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Night fidget. I'll put the lights out


first this morning!! Morning all, it's going to rain later so I'm off out in the garden.  Sorry I've not been on but catching up on all the posts last night it seems I wasn't missed so no harm done  Have a great day everyone!!


haha just realised where I've posted this what an idiot



Lovely happy faces John.

Daisy see you on Morning thread

Gardening Grandma

Evening, all!  We did absolutely nothing today except sit at a pavement cafe near the dea and drink tea and then visit SIL. Too exhausted after yesterday! It is now raining wuite heavily and garden is getting the soaking it needs.


I'm so excited. It's raining, heavily. Still have the door open and the fresh smell is just wonderful.

Daisy, you are definitely one of us.

Will get back to my on-line shopping.

Hi GG.


Evening all.

Steady day today, deadheading, tweeking & podding more peas. Weather kinder, about 25C and some cloud on and off. Storm brewing and heavy rain due so saucers upturned.

Made lamb rogan and a veg curry. Will have later. Big responsibility tomoz for 5 days, Malteser & Sparkle in my care...G.pigs next door. Got written instructions from 8 yr old, breakfast is 8.30am to 9am.  Not on a Sunday me thinks. Tea 4.30pm to 5pm.

Had to go around and prove competence at lifting & handling, passed, only just, one back leg on Sparkle not correctly positioned at first lift  

In the instructions it states that they can be home in 2hrs in an emergency.

Me thinks I'd better take a picture of them tomorrow in case I need to replace either.

Have a good evening all.


Nothing ike 8 year olda for precisiion 


KEF and Daisy  

I want to know where our invites from John were - food sounded marvellous! Will have to have words...

Was looking for this thread but kept getting sidetracked by other ones 

Been outside all day as weather has been really pleasant. Potted up my new Bramleys  and the other tomato, deadheaded and fed things, pottered in general and shifted things around.  Most enjoyable!

GG - keep meaning to ask you how your sweet peas are? Did you get any luck with them? Mine have been flowering well and it's lovely having them in the house.

Has anyone heard from Frank ? (Palaisglide) He's not been on recently. Hope he's alright. 

Girls away so raided the fridge for bits and bobs for dinner. Leftover bit of pizza, strawberries, cherries and lemon yogurt. Not on the same plate though... 

Cup of tea now. 

John Harding

Fairygirl wrote (see)

"Been outside all day as weather has been really pleasant. Potted up my new Bramleys  and the other tomato, "

Fg: you had another one? !!!



John Harding

Been raining steadily here since about 3.30pm and has just stopped. Went down the garden and filled buckets and watering cans with water and the water butts are now filled to overflowing. Grass is much greener and the 'crop circle' has gone (thankfully).

Picked some more tomatoes from the greenhouse (It's only the 'Red Alert' that are ripening at present) Apero and Country Taste all still green but the Country Taste are more than 4 inches dia. Apart from the 6 CTs I had to pick off because they'd gone a funny colour they are doing very well. I finally came to the conclusion the 6 had succumbed to the heat as they were fully exposed to the sunlight whereas the others had some shade from the leaves.

I do have some green GH shading but it's difficult to secure over an octagonal GH - I think I'll make something bespoke for next year as I don't like the paint on stuff. We also have a number of small frogs hopping around the graden and in & out of the greenhouse: keeps the smaller slugs under control and the grand children love to see them.

The potty gardener

Evening all.

KEF I hope you look after those GP correctly

Haven't done anything in garden today but we finally had some rain. A little in the afternoon then a storm but that was over within about 20 mins. Still enough to give me an evening off watering.

I hope the weather clears up for tomorrow



GP instructions made me lol!! Particularly the bit about returning home in an emergency

Rain came - like TT, loved the way it smelled!

Hoping for the sun back 2morrow - got 10 for lunch to celebrate FiL's 80th birthday - otherwise it will be BBQ-ing under a brolly...



John - I was keeping that one a secret....

Actually it was the only one I hadn't potted on into it's final big pot. Been busy with the fence so I hadn't quite got round to it and it was looking a bit sad! The Red Alert toms are ripening like mad - have you found them to be differing sizes John? I've had some that are like a good size plum and others that are like cherries. They've been a bit variable in taste but on the whole quite good. Plenty of fruits on them anyway. The shading's tricky isn't it? I've just got those little growhouses and I wondered about putting some cover on them. I open them fully as much as possible but some mornings they've been sweltering by the time I get to them so I wonder if  maybe that extra heat accounts for the random sizes. Had to make mesh doors to stop the magpies getting in and nicking them! You'll probably make something brilliant and next year it'll be cold and miserable and you won't be able to use it. Sod's Law! 

Rain's on now and it's time for bed so no 'sniffing' for me....!

Night all. Sweet Dreams 


Evening all.

Hello newbies on Morning thread

Not done any gardening today, too wet under foot, unless you count rescuing my pot of "extra" Cosmos purity. About 11am this morning the wind suddenly got up and off the patio step it went, in bits

Currently changing from bright hot sun to tipping down rain, in space of fifteen or so minutes, and being doing this for last 2 hrs. Reminded me of the post from the lady in Brazil who was trying to keep her Grandma's Lavender alive, wonder how she got on.

Had family gathering earlier and "escaped" couple of hours ago and got lamb roasting in oven with garlic, wine( don't read that bit puncdoc) lemon & oregano. Our produce,spuds with applemint, peas, french beans & gotta have courgettes. 

When I say escaped, Mum has small conservatory, no one wanting to be in the actual house & weather doing the above, so kindly came home to make room. As family staying over for a few days I will see them in the week.

Best get off and baste the lamb. Have a good evening all.


i can smell the lamb from here . chicken phall  on the menu tonight from manchesters best curryhouse the saffron . prestwich


How can the weekend be over already !

Family lunch went off fine (found hoover!).  Like KEF, we have been mix of sunshine and showers, so kept moving in and out.

Not so busy next weekend, so I will have to apply myself to some of the weeds that are springing up.  Have posted some pics of my flower beds on the Gallery thread.  Now off to start the watering routine ..... might pop back later.


archie, Sat is curry night here, but you've got my taste buds going..Phall !! Do you also eat raw chillies?