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Evening all, ben to a christening and a committee meeting today. Horribly hot and muggy. 33° A friend 20 mins from me had a huge storm with lots of rain, but it missed us.

Gardening Grandma

Evening all.  Big smile because I lost 4lb in Fat Club today. Our treat today was a three-layer fatless sponge with whipped cream and strawberries and pouring cream. 1lb back on!!

No work in garden today - too hot. Went to McArthur Glen outlet (10 minute walk away). Didn't want anything but enjoyed the walk. OH and I visited SIL recently out of hospital. She looked truly awful, but was cheerful. McMillan nurse arrived while I was there. So did niece, three children, another SIL, her brother, and BIL. Good grief, what a noise! We cleared off feeling a bit sorry for her, though glad that so many people care about her. Good job she's deaf!

Glad you are resting, GardenG. Have a good evening, all!


Hi all. I've got my internet back at last. Been a hard 3 weeks, had to eat sticky buns every time I needed to send emails, what a task. 


Life can be a bitch Nutcutlet.

Did you mention sticky buns nut?  What, those tasty more-ish ones?  



Forgive me Forkers, for I have sinned.  Just posted on Morning thread.

Are there any others Verdun?  I just love Belgium Buns with the icing and cherry on top but have only succumbed once this year. 

Do wish the spell check worked.


Slug eclairs Verd.

GG. That's very sad about your SIL .....not pleasant situation is it?  Look, you need to celebrate,if you,lost 4lb.  That cake sounds very nice but I don't like cake myself.  Whipped cream AND pouring cream AND strawberries?

GardenG enjoy your rest.  

I did cut lawns and plant out echinacea Hot Papya.  This is a lovely plant ....double red and lomg flowering and, for me at least, hardy.  Not overly keen on some doubles but check this one out folks. It's a stunner.  Marmalade is an orange equivalent 

Going to be watching Alan T soon - good gardening show I like watching that


Hello folks - I've been watching Raymond Blanc roasting pheasants  Now I'll watch Mr T's second half.

Belgian Buns - not had one of those for years but I could do with one right now ....

Verdun wrote (see)

Did you mention sticky buns nut?  What, those tasty more-ish ones?


Yes Vedun, there were chocolate muffins and blueberry ones but the best was the german apple cake with ice cream 



Just got back from work. Due to puddle taking out 2 lanes of J26 M1 roundabout, it took me one and a half hours to do a 20 min journey. Stuck on a dual carriageway with no where to go. Radio kept saying no travel problems. Ha.

This mornings cloudburst managed to soak me running 25 yards from carpark to work. Trousers wet below the knee all morning. Hmm.

I've just emptied out all the trays where my little plants were swimming.

 At least I don't have to water tonight.


Hurrah!!!   Nut is back!!!! 

You've been missed!!! 

Have you had any rain over your way yet? - we've had precisely 3 drops 


Hi Dove. yes I'm here. It's been a hard 3 weeks.

we had thunder for most of last night, kept waking me up, a bit sleep deprived today, and more than an inch of rain, the grass is greener already.



Hello Nut. Glad you're back. You've been missed.



Nice to be missed. 

and very good to be back,.

So many times I was just going to look up this or that, or drop in on the forum or send an email, very frustrating.

I dug up some things that need an ID the day I went off line but I'll put them on a separate post. 


Good to have you back Nut 


Hi Nut, nice to see you, to see you, nice!

The potty gardener

Evening all. I enjoyed Mr T tonight. What a beautiful garden he made. We still haven't had any storms or rain. I was so hot out in garden again.

Have bitten the bullet and joined fat club this evening so fingers crossed.

Nice to have you back Nut.

Bed forme now