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No tcm. I don't go on any others. Where I work is where I worked for 20 years after I left school. I left when I had my girls and went back 7 years ago after doing something else. I work in the rosette company. I used to produce the show and WHP ponies/horses for my employers so travelled about a bit to all the shows. Haven't ridden since I was pregnant with oldest daughter who's now 19. 


Hello folks - used to do horsey/pony stuff too, but haven't kept any since children were teenagers.  I last rode 4 years ago - trekking across Exmoor 

Absolutely kn*ckered this evening so will say goodnight sweet dreams, see you in the morning folks 

Today and tomorrow are the Bakewell Show. Lots and lots of little Thelwell cartoon characters trotting around town today. The horticultural tent filled with the longest leeks, the biggest beetroot, and of course the proudest parsnip grower et al.

They were lucky to have a fine dry day with not too much sun. Tomorrow the same with any luck.


Night Dovey. I'm off to bed too - hope I don't have any strange dreams tonight - last night I was spending time with Elton John and David in their trendy penthouse flat....

Don't ask...must have been something I ate! 


Must have been one seriously spicy curry  Was he wearing his sparkly jacket??



Evening all, bit late I know.

KEF thank you for wondering about me. Family all left on Monday, 19 for lunch on Sunday, including 8 small children!

Have done the odd post on other threads but the evening one is meal then chat time once children were in bed.

Slept 10 hours last night!

I gave up riding while the children were growing up. Have ridden regularly until this year. Am getting stiffer in the joints and first it rained non-stop then it was in the 30s and I'm a bit of a fair weather rider now I'm in my 60s. I have 2 Lusitano mares, but only ride one, other is too nervy now I'm older.She's taken early retirement at 18!

I'm soooooooooo happy.  First again.  First!  How about that?  I won't make a speech or thank too many people.  Suffice to say thank you for my award.  It is richly deserved

So, good evening everyone.  Hot today but rain has arrived albeit light.   Got to rush to ensure ,my first place


Aren't we good to you waiting for you to get first. But last night you were 7th not 5th I counted!

Evening all


I.m happy with Third

But congratulations to todays winner Verdun, disappointed no speech. 

Stacey Docherty

Evening all.... Well the garden survived the hoard of toddlers today but I'm exhausted!!! Got OH to take us out for ice cream when he got hom ( I can't drive ATM due to my brain surgery!) how cunning was I as the best place happens to be at the garden centre.... Verdun bought another echinacea.... Bit gutted though cause I forgot I already had a yellow one it's a Cheyenne spirit which I thought was more russet but hey it's got 12 flower heads dust opening so I will walk it around the bed to see where it looks good... Verdun please give me tips on growing them I love them to bits but normally kill them over winter! 


Good evening all, Hope you have all had a nice day. I've been removing the bedding plants that was on the turn. Next year I need to be ready with replacements. Also decided to do a Carol Klein and put a top layer of gravel in most of my pots. 


These newer echinaceas are trickier.  As I understand it, pathogens are the cause of many echinaceas to simply die in the winter.  Apparently not so much the cold or wet, although they will damage them.

I've learned a bit.  The new hybrids.....I also bought cheyenne but a red one.....need to build up a good sized root system before they flower.  All that I bought before midsummer were cut back to deny flowering.  I either potted on or planted out, if they were of good size, into enriched soil and watered well.  They are now flowering well amd with plenty of buds to come.  Those that I considered might survive the winter.....summer sky, sundown, white swan, hot Papya, marmalade, sunrise, etc. have made impressive amd tall clumps now. 

Many of the new varieties were prone to wilting as soon as flower heads formed.  This again was because the root system was too small.  Allowing them to flower later overcame this problem.

I used to think echinaceas were "prairie" plants and therefore needed hot dry comditions.  However, they do need some moisture as well as sun.  

Gardening is a constantly learning process, isn't it?  I try hard not to lose plants and if I do I try to find out why


Evening all.

Did Verd get an Oscar? Did he cry? Did I miss it???

I do that with my pots too Zombie especially the small ones to prevent moisture loss. The big ones which have phormiums, or similar, in them always look better dressed with a nice layer of gravel. 

Could just do with an ice cream Stacey. What flavour did you have?


Evening all. Weeded in Veg garden today. OH has just gone to England until Tuesday. Just had a Snickers ice cream. But had home grown Gazpacho soup first for the healthy option.


BL that's ok - the Snickers doesn't count if you had healthy soup!

I just read chicky's post from last night- didn't have anything which could have prompted that odd dream -and no, he didn't have his sparkly jacket on!

Or his 'piano' glasses - they were my favourites, apart from the ones that read 'zoom'! 


Tracey Oakley

Evening all, Hope you've all been busy in your gardens.! I only managed a bit of weeding and dead heading this afternoon.  My ground cover roses are doing well this year but i find the flowers don't last long, so dead heading every day ! Picked and ate some of our Enorma runner beans- very nice too. I always enjoy the first meal with them, shop bought just are'nt the same are they ? Off to Shrewsbury Flower Show in the morning, i believe Chris Beardshaw will be there, night folks


Never grown Gazpacho soup BL,is it from seed or bulbs?


Evening all - home from our day out at Houghton Hall - wonderful paintings by Rembrandt, Velasquez, Murillo, Poussin, Frans Hals and a wonderful flower painting by Jan van Huysum  amongst many others.

A very good lunch followed, then we wandered through the wonderful walled garden - the weather was wonderful, the scent of the roses, honeysuckle and lavender filled the air, and I've never seen as many bumble bees as I saw today on one bed of lavender.  

There were some very healthy looking plants for sale, and I fell for a gorgeous hemerocallis Summer Wine a lovely soft pinky-purple.  However the chap who should've been taking the money was busy helping a chap transfer from a wheelchair to an electric buggy so he could get about a bit better on the gravel - in the time it took him to deal with that, I was seduced by a Sedum Spectabile - I think it's Autumn Joy.

Now where on earth am I going to put that hemerocallis?  The sedum can stay in its pot on the terrace until I've got the new bed in the front garden dug -should be ready for planting by next spring - but can I find a spot in the sunnier end of The Shady Bank for Summer Wine?



Course you can Dove!

Glad you had such a lovely day. Couldn't you just have sneaked a nice painting or two up your jumper as well to bring home....

I love the Sedums- I have quite a few Autumn Joy - all the bits I rescued from bunnies which have grown into nice plants now. Used to have quite a few different ones- 'Brilliant' is a nice strong pink, and I liked the white one (Iceberg) but you don't see it so often in GCs. They're so easy to propagate and great for bees and butterflies.

Hemerocallis summer wine would look great in front of a blue agastache dove. Or next to a caryopteris like sterling silver with its silvery foliage.  Or a blue salvia like Amistad. If you like sedums check out Frosty Morn.  I have a nice one called Posties Pride, a darker neater form of purple emperor.  Only prob with sedums is they are a delicacy for slugs n snails.........