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Been very busy, not gardening except for watering pots and digging potatoes. 10 coming for lunch tomorrow, including us. It's after church so have to prepare in advance. Having a BBQ, so now chicken is marinading, Tandoori and herb and lemon. Selection of salads and a hot veg, courgettes, onions and mushrooms fried up together.

Cleaned dining room, even the windows (in case it rains) and washed kitchen floor. Made fish pie for supper.


Busy- I'll be over about 12.30, ok?


Afternoon all. Guests all gone. Poured with rain so good thing I cleaned the dining room! Would have been nice outside, but we needed rain so badly. Didn't BBQ, fried the chicken in the kitchen. Cold outside, car said it was 12° on the way back from church in the rain.

Mrs. Garden, did Ryan Air fly without you or was the ferry cancelled?


Hi Liz, been meaning to ask you, do they still sell those huge Bresse chickens in the French supermarkets and are they very expensive?

Ooops, and good evening everyone!


Hi Sue, I've seen them at Christmas and they are expensive. Otherwise I haven't noticed as not looking for that sort of thing.




Hello - I'm having a sit down - I've been working hard, trimming tomato leaves, pricking out plugs and seedlings, weeding, hoeing, washing, hanging it out and getting it in, baking, answering the phone (more rellies coming in a couple of weeks ) putting the joint in, prepping a squash ......  I need this sit down 


Stacey Docherty

Evening all wow dthe that is a busy day! Well the sun came out so we all went to the Egham show its a very very small show but it has a fab horticulture tent! I was very good and just bought a little ecinecea purple one its small but a lot of leaves and growth at the bottom ( I did listen verd!) so will keep it in the pot next to the rudbeckia ready to plant out next spring. Replanted a few things round the garden and as I'm away for a week and the Xbox Gardner will be lookin after everything gave everything a dose of nettle fertilise  the whole place stinks lol... Well best I go pack...  Have a good evening all 

nutcutlet wrote (see)

and in the glass?

Going to have a shower first - better do that sober 


Yes, falling over in the shower not good


Evening all. Not long in.Been clearing all the bit where the shed was, stripping turf to prepare ground for borders, and got a couple of plants in etc. Pickaxe required! Had to do a fair bit of measuring before I started as the plot is all angular and I will be making a fairly simple geometric design with the space.  A few people asked what was going in place of the shed. The back gate was next to, and behind it, and I'm moving that soon so that I'll have a full run of fence there with climbers and a path alongside it.  Rectangle of grass in the middle, symmetrical borders at the new fence with a focal point in the middle. Some new paving nearer the back door wrapping round the lawn and 3 big pots with 'cones' of greenery. A few twists here and there but essentially quite simple and calming. I took a few pix so I'll put them on Garden Gallery. 

Bit weary now so will get dinner and put feet up.

What did you bake today Dove? 

It's been HOT today....still is. Just come in from replanting and new plantIng imcl echinaceas that were growing in 3 litre pots.  Full of flower.  the Chyenne varieties are looking good.

Fairy!  That space you have about putting a shed there?  Be perfect.....oops!  I'm running now.

For those of you not growing Acteas mine are looking wonderful right now. Fantastic black/purple foliage 5' tall with white and pink spikes of scented flowers.  Great architectural plants.....ideal for good soil with some moisture.  rudbeckia Goldsturn associates well with them.  As with most perennials this year  the Rudbekias have never looked better

Going to be hot again tomorrow folks


Just a quick goodnight all. I tried Morning Forkers at silly o'clock 6.30am and couldn't connect, kept getting message that website unavailable.

Had routine gardening morning and washing / ironing for hols, then out with friends. Just eaten and somewhat stuffed, so off to chill ( explode) and an early night.

Not read threads didn't expect access. Will catch up tomoz.

Have a good bank hols all ,especially workers who get a day off 

 Workers who have to go.


Verd -what happened to the end? Did you run away before you could finish?

Maybe I should put a big barn right along the inside of the fence...

Didn't realise Acteas were scented. Would they do well up here Verd? Not seen them in anyone's garden.


Verd, What do you mean   "again"

Its been moderately warm here, But at least it didn't rain and I got the washing dried.

The worcester apples are going to need picking, the blackbirds have decided they're ready.Victoria plums will be another week yet, but the wasps are moving in.

Mrs Chaffinch had 6 babies on the lawn, all wanting feeding. Down came the sparrowhawk, and only 5 are left.  Most of the birds seem to have had a late brood. Its costing a fortune in fledgling mix.  Good job I'm living off veggies out of the garden. (and the squirrel hasn't discovered the sweetcorn yet)



Evening everyone,

HOT here too,beautiful evening now,two Hummingbird moths on the Valerian again,I never tire of watching them.

Busy day in the garden,planted a new mallow "Barnsley" in a  big empty corner at the bottom of the garden,it will have plenty of room there and will nicely fill in a big gap left by a Mahonia which died.Lucikly I managed to start a new one from a couple of leaves before it died completely.New plant is about 8 inches,so that will give me plenty of time to decide where to plant it.

Lots of deadheading done and general tidying and cuttuing down.

May join Dove in a drink


Fidget..sparrow hawk  I hate it when they take one of our little birds, always on watch, and running out clapping hands. I know they have to eat but I feel like I'm providing a take away for them. Saying that they usually leave me the feathers so I know what's happened


I feel the same KEF,but when a sparrowhawk crashed into the side of our conservatory last year and was killed,I felt sorry as it was such a handsome bird.



Nature's cruel sometimes isn't it fidget? 

I saw the big wasp again today that I saw a while back. couldn't get a pic but had a look online and found some pix which seem to be right- it's a wood wasp. They like conifers and dead wood so that must be why it likes the back of my garden! I'd love to see those hummingbird moths Gilly - don't know if we get them up here though.

Cup of tea and birthday cake for me just now 

Hiya fairy.  Often when posting I have to,submit and then edit it to continue...domt know why.

Basically my soil is light sandy loam but some areare have rich deep soil's here that I grow a couple of acteas....viz., pink spike and Brunette.  They are hardy ....can you provide reasonable moisture for them?  I am going to grow couple more, viz., black negligee and James Compton.  Put a miscanthus variegatus ...whiteish foliage....near them too and you have a fabulous, perennial and easy display

Sorry if you aren't getting the sunshine may get it when we get the rain.  But, you  know,what they say about the righteous and the sunshine!