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The potty gardener

Evening all. Everyone must be enjoying being outside on this wonderful evening.

I've done my watering and will be heading to bed very soon.

Just one more week then I will be joining you late in the mornings Tina.

Hey, first this evening

Its still very hot

Got the fountain cascading to make a cooling sound as I type on the forum 

Blueberries from the garden with clotted cream

Hope everyone is good today


No verd, Bev beat you to it. 

I think everyone is still watering. I've got a soaker hose on the beans. Lots of baby beans growing. Picked first two!! french beans today OH ate them.  Lots to come next week though. Toms ripening, 2 cucumbers about 6 inch on, should be ready soon,

back to work tomorrow.


Hi all, walk was good, not many there due to heat, only 23C in shade at 10.30am ! Did a route march, and around in 45mins..Tina, I took my water, and been drinking water rest of day, had enough fizzy fun yesterday.

Nothing to report action wise in garden, but have had picked first good helping of peas, had to give 4 courgettes away, beans now romping on,winter sprouting broc' going mad, huge lower leaves, think I need to cut some leaves off, now covering the beetroot..we did have a small boiling of beet' other day and lovely if I say so myself.

Got 6 strawberries for later with Cornish Ice cream..can you hear me Verd?? Hoping if I stay on here long enough hubby will fall asleep and I can have all 6...naughty, greedy KEF.

Enjoy evening all.


Well done KEF. This  heat is OK if you're just sitting in the shade. Too hot to do much.


Hey, fidget you beat me to the beans too.  Not my day! And my tomatoes aren't quite ready either.  I never get the quantity of tomatoes some seem to get.  But may be more this year.  I remember an old fellow who grew nothing but tomatoes.....he had masses and masses.  I tried to take his wisdom but never quite emulated his success.

KEF I,hope  ??ou enjoyed your,strawberries and cornish ice cream

The mist  has descended's cooler .....




Went in garden from 6 to 8. Still hot and 'perspired' buckets, but got on with clearing the ground behind the pond which I have neglected.  All done and ready for some new evergreens. Have tried alpines so many times and the cat ruins them, so change of plan. Managed to crush finger with a big stone and now have 2 square rings, which won't come off.  Asked son to hit them with a hammer, but he declined.

Got french doors open and it is really pleasant and all is quiet on the Western Front. Wish it was like it all the time.

Well done on your walk Kef.  Hope you got loads of money.

Yapping dog now spoiling the peace, but then it's only 10.30.


We had our first helping of French beans today, and more raspberries. Already had the first big tomato, others are orange. Didn't do much in the garden today, just some watering. Sorted my photos, got some ready to develop, deleted others.


Evening all- late for me but I went and did my shopping at 9pm with daughter! Saves doing it tomorrow so I can get outside instead after work.

Well done KEF- you earned your strawbs! 

Verd I've about 2lbs of toms about to ripen all at once. I'd send you some but you're such a greedy boy so I'm going to eat them all myself  

Got lots done today as it wasn't quite so hot. Deadheading, splitting up plants for various relations and lopping/pruning other shrubs that need to be moved. Compost bin all sorted out-  just need to make a lid. Most of 'internal ' rear garden fence taken down and used for another bit at side for screening, so another post concreted in... I was getting withdrawal symptoms....

 Great to have dry weather to do it.

Everyone seems to have been busy today either sunbathing or scoffing (Verd that's you!) while Tina and me have been grafting (and KEF's been exerting herself for a good cause)

You just can't get the staff these days....



8pm and no one here. still watering. I've just soaked the wilted datura in a ahuge pot. (emergency measure). Going to have dinner now outside, then water again in a bit.


These evenings are so nice,everyone is still in the garden,just finished watering,now off outside to sit with a nice chilled glass of white wine,to toast OH birthday today.

Highland Jeannie

Been gathering all sorts of "bottoms" for all of my (far too many) pots/tubs. We're away for a week in a week & wonder whether my babies will all survive. 

The last 3 days have not been quite so sunny here - just in & out from behind a cloud but it's very windy & quite warm still, so lots of things are getting limp or crisp!!

Woodgreen wonderboy

Have just eaten my first runner beans from garden along with broad beans and early potatoes, also mine. Cooked with chicken wrapped in parma ham and pepper sauce. Glass of Sauv. blanc. Now off to make up dish of strawbs, rasps and bluebs, with vanilla yoghurt... none of which are mine! 


Fidget- you've beaten Verd- he won't be pleased you know. 

Hi Jeannie- you must be just missing the rain up north- hasn't quite got as far east as you yet!

Happy birthday Mr Gilly 

Did you get him cake Gilly???

Too weary today to do much but re-jigged a bit more fence using old stuff which was rotten unfortunately. Still, it's just a temporary bit so doesn't matter. Nice and cool for heavy work but body's had enough in last few days so I'm taking it easy tonight.

Hope everyone's had a good day 


Too pooped to party....think that's the expression, worn out, done watering and now saving a sit down before bed... did tip one spud sack out and nearly ready, had some  with our courgettes, peas, cauli ( grown by friend) shop broc' and sausages..that I grew

When they take Kate into hospital will the headline be "Heir it comes" 



Hello folks  

I've been watering ever since I got home about 6.30, with a short break for supper - the sprinkler's been on most of the time too - I've moved it along the Shady Bank bit by bit and it's all had a soaking.  Now it's on the end of the herb bed where the grape vine, rhubarb and French tarragon are - that bit needs a really good soaking.  

When I get up in the morning I'll put the sprinkler on the runner beans for half an hour, then move it along to the raspberries, gooseberries, strawberries and pear tree to give them a good drink until I leave for work. 

I must say that the fig on my new fig tree is getting riper and riper - won't be long now 

And I've got a pot of Rio Negro lilies that are just about to burst open - the colour is amazing - I'll take a photo of them tomorrow for you 


Yes - pic pretty please Dove 

KEF- you know what you have to do after that awful joke.....coat 

Woody- sounds delish! Did you enjoy the Test Match ?

The potty gardener

Evening all- just wanted to be first- will be back later


Missed you again Bev.  Think I might have 40 winks.  Feel so tired.

The potty gardener

I've got an exciting evening planned- watering and watching mr T. Still only 3 more get ups

Ha ha had written this then forgot to post before going out and watering