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Woodgreen wonderboy

Thanks friend, have lost track of time!! helps a lot to know there is someone out there in the ether. I shall try not to breathe on the keys so as not to give it to you.


If you were bus drivers, you would be reprimanded and, maybe, dismissed.  Cardinal sin running early. 

However.......sorry to hear you are poorly WW and hope you make it to the plantsale.

The potty gardener

18.01 so now I can post on here. WW hope you are feeling better soon. I'm much better today but have spent most of this wonderful sunny day catching up on sleep. These light evenings are really great. Anyone doing anything exciting this weekend?


Rools is Rools Brum.  

The sun has just come out - too late for me.  Probably did me good not to carry on with all that heavy digging.  Would have liked to visit a nursery I have found locally tomorrow but son is going paintballing! Honestly, will he ever grow up or is this a 'man' thing? 

Evening all

On weekend more gardening for me and looking for plants as well and maybe more seed sowing and sorting out raised bed for the agapanthus

Weather nice at minute

Watching GW tonight



evening all been a busy day,had a new fence put up between me and the neigbors so after they went had to put all soil back they trod all my plants down,not a happy bunny tomorrow staining fence putting up wires and going to the garden center yippee

Evening folks
Wot a scorcher
Didnt do much in the garden ....other duties....but got couple of things done.
Supposed to be good again tomorrow
Have nice evening everyone

Evening everyone - weekend starts here

My plans are to watch GW tonight, and then have a planting session tomorrow - need to empty my coldframe, so that I can refill it from the greenhouse, so that I can get more off my windowsills .... and so the merry go round goes on.

Frost forecast tonight, so just about to go and do the fleece thing. 

Enjoy yourselves - Spring is officially here


been digging today

 thats when i dug it in feb

 That was the first load arrived on the 5th

 Then there were a few more loads.

 Now with the lawns joined and seeded that freed up a few kerb stones

 Todays job making a new bed I used the lawn kerbstones to limit the bed. Luckily now i have a wheel barrow rather than just a shovel Think its getting there now. maybe tomorrow i get to plant something. No cost so far just sweat.



Chica can you come and paint the rest of my fence too....please!

Been lovely here and got lots done. Same tomorrow I hope before rain comes back onSunday Hopefully a walk too.

Hope you fel a bit better Bev and WW. It's rotten when you want  to ge ton and don't feel well enough.

Going to work out how much fence I need for front garden to stop young children cutting through it...the parents watch them doing it as well..

What they doing onGW tonight? 


 Think this shows off my new bed better it still needs a little more shaping but i think you can see what i did today


Hello folks   came home from GP laden with pills for the BP  but she thinks I'll be a lot better after I've retired   

OH put me on the sofa and told me to doze, and I did - so now we're running late - sweet potato baking in the oven with chicken breast stuffed with cheese and herbs and wrapped in pancetta for OH - a simple steak and salad pour moi - oh, and a large G&T half consumed 


Dove-can I come round...

Blackest you've been so busy-please be careful..we don't want you keeling over! What do you plan to put in-or have you not got that far yet?

The potty gardener

Blackest that border looks great- it will be good to see it later on in the summer full of flowers. Fairygirl you would think that parents would stop their children running across your garden.


it's going to be quite a mix by the wall i'm thinking of a 4 meter cloche with veg i have a raised bed in the middle still don't know whats going there. then there are the beds in the front and i don't know there either.  i've got a fair number of plants at various stages of growth even some giant tete i tete daffs. why they are so tall i really don't know.



Nothing surprises me any more Bev! Mine would have had their b**s skelped if they'd done that! The problem is that only the back part is fenced and the front is quite open...not for much longer though!!


I am creaking a bit and a little sore after today, hopefully will be able to move ok tomorrow. Thanks for thinking of me fairygirl.



Fairygirl, it's all downhill between you and me, so beg borrow or steal a skateboard  and you'll be here in a flash - the sun's shining and it's quite mild out - how do you like your steak?  Or do you want a piece of the chicken?  

Or is it just the G&T you're after?

Blackest that looks like something special to come there.
I love starting from scratch.
Be good to see how it progresses

Blackest looks a good area, lots of digging done there and me done a lot of digging recently - lots of deep heat for you then that makes my pain better after.

Chicky - merry go round now what you mean between my indoor window and cold frame outside

Fairygirl GW tonight monty takes idea from Wisley for his alpines in his garden

Need sun as I need to re paint my raised bed