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Brumbull wrote (see)
Tee tee please come back ........... X

Fairy .... Wine ? Never ......... It's the sun, not used to it!

Know what you mean about the sun brum..just weather beaten here!


Hello folks  I'm home, fed and watered and sitting on the sofa .  I've been out into the garden and brought my little tomatoes back indoors from the mini greenhouse where they've been in the sunshine all day.  I checked all my seeds think the digitalis might be just about to germinate  

I've watered the blood-red wallflowers in their pots, they're just beginning to come into bloom and I walked along the edge of the Shady Bank, seeing all the perennials peeking through the soil and hand-weeding the little cleavers and bird's eye that are daring to make an appearance.  Putting gritty sand around the delphiniums as they started growing seems to have kept the slugs and snails at bay (fingers crossed) so let's hope the same trick works for the hostas 

Oh, my arm's fine - thanks to all your positive vibes 


Gardengirl - loads of plants from one clump!  Are they all going back in the same place or are you planning to spread them around?


Ohhh geee fanks. Did read about gardening by the moon but I have enough difficulty gardening by the sun. 

Fairygirl, you can't garden in the pouring rain.  I'm the lazy Mary as I only garden when the weather is good.  Don't do seeds or anything like that, but I enjoy what I do.  If I have to wear anything other than trousers and a top, I don't venture out.  Think it's going to be good tomorrow and the wind is going to drop.  Do hope so.


Dove, meant to ask, was the bread gritty?



 No complaints so far, and we had some of it toasted with soup for supper 

Chicky - might spread a bit around but mainly going back in same place just in a raised bed. There was a big hole in the middle where it had all grown around the edge.

Also been up to the local train station where I volunteer there to check on the garden - done a small bit of weeding

Fairygirl, sure you are doing great gardening, I still feel behind - loads of bits to do yet


Gardengirl- I'm hoping to get measuring finished tomorrow as it's to be better as Tina says. I was fighting a losing battle with the wind on Tuesday and yesterday was dire. Today was better but I did quite a bit indoors as it was still very windy and heavy showers  It's just very frustrating! Will get a bit more done in shed too as I need it organised. Once I get my drawing done I can think about what I want in the garden- but I know I won't be able to decide!!

Hope everyone that's been unwell is getting better.

Maud hope your Dad is doing alright. It's very stressful for you.

Dove did you say soup...and bread...? 


Hi, I just thought I would have a look at this thread and see whats going on... and then I read something about gardening by the moon and some Egyptian making bread... I thought I left that behind on another forum thread.  Guess not then.  It must be the fact we are all waiting for the weather to settle down and become more like the Spring we have missed.


Hi sterelitza - don't know about moons and Egyptians, but I made some bread 

The potty gardener

Evening all. Laptop has been playing up and I've had a stupid bug which has stopped me doing anything but lie aroung complaining and lots of visits to smallest room in the house. Doc says I should feel better by Mon orTues- I can't wait that long. there was beautiful sunshine today and I just wanted to get out. Only one edge of garden to feed and mulch now.But last thing I did before getting bug was mulch plants with manure and I don't wear gloves! So really didn't think I should get on 'till I'm feeling better.

Pics showing the tidying up and rearranging I did on Monday. Got a new water thingy to replace one of those pebble things. Will be connected up sometime next week




Gardengirl, I am amazed at the size of the roots on your plants. How deep will they have to be planted. You have been really busy chopping them up.

Hey TT, BB and everyone else, just to let you know I'm back in town :P Glad that TT stuck around.. I knew brumbull would, he's like a bad penny, always turns up! Nice to see Dove too, and nice to see forum continuing after the sabotage  actions.. Anyways enough of that rubbish, I've currently done all the dahlias (including the xxxl ones from t&m arrived yeasterday, will be taking cuttings for first year!) now hammering every other seed in the cupboard!! Take care and g luck with your gardening.

It is much better with notifications easier to see if others have been on thread you are on.

Sterelitza - will plant same as they came out of ground about 6" - 8" to 10" deep they don't need to deep in the ground.

Bev - liking all your plant pot colours, gnomes nice lot there, Chelsea flower show letting them in this year I think I read somewhere



Oh good, BB, you found everyone. Very nice to have you back. We are stalwarts.

Going to have a bit of education now and watch Question Time. The education is how to evade answering questions.

The potty gardener

Nice to see you back BB. Just today I got around to ordering 13mm tube so I can sort out watering system.

Gardengirl- afraid I do like gnomes etc. It will be interesting to see if many are in fact used at chelsea. Getting notifications really does help me keep up.


TY for the welcome backs :P Have to get my new pics up, the 400 or so bulbs are finally sorting themselves out!

Yep welcome back BrummieBen
Can you keep Brumbull in check?
He's pinched my "I'll get my coat" slogan. Ha ha
Woodgreen wonderboy

Hi everyone, have been a bit busy and have lost the will...I have the lurgii...there's a lot of it about. Have just turned down invite to lunch tomorrow..unknown!!

Actually pottered a bit and did some easy jobs rather than collapse indoors, which is where I now am. Tomorrow is village plantsale but not sure if I can get past the front door. I hope I can do a bit. Will update tomorrow.