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Yippee first folks. I won.  Doesn't  matter really .......but, I won

Busy at foodbank today.  So many people came and it's free meals for kids too for the next 6 weeks.

Bit cooler but pleasantly warm at about 25


Oh goodness!  Is it that time already?  I knew I was right not doing my manicure until this evening - I've just found some Aquilegia alpina seedpods perfectly ripe, so I've had to fill a seed tray and sow them, haven't I?  


Of course you have Dove. Dinner will be at whatever time it's cooked


Home again. Hacked away ar both phyladelphus/i/'s, lupin (which were so disappointing), most of foxgloves(sone left for seed), alchemilla and whatever else took my fancy. Loads of dead heading, some of which i did a la horizontalis. Planted camonile lawn last year and its gone mad! Not sure what im going ti do wirh it, flowering now as well! Tea and washing done too n not home til about 4pm.



Oops about a hundred typos there ... And not had a glass of wine yet !


Evening.  Anyone interested, have posted pm I have received from Daniel regarding the spam and glitches on 'No notifications etc' thread.

Gardening Grandma

Quite right, too, Nut and Dove!

Two hours after your entries tonight, no-one has shown up!! Must all be making the best of the garden.

I've been ordering shoes for Mr GG online- frustrating!!! Could have killed whoever designed the Clarks website. I wanted the shoes delivered to the local store but could not find the right button to click.  I complained and got a very polite phone call this evening which basically implied that I had simply missed the obvious. The awful thing is that its probably true.  

Also cleaned the little-used attic bedroom - a VERY rare occurrence. Got rid of lots of rubbish and feeling rather proud of myself.

Tomorrow my bro is moving in to his new house after returning to this country from abroad. Our day will be spent helping his family move in.  Not honestly looking forward to it but it will be nice to have him living relatively nearby. Last time I visited him, it took a 4 hour flight.

Was chatting to a neighbour this morning. He is a keen and skilled gardener. He told me my garden is the ideal cottage garden. Know it is untrue but it made my day!! 

Well, have a nice evening, all you phantom members of this website.

Gardening Grandma

Mrs G, that glass of wine is the reason I once got my onlline access to my bank account closed down. I made rather a lot of mistakes with my pin number.

MrsGarden wrote (see)

Oops about a hundred typos there ... And not had a glass of wine yet !

Evening all. Done very little today after work apart from going to B&Q etc. Didn't even slave over a hot stove! Think I'm due a bit of a rest.

About to watch Beechgrove as it's recorded.


We don't have it here GG

Oops -it was on earlier. Didn't have tv on!

Gardening Grandma

Is it on at a different time, FG?

TT, don't know if I am being thick, but where have you posted the pm?



Just for you GG.

Please be assured It isn't that gardeners warrant less attention than users of the other sites looked after by the dev team - it's simply that every single job that is submitted is assigned a priority, and all jobs are tackled in priority order. In addition to bug fixes, tweaks etc there are also major projects in progress (including new features of, which take up a great deal of time and resources.

I've chased these jobs up again - they haven't been forgotten and will be dealt with as soon as possible.

Regarding the spam, we do delete it as soon as it is reported, as well as monitoring the threads ourselves. We can't simply filter out the word 'kitchen', for example, as it's one that people will want to use legitimately in their forum posts. I've asked the team if they find a better solution than the one we currently have, though, so hopefully they will come up with something.




Evening everyone,

Still warm this evening,thunder again this afternoon,but no rain,so have just finished the evning watering.

Loads of dragonflys about,and flying ants have been taking off for some time,plenty of seagulls hovering around waiting for their supper.

The potty gardener

Evening all. My internet has been playing up again this evening. I've only just been able to get on.

I've done vey little again today. The sweetpeas are going mad. Pods forming so quickly. Had to take off 30 stalks with pods on today from one wigwam. It will be the same tomorow. I'm sure that usually there are not so many.

Have a good evening anyone who is around



Hello folks - we've been eating lime and coconut icecream - it's usually a weekend indulgence but I'm going away to The Gower for the weekend with son to a relly's birthday bash and OH has to stay here for work - he's also in charge of plant watering and hedgehog feeding duties!