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Thanks Chicky.

Just noticed two butternut squash growing,loads of flowers so there may be a couple more,first time of growing them,so it will be interesting to see how they develop.

Gardening Grandma

Evening all. Just got in from bro's where I've been putting in another day's hard labour. Now sort of watching 'Love your garden.' Too sleepy to concentrate. Three rooms now organised, four haf-way there, but I'm having a couple of days off now to look after my own place.

Goodnight all.



Good evening everybody!

Was just wondering a while back, has anyone heard from Alan19, he hasn't appeared for quite a while, hope he's ok.

Verdun, sounds like you've had quite a downpour in your neck of the woods, hope you haven't been flooded out! It never rains but it pours!

Glad the site is normal again, the techies must have been playing around, settings don't just change by themselves.

Hoping it gets a bit cooler here tomorrow, not much fun gardening in 33C.

Have a good evening everyone.


Hello everyone - home from work - only one more day to go and I'm on Annual Leave again until Tuesday   Four courgettes (the first of the season) picked and ready for supper tomorrow.  Runner beans will soon be ready.  Marais de bois perpetual strawberries are still fruiting well and there's enough to make a healthy contribution to my breakfast on most mornings.  I bought three little chilli plants a while ago - they're all absolutely covered with chillies and more are forming -I like summer 



Nothing better than picking your own veg,and nothing tastes better, Dove


Dove, just a reminder.  You're retiring soon, dont forget.

Swiss sue...some heavy rain and flood damage in some places but it's been lovely today

You deserve some rest gardening have been working hard

Been so busy at foodbank today but we have almost run out of food.  Mostly it's good but we were caught out today by couple of scammers.  They used vouchers in different foodbanks somehow amd each for families of 10 so they did well.  We know them now so they will get nothing more.  I even trollied their supplies to their car for them!!!   Doesn't put me off though cos most of the families need this help


Verd- how sad do people have to be that they're scamming foodbanks?

Sue-  I think Alan's having a break just now before the return to school next week 

KEF- daughter's results didn't appear- asked the postman and he said someone else nearby had asked him too so he was going to ask his boss. Hope they appear tomorrow!

I'm off all next week Dove - hope it doesn't rain the entire time or I'll be taking the fence down to make a raft!

The potty gardener

Evening all.

Have had a lovely day deadheading then lazing in the sun.

Watched "Love your Garden" thought of you Fairy putting in all those posts. Then having to paint it all. Think there was a somewhat bigger team to do it than you and your daughter though.

Was pleased that I'd managed to loose 4Lb at fat club this evening.

I've now got to find the pics that have been refered to on here.



Mine's slightly less purple though!  Glad you've had a nice restful day 


Glad to see forum is working properly again - thank you Daniel (I'm sure he follows the forked threads .  My F5 key is feeling bereft of attention.  Got too late for watering tonight, so will have to get up early tomorrow instead.  Best go get some shut eye!

Stacey Docherty

Evening potty Gardner well done on yesterday's loss lol @ fat club..... I am doing the 5:at diet at the mo and I have to say its dropping off me hurrah....gardening helps great work out!! well all gardening went out the window today as I had to tend to a sick chicken, it's the dreaded sour crop again I think we lost one 6 weeks ago so lucky I still have the meds. They are old 4-5 now so...... Got o prepare for a garden full of toddlers tomorrow so am baking and proving pizza dough tonight ..... Enjoy your evening everyone laters..... Oh I did manage to buy an ace windmill/sculpture and bird table of acicha today can't wait now!


Evening all,

Congratulations on being first PG

Lovely warm and sunny day,did battle with the wisteria tendrils as I had planned,it was touch and go for a while,but I won!!........vent in greenhouse is now free and working again,and also managed to clear some tendrils which had tried to get through the fence panels.

Noticed what Verd said yesterday about the food bank scammers,we have a new foodbank opening about 4 miles away this week,another is about six miles in the other direction,it seems that so many more people are in need,it is such a shame if people manage to abuse the sytem.


Hi all.

Stacey what's sour crop? Good luck with toddlers tomorrow, have fun.

Gilly well done, have a rest

Fairy hope results ok???

Did my cuttings today, forgot footing powder which was strategically placed so I didn't forget...rippsd them out and powdered them and put back in. Oh well.

Stacey Docherty

Evening Mrs gardenit's our crop is a fungal infection what stops the food in the crop passing to digestion. I lost my fave chook ( rip nando!) about 6 months ago its paxo that's got it now..... I am actually wondering if its cause they are getting at bamboo.... Lol panda chickens.......... They are old so circle of life n all but hate to think of any animal suffering



Evening all. Bit late on here for me but was outside and then got dinner etc.

Daughter's results arrived- address hadn't been updated properly by the school  so they'd been sent to last address 

She did fine- passed everything and had a selection of grades from A's to D's - 2 of each - so not too much to worry about! More chocolate was consumed though! Thanks for all the kind comments and support 

Police still round the corner at the house of the gunman involved in yesterday's shooting up here. The owner of the place where it happened was killed. He was a regular customer at the eq. centre where I work - they get their rosettes from us - and we also know some of the gunman's family -his sister was a regular customer at the saddlery shop we have.

Not very nice.

Hope everyone's had a good day.

GG- you're working too hard. You need another little holiday 


That sounds dreadful FG , hope you feel safe.

Good news for daughter though.

Stacey Docherty

FG well donate to your daughter.... I haven't watched the news today so haven't heard  about this poor you... stay safe


Well done mini-FG

Dreadful to hear you were connected to that tragedy first hand.  Always assume these things happen to "other" people - so sobering when you realise that that is not always the case.  Difficult times ahead.

Sunset caught up on me again - more watering at dawn required


FG are you on any other horsey forums? I'm near Exeter. but know horsey people from other forums I'm on who live very near the shooting too.