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GG - it was on after Beechgrove but  I have that on series link on sky so it just records that. Didn't realise Tatton was on, but as I'm not a huge fan of 'shows'  I don't mind too much that I missed it. 

Dove -that ice cream sounds lovely ...yummm. Hope you get nice weather for your weekend.

pg- I noticed pods are forming more quickly than usual. Presumably the weather!

Tina -here's hoping things improve re the issues. For instance, I don't mind about no email notifications, but a lot of people do, and I think for new members it could be a little offputting till they find their way around.

Going to put my feet up now and try not to doze on settee like last night!


Evening forkers, evening all

Been watching Tatton park as well tonight forgot it was on as Monty said this last weeks show, noticed it when checking if GW on tomorrow on tv and looked and saw 2 of 2 and thought I had missed no 1 but looked today and found it on in the evening

Remember Tatton park on tomorrow night 7pm and GW 8.30 - 2 gardening shows then

Spring watch 9pm guide to butterflies and moths that might help ID that moth fairygirl, I did try and look but so many moths and could not find it

Rained a lot last night sure the plants were needing that - cooler today, I collected seeds last night lucky they were dry.

TT good you get replys all nice to know what is happening

Verdun - can I ask what sort of food is given out? how does it work?

Evening gardengirl

Bit disappointed again with Tatton show.....same obsession with "symbolism" and not enough about drooling over the plants.

The foodbank  gives out pasta, cereals, milk, fruit, canned meats,  tins of beans, peas, etc etc., ...all the basic foodstuffs. For first time today we gave out childrens' meals designed to give a balanced diet at lunchtime for 5 days a week for next 6 weeks. It is difficult because, as with all good ideas, there are some who take advantage and beat the system.  It is all based on a voucher obtained from charity, social, medical and church bodies.  At times the poverty some endure is alarming


Hard to follow Verdun on that sad note.

It's been so hot today 34° and still 31° at 9.30 this evening. We found OH's old air conditioner  and set it up in the bedroom. It was 27° in there. But I won't be able to sleep with it on, it's so noisy.

Veg is coming thick and fast from the garden now. Cucumber and tomatoes at lunch time, runner beans, carrots and potatoes this evening and raspberries. Strawberries tomorrow, but we are out to lunch with friends so it will have to be in the evening.

I may venture into busyL's garden tomorrow.....she is out and those strawberries are very, very tempting...........


Thanks Verdun, just wondering as well are they all pre packed or do they have to pick them off the shelves?  Me interested in what you do that is why the questions I ask. 

Tatton show nice train station themed garden and I guess I must be thinking solar system for the design of the front garden, they look similar to my ideas I have noted down

verdun - nice one with the strawberries

Busy-Lizzie hot where you are now - got cooler here now but still quite warm - oh can I have some of your runner beans as only one runner bean has climbed to the top of the canes and no flowers yet, slugs eat most, and tried to sow direct seeds not done as well.

Hiya garden girl

Re the foodbank. We pick them off the shelves according to lists of foodstuffs......we bag them according to 1 person right through to 6 or 8 sometimes.  

Funny yesterday, a helper with Aspergers has quickly cottoned on to the benefits of working in the kitchen.  He used to help with sorting food that came in. Now he dons an apron and spends his time drinking tea and eating biscuits.  He even had a roast turkey dinner was OAP subsidised lunches time..and he loved it. Teased him a bit but he thought it great fun that he had his meal and I didn't...."I win" he said.  Hard work there but lovely people with huge hearts..nice


Evening all. Good heavens, think I'm first. Verdun didn't make it over the Channel, the strawberries are still there!


Hi all, bit of moving things about today, really really want to move.alliums but MIL  came so sat chatting instead. Very hot again.

Wot?  Well whose strawberries were they then?   "over the channel"?  I thought you said "over the Gannel", a river down here near Newquay.  

Good evening everyone.  Been lovely here...bit humid at times. ,went to st Ives and visited a friend recovering from heart surgery there. Cadged a cuppa AND piececake birthday cake....actually ended up having 2 pieces

Planted out stocks in spare veg part......ex carrots !  Stocks and wallflowers go in veg patch in August /September  where they make large plants for placing in  ornamental beds

The potty gardener

Evening all. Been a lovely sunny hot day here. I've done plenty of lounging in the garden with a little deadheading (should that be two words?). Also decided to prune a few things back. Forecast not good for tomorrow

I will be out to water in a while.

Have a great evening and enjoy the weekend all


This morning did some tidying and pruning and deadheading of kitchen terrace, plants and shrubs I mean, not the terrace! Then we went out to lunch, lovely, haddock mousse and Coronation Chicken in Friend's shady garden, but very hot today. Did the watering then watched Tatton. Now it's 9.10pm, French time and it's still 31°. Gardener's World in 20 mins.

Gardening Grandma

Evening, everyone. Just back from Swansea, helping bro move in. Lovely older house, but needs a lot of work. I'm now shattered, but it was an enjoyable day. OH is watering the garden while I sit and supervise - can't be bad!  Next week we are going to make a start on bro's garden, while he is away, cutting down a couple of bushes, cutting back others and generally getting the borders ready for planting. If it is still as dry as this, I daren't plant anything because I know he will probably forget to water.

Potty and Busy, glad you had restful days. (With those names, you sound as though you ought to be the eighth and ninth dwarfs and join me in wearing a pointed hat and singing, 'Hi Ho, Hi Ho, as off to work we go.'  )

I'll get my coat...



Hi everyone, still 30C outside here (10.15pm), hardly moved today except to water in the morning. Could have watered the whole garden with the water that's running of me constantly. 35C expected tomorrow, don't know how I will survive!


Woodgreen wonderboy

Someone's got a bonfire in the village, smoke everywhere... evening ruined for many in their gardens, some of whom have worked hard all week ( and rain expected tomorrow) IDK


GG I'm Liz really so Lizzie would be better than just Busy!

Pennine Petal

Evening, good day in the garden, but didn't do as much as I should have, too hot for me. Just caught up with Tatton and watched some athletics. Tired out now, not long before I will be in bed, must be my age

Nothing major planned for tomorrow except shopping and gardening.  Got to call at the GC, bound to spend too much.


GG, sounds like you have a task on there!

Evening all, even though I am meant to be resting I collected some seeds from the garden (mallow and scabia) and cut down the red campion as it has finished flowering.  Watched Tatton and GW, loved the ducks in the bath, and the other five were well designed.

GG - before and after pictures of the garden, if possible, please.

Verdun - cake!!

WW - what a shame that some people just can't hold on until others have finished in the garden before starting bonfires.

Pennine Petal - off to GC - get something for me, plantwise.  Really missing out on getting around.  Silly pain.


John Harding

Evenin all: had a very busy day today: did some watering early on, picked some courgettes, lettuces and rocket. Did a BBQ this evening for Daughter, SIL, and 2 G/Daughters + SIL's parents. Made Gordon Ramsay's sticky pork ribs, my home made burgers with Gruyere cheese in middle, Gluten free sausages, Piece of topside beef marinaded in Teriyaki marinade and cooked on the BBQ rotisserie, then potato & turnip patties with fresh herbs from garden . Made some fresh coleslaw with carrots, onion, white cabbage, sweet peppers, sultanas, Jazz apple, Creme Fraiche, mayo plus juice & zest of a lime (delicious). Then made a salad with baby toms, Lollo Rossa lettuce, cucumber & fresh wild rocket. In all a very pleasant evening sitting in the garden in the sunshine until 8.30.

Pic taken by OH


Tired now so going to bed!