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a hot night to come then cooler tomorrow.I love retirement. work would have been too much today. the temperature wasn't as high as we had one day last week (or the week before) but it felt hotter 


Evening all. I'm enjoying the cooler weather after the high temperatures recently. Only problem is we're getting lots of rain to go with it! Saves on the watering though.


GG you take it easy or you'll be bushed like I am today. It's strange when we're just 27 isn't it? Dove never mentioned she was retiring...not that I can recall anyway....

Tina- re your Dad's saws. Could you get some of them cleaned up and display them in the house, or are they not 'pretty' enough?


Evening all,

What a hot day!,hottest so far this year,too hot to do anything in the garden,so I,m afraid its back to the Pimms,what a hard life


Evening.  Hmm, think that could be a bit dangerous FG. May be a bit too handy.

Dove retiring?  Noooooo, never.

MrsG, the night is young and your on your hols.  Where are you exactly?

Wish it was a bit cooler here.  Still very humid. Son said it was unbearable in London today and was thankful for the aircon. Fortunately he has his motorbike to go to and fro. Plenty of fresh air there!

The potty gardener

Evening all.

Had a very strenious day keeping the lounger down.

I have watered the plants, not just hot but windy too.

Enjoy you evening everyone



pg - quite right too! These loungers get up to no good if they're not used... 

Weary tonight even thoughI've done very little, so going to relax.

Night everyone. Sleep well 


boiling day here too - but meant to be a one day only heatwave.  Sat outside til after dark and watched the bats darting around.  Nearly the weekend


Night everyone. Don't contribute much to this thread as not on here often enough but like reading what everyones been up to 

Gardening Grandma

Evening all. Just bumping up this thread a bit early.

Been to bro's house in Swansea, after lovely lunch on tesco points and a glorious walk with the dogs in Clyne gardens. Bro's away and only one of his sons was there, using the house while his parents are away. It was 2.30 and I got him out of bed. Cleared up yesterday's takeaway, washed his beer glass and threw away his rubbish. Thanked heaven my son is 40 and married! Called at GC on the way home and got two nearly free plants on my loyalty points - a lovely pink monarda and a deep pink helenium.

When it gets a bit wetter and cooler, will start diving some of my tougher pants for bro's garden. Took a look at the wisteria stumps and tried to work out how to kill it all. Hmmm....


'Tougher Pants GG. What are they like?

I'm having problems with the forum at present.  Is anyone else?  Threads not bumping up, if you know what I mean.

Finished the shed and cleared up all the mess I made and it was very warm. Had enough for one day and now feel very achey. 

Pennine Petal

Evening all, just come back from a lovely few days in the north east, came back through the Yorkshire Dales. Unfortunately fell and hurt my ankle while up there so hobbling around now. At least it was on the last day there.

Managed to get up the garden when I got back, not much change, some more roses coming out. We went to Alnwick Garden and sae a wonderrosé orange rose Jude the Obscure with a heavenly scent.

Gardening Grandma

Sorry to hear you hurt yourself, PP. Jude the Obscure is an absolutely gorgeous rose! Wish I had room for one.

TT, tougher pants are the ones I wear when I want to look OK in a pencil skirt. However, I won't be planting any of those in the Swansea garden - and unfortunately I can't grow them in my garden, either. Have to pay for them.

I've had problems getting this thread to update, too. Good tip to hit F5, TT. Perhaps you'd better hit nothing else until those aches and pains go away. 


hot threads appears to be working but not the others.


Is there something wrong with the site again? Some very odd things happening to posts. 

Trying this to see if it appears!


That was strange- when I was writing that - none of the other posts this evening were there!

GG- it's 'ranty pants' you could have done with today  by the sound of it.  You're far too good...

Have you got a suitable spot earmarked for your nice new  plants? 

Everyone's working too hard  - or playing too hard (PP -hope you're ok) I'm not taking any chances ...was going to cut grass but will leave it I think and put my feet up. The shopping 'mall' to get school stuff was way more effort than I can deal with! 



Agree there is something strange going on - liberal use of F5 required.  How come the problems always start on a Friday evening, and then cannot get any attention til Monday ?  Is it the same law that says that dropped toast always lands butter side down?


The F5 button works when it feels like it.  I know I'm Mrs Busybody, but I have sent a message to Daniel as this needs to be sorted asap, unless it rights itself.

Pencil skirts. That brings back memories GG, especially the ones that tapered to the knees. Had to get on the train sideways.


Just a quick message to everyone -there's a programme about the bee problem on after G'sWorld tonight which should be interesting. Since this doesn't seem to working well tonight I'm going to try doing a new thread in case people don't know it's on. May not work but worth a shot. 


F5 is just a browser shortcut for 'refresh page' on a PC keyboard, fidget.  You should find a refresh button to click on whatever browser on whatever phone/pad/etc you're using.