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Its only in the last five or six years we have had Hummingbird Moths Fairygirl,I don,t know how far North they go.

I must be very righteous today Verdun,but it is a SUNday

But, did you say your prayers today Gilly?  See, I did and the lord god blesses me with sunshine every day.


On my knees right now Verdun.


great day here in north manchester . big red sun going down now . dug out no2 compost bin  and started to  refill .big wash two lines dry  .the wife will has ironed tonight... lamb  roast .wow  and apple crumble with custard.. spuds ..veg and herbs my own .and  apples from doris .


Verd- moisture is what we do really well in Scotland 

We're on clay here and because of the amount of rain we normally get, we don't get the problem of it drying and cracking like in the south of the country. I always add loads of stuff when I plant up new areas too to keep it from being a sodden mess. Pays to take time with prep of all sorts -fail to prepare/prepare to fail. 


Evening all,  was looking around garden after small bit of rain and buzzing around was this in picture below what is it? about an inch large

Sitting on the old banana put on the tree stump for the butterflies but not seen them on there.

Been up to station later cleared away lots of the stones from on top of the raised bed which made it look a bit better and cleared it a bit for bulb planting somewhen 

Looks like a Hornet - although they have a bad reputation, they are no worse than Wasps ( although Wasps can be pretty nasty on an off-day! ) Take care.

Fairy, acteas should do very well for you.  Check them out.  Formerly known as cimicifuga.  Go for the new dark foliaged ones.   They don't like strong direct sun unless plenty of moisture.  I create protection from sun by plantImg grasses, aconitums, cornus aurea and elegantissima on the sun side.  I think you will be tempted!


Hi all, went to an open garden today. not especially showy but lots of lovely plants, lots of flowers. Came away with a few but only because it's for charity. The went to GC, again didn't get much. 

hope you've all had a good day gardening.

Waterbuts, wish I'd gone to Bakewell today But didn't see your post in time.

did a daft thing today - scattered seed in borders - not in rows or curves - so I will just pull the random things out thinking they are weeds. Never mind they came free with Garden Something magazine (Garden answers?).

Found seeds I'd sown in spring , Vebena bonawotsit. What do I do with them now? Anyone know if should plant them or put in GH, they are about 3" tall, or am I wasting my time? 



Verdun I've just googled acteas, ooo they're lovely. But I think with my skills I will resist and be happy to see pics of yours .... And Fairy's.

Mrs garden.

I have just dug up verbena bonariensis seedlings. I pot them up.  Mine were about 6" tall.  I pinch out the tips to create bushy plants and leave them outside.  Wouldn't put them in the greenhouse .....I,assume your seedlings are,outside now?  Keep them well watered though.  You could overwinter in the GH though

The potty gardener

Evening all. Lovely day here. I potted up the baby viola and generally pottered. Also spent time keeping the lounger down.

Gardengirl do let me know if you want any seeds on the seed share thread for the station or yourself. Or if anyone else wants any seeds just let me know.

Have a good evening all


Thanks V. They are outside and had been lost and forgotten about. I'll pot n pinch. Echinacea seeds had also gone missing when they did nothing but now look like there's possibly some growth - will look after these as well until it becomes clear that they are not echinaceas but i  fact weeds! Never managed them in the past so why would anything change now?

Night all.


Will take a look at nursery next time I'm there Verd- which will no doubt be soon! They could be good in my new areas as they won't get loads of mid day sun there. I love dark foliage- great with yellows and oranges, and white flowers of course , which will be the dominant 'colour' in the new beds.

MrsG- I'd stick the Verbs out somewhere not too sunny in a suitable bed or border. They should make some more growth, but if you're worried just put them into bigger pots and you can plant them out next year. I've got quite a few in various sizes in pots and they'll probably stay there till spring as I don't have a border that's right for them at the moment. gotten online.  You can choose varieties not available locally. 



Showered now and fed - feet up and second G&T at my elbow 

Supper was splendid if I do say so myself - slow roast belly of Saddleback pork with the crunchiest crackling, roasted butternut squash with a drizzle of maple syrup, and cabbage braised in butter and white wine with fennel seeds and black pepper, with a tablespoon of creme fraiche stirred through it.  

FG the baking was a Spanakopita pie (spinach, feta and ricotta with onion, nutmeg and dill, in a filo pastry case).  We'll have it for supper with a tomato salad tomorrow with my cousins who are over from Tasmania (they're the ones who were in all the papers after the awful fire) and a glass of good French rosé.

We'll finish with the nectarine and raspberry cake - there's some creme fraiche if we need it. 


It all sounds heavenly  Dove! I'd like the cabbage with fennel seeds - a very underrated herb/spice I always think. I use them quite often in soups.

Verd had a look at the nursery on line and they stock Brunette, Pink Spike and Misty Blue  so I'll have a look at them when I'm there but I'll take a look at others online too as I'd want a white one for that particular area. Thanks for the info 

The potty gardener - Bev was going to list few seeds on seed swap/share and do like the sound of some of yours for garden and station garden, I just need to go on the thread in min


Gardengirl. I think your insect is one of the hover flies. Hornets have that pulled in waist like a wasp

Dove, all sounds good in your house now


Found  a new garden programme to watch, Around the world in 80 gardens. Already on episode 5 but will record the last 5. Has anyone seen the first 5? Any good? Half watching recording from this morning but so far every time I look up there's concrete (USA this episode).