better off just buying the damn wood and building it myself...thought I was saving myself a bit of work. It's one of these things that slots together and I needed to sort it so that I can slide the planks in and out at the front. More trouble than it was worth! 

Tina - hope the cannas are surviving. Yes Verdun - I said Cannas - you were very cheeky about that but I won't turn you into a frog just's too hot for all that malarkey so I'll let you off for now....

If you were closer to Verd's you could have gone to that GC for a shower