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Never doubted you were anything else Fairygirl  

GillyL wrote (see)

Never doubted you were anything else Fairygirl  


How hot is very hot to all you folks who live in England? 32° in Dordogne today. No rain for over 2 weeks, then we had a huge storm and before that the rain was in June. At least we had a good start as it rained all the time in April and May!


Just been reading morning thread- well done to young chicklet, chicky! Always a relief when it comes good isn't it? 

Busy....temp in my garden at 3 today registered 32.  Mind you it's a walled garden and sheltered.  However, everyone was sweltering locally.  I think we prob had same sort of rainfall here too.....

I do love heat, ESP as I am so near the beach but we are invaded by the english af the moment.!!!



Perhaps introducing passport control at the Tamar Bridge would help


Well done to your Chicklet Chicky! And to all others who have had family members with exam results

Has been a wet day here so no gardening done, but the whole thing needed a good soak so mustn't grumble!

Am off to Guide Camp tomorrow, so OH has been given charge of the hose . . . hopefully the pots will still be alive by the time I get back on Monday  


Hope OH will be awarded the guiding badge for hose control on your return Panda

Yep, we are looking into that Gilly.  We have never had the credit we deserve for the pasty, cream, daffodils, broccoli, etc erc from the English.  That's why we don't share the gulf stream influence with you up there........stir, stir, stir


We don,t do too badly here in Somerset Verdun,

We can take the credit for Cheddar Cheese,and Cider,which I believe we export to Cornwall


The potty gardener

Gilly- Verdun just demands cake from any one trying to get into Cornwall

I haven't got round to reading morning thread yet so forgive if I miss anything on there.

Mrs Garden I tried some fuchsia cuttings, with everyone saying they were easy- all dead twigs now. I even tried rooting one in water- got some small roots but then when I put it into a pot it too died

Fairy we will expect pics ( of the little lovlies impaled on spikes )

The good results of Chickette are the GCSE results I presume. Well done

Verdun - you say it has been hotter every day- must be near 50 now

Well my day didn't go as planned. Son said he wasn't going to get results ( long story) gave up bothering to go to school in yr 11 so only had maths GCSE. Has been at college but gave up all but English and science. Didn't go there too often. Well I offered to take him to get results but he refused. Then as I was going to get more freegle mirrors for garden he said he would go. Of course he got a D in science, very upset. Managed a C in English, thank goodness!!- so we then had to wait around to see what he could do. In the end he's got to go in to sort it. Well that took up too much of my day.

Had a couple of hours in the sunshine. Then in trying to sort pics I've taken of all the different fuchsias I have.

Too tired now so will try to catch up on here then  zzzzzzzzzzzzzzz


I did post on the Evening thread in the Morning   However, in order to avoid drifting into a beige retirement, I have promised myself that I will commit a small act of rebelliion every day..... sometimes at work I now reverse into the car-parking spaces that have notices asking people not to reverse into those spaces 


If thats true Verdun,may I offer you Somerset Apple Cake as a bribe to get into Cornwall?  


Dove... thats very naughty


It's not as naughty as all that really - they ask us not to reverse into those spaces as the offices nearby get diesel fumes drifting in through the open windows in the summer - mine's a petrol car and I get to work before anyone opens their office windows in the morning 


Fun thread tonight but time for sleep. Night all.



Q:  How can you tell that a bank holiday is approaching

A:  The spammers move in, and bits of the forum stop working !  Can't seem to reply to, or create, personal messages - the pane for entering your message has disappeared, and it won't let you send anything.  So won't be answering anyone for a while.   Oh, and the other sign is rainclouds approaching - they are certainly rolling in here.  Best get that hammock away and start doing something productive with my day !!

Stacey Docherty

Good evening all.... Hope you are all ok today it is after all Friday! Not much gardening today although I did harvest my compost heap potatoes!!!!!! They just sprouted up so I left them and omg got a good bucket full!!!! Took the lid of my nettle feed  over the moon that someone has identified my monster seed it's a fritilliaria imperialis however it's gonna take some loving to grow from seed!! My garden looks tatty and tiered now to be honest I know I still haven't achieved the garden I want... But do we ever .... Loads and loads of seeds in trays my husband bought me a present this week I got an outdoor potting bench and a massive strawberry planter so I won't loose my strawberries when we dig up and move the veg patch later in the year... My self set toms are spectacular this year and all over the place

The potty gardener

Evening all.

Fairy that cake on the morning thread looks more than yum.... I haven't had cake for a month

Mrs garden I just list names and then columns for type- bush, traililg, standard,etc. Then if hardy. If I've got pics- which I want to see if I can somehow add to the spreadsheet. Then a column for when and where I got them. It keeps me busy

I spent most of day laying in sun. Must have fallen asleep as when I woke up there was total cloud cover, but it was still warm.

GW tonight, hope it's as good as last weeks.Somehow Beechgrove didn't record last night so I must catch it on Sunday.

Have a lovely evening everyone and wonderful weekend


Fairygirl wrote (see)

Yes folks - back of five on a Friday of a bank holiday weekend - the spammers doth return....

Anyone for cake instead? 

Chocolate fudge icing, cream and choc ganache with bits of choc sprinkled on top....

Fat free of course


Fairygirl showed this cake on Morning Forkers (in the afternoon!!). I think it looks wonderful. Just wanted to know if you made it yourself FG. Would there be a recipe by any chance? Please


Yes BL- all by my own fair hand and we're about to have a bit!

It's just an all in one mix with some cocoa powder - Mary Berry's standard recipe. 6oz each of SR flour, soft marge and sugar - I use soft brown and caster - and 3 eggs. Beta together and add a couple of tablespns of cocoa powder that you've dissolved in a few spoons of boiling water. Into 2 tins and bake at about 175 C for about 25 mins. The fudge icing is hers too. 4oz icing sugar, 1 oz soft marge, half ounce cocoa powder which is enough to fill the cake (7") Double that if you want it on top as well. You melt the marge add the cocoa and cook for a minute or so then add the icing sugar and beat. You can add a spoonful or two of milk too. Then melted chocolate and double cream  and a little knob of butter for a ganache/thick sauce which went over the cream and over the top with a few choc curls- cos there wasn't really enough chocolate in it....