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Stacey Docherty

Lol can I borrow her verd to show my husband !!!!!

Actually......sssh!  I know how to do it but it's frustrating job so I just plead incompetence.  

Been an absolutely glorious day here today.  Picked and gave away,beans, Beetroot and carrots.  Picked blueberries and tomatoes.  What a bounty from a wonderful time of year.

On another thread someone has a dying conifer.  I'm planning what to plant up when I remove a picea albertiana conica in September.  It's looking fine I guess but it's had it's day and I want to "excite" that area a little.  It's already a partly new bed with lots of astrantias, grasses, agastaches, hostas, and a superb Taxus standishii amd Acer garnet.  Want to complete it now.  Gardening is always moving's what makes it,so exciting.


Apologies Birdy13 only just seen your question about Iris. Is it OK if I reply on Good morning tomorrow as a bit late now

Evening Forkers,

Have been doing some seed sowing today, lots of grasses.  Wasn't Gardeners World nice with all those grasses? What a great sound to have in the garden

I must say quiet on here tonight  well evening all 

The potty gardener

Evening all.

Very quiet on here tonight.

Weather was rubbish today drizzly rain most of day but not proper rain.

Three of my children came today to give a major clear up- bits belonging to all of them. Four loads, with back seats down, to the tip and more to go tomorrow.

I hope weather improves so I can get out for a while tomorrow.

Nothing from Tina today- or have I missed it?



hello folks.

Been moving all the babies today to make space for the next stage of house painting. Then I get to move them all back again when it's done. Maybe I'll do some proper gardening tomorrow

No Tina not been on here tonight prob been doing a lot and knackered- not sure if she is on morning forkers as I am not there 

Where is Woodgreen wonderboy?

Stacey you have been busy buying all those seeds

Stacey Docherty

Good evening all.... Well managed to get to x3 garden centres today and although I got "stuff" I didn't find what I was looking for... Am after astrantia seeds I know I can get online but I wanted some plants to get the seeds from... No joy  slightly concerning one garden centre guy ( ok he did look about 15) said he had never heard of them and they weren't a specialist centre!!!!!!!! Got a bed hoed managed to Get x6 white foxgloves out of the herb bed while trimming the thyme ( thanks monty I did wonder when to do that!) and finished pruning the wisteria Which is being devoured by slugs or snails  copper tape next me thinks.... Mr D even did his bit and turned over the compost heap.... Lo found a mini wheel barrow in one of the gc and pushed it all round, Santa please note!!!! Well thyme and garlic chicken and red wine time for me.... Enjoy your evening peeps .

Stacey Docherty

Oh and garden maiden got your seeds today wow thank you will post you some of mr d's chilli sauce ( it's a hot one this time used last years dried chillies!!) 


Stacey...slappy hands not 6pm.   Detention for you.

 But Hello  

Soz Verd you're not first

Stacey Docherty

It's my evening!!! Evening starts when lo is in the bath!!!! Sorry 

Evening all

Here is some from Parham House and Garden I visited last Sunday

Nice full flower beds 

Bees are loving the sunflowers in this pic

Really like the white and blue flowers

Hollyhock large very good for back of border

What an amazing view in this bit of the garden

Here is a pic of a large caterpillar moved really fast across the path 

and here is a butterfly the garden is a great world for insects

another great view really like the plant colours here 

oh and all these plants I ended up buying that are in the trollies and even a few bits in a bag, mainly for the front garden. What a lot of lugging plants around and feet were sore from all the walking 

Here is a pic of brunnera macrophylla jack frost - that I brought and a butterfly on it already in my back garden

Here is my plants from Stacey Docherty Thank you very much labelled with you name ready to go to the station in the next couple of weeks. What I think they are is Crocosmia is that right stacey?  

Well been raining here today and a bit windy as well

Stacey Docherty

ooooo they travelled well, yes Hun they are and they are a nice russet orange colour.... Enjoy 


Gardengirl, you've seen the elephant hawkmoth caterpillar as well. I had all those moths and never seen one


Well I didn't buy anything from Bargain Garden's ebay shop tonight - that's for sure.... 

Apologies to all as reporting these 'clowns' unbalanced the site because it was all posted on the Garden Design topic and the current, genuine queries got pushed down. Hopefully everyone will get back on the threads they want. Annoying when it's been quite spam free recently.

Rained a lot here today but got some things done later- grass cut and a piece of old fence removed which wasn't required.

Will now have a cup of tea and chocky bicky 



Great pics Gardengirl - will put Parham on my list of gardens to visit soon.  Wash out on garden front here today, but have high hopes for tomorrow. Need to plant aconitums ( hopefully too noxious for critters) echinops ( too spiky) plus some others in the safety of my "cage".

Had a man come round yesterday with a view to helping us dig a pond. If it comes to anything I will be sooooo excited.  Watch this space

Nutcutlet - thanks I did not know what it was - looks really pretty though

Stacey - thats good need some orange in the train station garden

I potting up the other day some red dogwood which I cut earlier in the year and put in a bucket of water as someone said on another thread and it rooted nicely - that will be going to the station,  I have been looking around the garden seeing what can taken to be planted in the station garden as large garden and needs lots of plants to fill and not allowed to spend much money on it

computer messing around again typed out then all gone - well typed out again


Well done Fairygirl - I nobbled one of them but you were too quick off the mark for me to be of much use!  Sounds like real tatt doesn't it?

Chicky - I'm planning a pond too - the builders have got some work to do over the winter and I thought I'd use their muscle to do the worst of it   What sort of pond are you thinking of?


I seem to have been picking things all day. Sweetcorn for starters.  I made a frittata with potatoes , french beans, courgettes, onions, and tomatoes. I picked more blackcurrants- I must be up to about 20ib. The blackberries have started , and a few  raspberries left and the odd red gooseberry, and a few early worcester apples, ready to make pie. I'm just waiting for the puff pastry to defrost.

 Sheridan next door is on a health kick. From living her life in a flat in the inner city, and eating processed food, she is now on a healthy eating programme. Running up and down the garden for exercise.  Eating real food grown in the garden, ( " so tasty"), but shes still terrified of all the dangerous frogs and bees in the garden. Slowly, slowly, she's learning. She says she loves sweetcorn, but she's never tasted it picked and cooked within the hour. A revelation to come.

Stacey Docherty

Garden girl im probably going to dig more up if you want more!!! It looks great with lavender but I have let it go a wee bit mad out front!!