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Woodgreen wonderboy

Get well soon Gardengirl.....keep us posted on your progress. The flowers you gave me are doing well  


Evening all.

Ah Kef, sun's getting to you.

Course we missed you Gardengirl, but we never know if someone has popped off somewhere without telling. Missed your station project! Do hope they soon diagnose what's wrong. Terrible not to be able to eat.

Starting to cool down now.  Got to silly temperature this afternoon. Done nothing again, except watering garden. Will probably be as exciting tomorrow too.


Glad you're back Gardengirl - hope the pains go away ((hug))

Having had a BBQd pork chop and half a big beefsteak tomato, I now have an unaccountable urge for chocolate - I am not usually a chocolate sort of person, but today I need chocolate - but we have no chocolate and the local shop is shut 


Gardengirl get well soon.

Chicky hope things ok in your garden when you get back

BusyLizzie, beans I've got one decent sized runner bean on and one french climbing bean ready, we will have to toss a coin as to who eats which. What sort of temperatures are you having just now? Is your back now ok?

Supposed to be partially cloudy here tomoz and only about 23C. I hope so.

 It's currently 29C in our bathroom with both windows wide open. Turned hose on earlier this afternoon to wash bird baths and it was the hottest I've ever known, too hot to spray on my feet, which I usually do as it cools me down. Other people wash theirs at bedtime

Night nite all, off for a glass on the patio.


My back is OK now thanks KEF. Just a pulled muscle, took anti-inflamatories for a few days. Back to a barrow load of weeds a day! Talking about beans, the French ones have gone mad, picking every day. Going to bed now. Night all.


The potty gardener

Evening all. Hope they can soon sort you out Gardengirl.

Was very hot out supervising rounders today .

When we finished had planned to go for lunch with my department- but when I got there suddenly felt very tearful( well to be honest burst into tears) I just couldn't go in. Dissapointed but will put it down to end of term emotions. Came home and fell asleep in garden. Treated myself to fish and chips for tea.

I've been trying to take pics of some of my fuchsia but am afraid some of the lables may have got mixed up.

Hope everyone has a lovely weekend

Gardening Grandma

You cried at the END of term, Potty? I was more inclined to cry at the beginning of term, myself! Glad you felt better after a sleep, anyway.

Came home from holiday to find the painter had finished our sitting room and it is a fetching shade of pale...well, the word I have in mind starts with a v and refers to stomach contents. Didn't look that way when I painted the contents of the sample pot on the walls! Pretended I liked it and will try to adjust. It is one of those light-reflective paints and it certainly does glow.

Only a few seedlings died when I was away, despite the intense heat, so I'm grateful for that, anyway. Hope everyone else has survived the weather fairly well. Haven't read back further than this page, so I can only commiserate with GardenG at present.

Night all. Sleep well.


Goodevening one and all.  Only doing this because Verdun wanted to be first but went on other thread.  I may still be beaten.

Much cooler today so have managed to get quite a bit of cutting down, deheading and general tidyuping.  Had enough now so fork, spade, trowel, rake, shears and bin are still all over the grass.  That's me. Untidy wench.

Have also managed to skin my arm which I will have to try and cover up otherwise I will get told off.  Did buy myself a longsleeved cotton top but forgot to put it on,

Just going to have a light tea and a Magnum I have hidden in the freezer.  Not an icecream lover really but they were on special at Tescos and I can't pass up a bargain.

Have a good evening everyone.



I'm 2nd eek eek


Feeling really tired - all catching up with me. have been pleased with the cooler day and slight wind (too strong for breeze).

have done Philadelphus, fed and mulched roses, cut back some plants. then first time since don't know when, sat in garden and read.

that is after all the ultimate aim, to have a garden to relax in

Am now going to have salmon with first of potatoes from garden with a sort of ratatuoille using my courgettes and one of my onions - yep, that's the other aim - to have fresh produce.


Hope you are feeling more refreshed now Bev. and everyone else is recovering from all aches and pains.


Phew had to be fast on that last post.

Tina what are you like?  Do I need to get you some of the Kevlar wrist to elbow covers that H gave Mum? In fact I could take them back as she also forgets to put them on.

Glad you got out in garden & hopefully if cooler the Bl...y  neighbour's dog might calm down and be quiet.

Have a good eveing all.


Kef, it was lovely out there.  All the doggies must have been out or locked up indoors. Absolute bliss, just as it used to be.

I've only got to look at my arms and the skin tears.  Old age and all that.  Sometimes I don't even know I've caught them until I see these huge bruises appear.

Sorry you didn't have good weather today. Always tomorrow.


Evening all. Been outside painting and putting up more fence most of day and watering plants. My 'assistant' helped for a while but difficult to avoid the heat. It was 32 again in back garden. No escape from the sun there except early morning, and then it comes round where the boundary is during the afternoon so it was a bit too scorchio! Many cold drinks consumed though. Had a cool shower and did the evening watering while dinner simmered away.  Pasta sauce with loads of home grown  toms, basil, rosemary and thyme and had it with meatballs and linguine. Pleasant. Salmon sounds good Matty but Tina's ice cream sounds even better!

Tina you and your war wounds...I don't know 

I managed to drop the spirit level on my big toe doing the very last bit of fence before I came in. Never said any sweary words or anything....

Hope everyone's had  a good day and not overdone it in the heat. Think the east was a bit cooler though. We're supposed to be cooler tomorrow which would be a relief. I'm beginning to wonder if the heat's the reason there's less noise just now - children being kept indoors? In that case- I hope the heatwave stays! 


Especially a Magnum yum 


No magnums for me Matty- just a big bowl of vanilla and strawberry ice cream with saucy sort of stuff and some fresh strawberries as well...

and I said I wouldn't have any tonight....  

will work it off tomorrow 


Gardening Grandma

Evening. Sorry about your arm, Tina, and your toes, FG. And gardening is supposed to be a quiet little hobby!

Tied up the triffid today - the vast climbing rose, that is. Balanced on a wobbly chair and tied bits to the top of the pergola. I used two drinks mats to level the chair. I can think of better uses for a drinks mat.

Went around the garden and cut back and deadheaded, watered and tidied. Most satisfying. Patio has finally been cleared and tidied. Now, perhaps, would be a good moment to use the drinks mats for their proper purpose....  


GG balancing wobbly chair on beer mats we all do silly things when needs must, glad you weren't posting from A & E. Use beer mats for correct purpose you've earned one.

All sound to be having nice meals & icecream ( might just join you)

Fairy are you and Tina related?

Matty hope you feel chilled.

Off now as all this ice cream talk has made me want some.


Hello folks  no gardening today as I've been parent-visiting - tomorrow there's lots to do out there, including preparing the broad bean patch for some Swiss Chard to be sown, and cutting back of the perennials that've flowered.  

We also have to block a hole in the fence as the magpie murdering cat has become a blackbird butcher 


Pennine Petal

Evening, all gardened out today, decided to clear my top bed of geraniums as they had taken over. Now got some more space to fill. Not sure what to put in it yet. Moved some stuff from pots into the garden too, been waiting until it got a bit cooler.

Not going to move off the sofa all evening. Strawberries and ice cream still to come.   Hope OH will be getting it.


Gardening Grandma

Sounds good, PP. I'm also taking out thuggish pink geraniums and replacing them with something more well-behaved. I also have a very low-growing and unexciting one which has almost taken over one bed. I'm beginning to wonder about a plant stall at the gate to get rid of everything that needs getting under control!

Those weren't beer mats BTW - just ordinary coffee mats. Beer, in my view, is very nice with a spoonful of artificial sweetener. Otherwise, give me cider or wine. Now, preferably...

Hope your mother was well, Dove. I have yet another SIL - lots of them in my family - who is in a residential home and has alzheimers. It's a pleasant, caring place. Hope your mother is similarly blessed with a caring place to live.