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Yes I enjoyed mr Titchmarsh tonight.  Pure sentiment but, at last, a garden with sort of garden.  Pure escapism. Lovely


I enjoyed it too. Gardens with plants are the best sort! And there were grasses for Verdun and roses for me.

Good to have you back Nut.

I think nut knows we are glad to,have her back


 that's nice, thanks all round


Gardening Grandma

What a lovely garden AT made! However, those mature plants - even mature veggies - must have cost a lot. If one can afford to buy plants like that, it is easy to plan a border. It's a lot harder when you have to buy plants bit by bit and make do with smaller ones. However, that minor gripe aside, I thoght they did a tremendous job.

Night, all!


Where are you all??

Wasn't really on last night- too busy pointlessly painting!

Hi nut! I must post the pic of the moth we found a couple of weeks back for you to ID. We need you to tell us what everything is! 

Gardening Grandma

Evening, if there's anybody there. Oppressively hot today.

Cleaned the bedroom today. Took a long time! I'm making a note of it in my diary because by this time next year it might need doing again...

I also sold my car today and we are now a one-car family. I loved my little car and the freedom it brought me, but oddly, I feel quite relieved. I just hope its next owner treats it well.

Lots of jobs waiting in the garden, but its too darned hot! Rain tomorrow, so maybe the plants will finally get the refreshing they need. eventful day then.  I remember getting rid of a sports car years ago...took photos of it from all angles.  Attached to that car more than any other. another sports car that day and it was better than my old one!!!!  So, you will have still have great memories of your little car

And, it will be cooler tomorrow...........


Monday was oppressively hot here, today was just hot. The weekend was lovely and relatively cool so lots of gardening got done. 

GG, I really think once a year is too often for cleaning a bedroom, I'd slow down on that if I were you


Nut- since you're here!

We found this moth when doing the fence - not me holding him - I'm not that brave yet!



GG- you'll miss your car. I remember being sad when I sold mine when I was pregnant. Stopped work the same day and sold my flat just after. Homeless, job-less, car-less and pregnant all at the same time....

Should have cut grass tonight as we've to get rain tomorrow too, but too tired after activities today.

Putting my feet up now.

Night all.


Sorry to let you down Fg, I don't know this one. I'll save him to my moth file and I know someone who will know.

nutcutlet wrote (see)

Sorry to let you down Fg, I don't know this one. I'll save him to my moth file and I know someone who will know.

That's ok nut . Haven't seen him since then but we've been busy, so might get a chance to have another look soon. Not feeling quite so stupid about them though - you were right!



that's good, that's quite a distinctive pattern on your moth, very nice. I don't think I've seen one of those here, it's quite distinctive, I think I'd remember the moth even if I couldn't remember the name


Hello folks - very tired Dove here - been watering - we've still had no rain.  Going to sleep now, see you tomorrow .... tomorrow is a day off !!! 

The potty gardener

Evening all.

I woke up thinking I had nothing much to do today.

Then son texted to say that he'll be away for almost 3 weeks so would I like to go to lunch. We went to local pub and had a really nice lunch. I asked him if he would be able to come and take down a bunker cupboard thing. He said he'd do it there and then. So he knocked it down and then with help of his brother we ook all rubbish to the tip. Then came back and had a little rearrange of the plants up by the house- the bit that comes into garden now has just shorter plants. Also trimmed the accuba a little. I am really pleased with what we did but will have another trip to the tip tomorrow with the rubbish produced.

Well really tired now so off to bed

after i got home from work i seem to have spent all my time chasing critters round the garden, my calendulas were clothed in tiny caterpillars and everything else is suffering at the hand of the greenfly !!!

although on the upside since i put some of my little lavenders in the greenhouse there seems to be a lot less nasties in there