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We had one of those insects in the garden today - it liked the applemint flowers - OH said it was a big hoverfly.

I like hornets - but they're much hairier than today's visitor - we had one on the fennel flowers last summer. 

Nut - this evening is very good - that cabbage was wonderful - I am very popular here right now 


I've seen last week's MrsG. Not bad I'd say. Recording it on series link. 


The evening's gone downhill quickly - OH opened a window cos it was warm and stuffy in here and straight away a neighbour's burglar alarm started sounding 


are they at home or is it going to run and run


Nothing's happening - horrid feeling they might be away - we don't know them as they're behind and .................. Yay!  It took 20 minutes but it's stopped 



I reckon they must've left the keys with neighbours who had to find them and read the instructions ............... 


Sat outside (with wine) listening to the tawny owls shriek at each other - i love summer


Chicky - how lovely!   

We sometimes get a tawny owl sitting in our ashtree early in the morning, watching the sunrise 

Looked up the insect looks just right all thanks, not had on of those in the garden before

the potty gardener - I have been on seed swap thread again

I have seen one of the around the world in 80 gardens was good few weeks ago large play ground for the gardener recycling loads of stuff, should watch more on iplayer if I can

Chicky - owls that is nice for you to hear

Dove not great house alarms makes too much noise

Stacey Docherty

Mrsgarden.... I watched that today as well and quite enjoyed it I have series linked it....

Night all off now too much of a headake night night


Sleep tight GG 

OH is painting in the studio with the big sliding window open onto the terrace - he just heard a crunching sound and looked down and there was a hedgehog tucking into his supper 


that's wonderful Dove. 


Fed-up with everything thinking it's a wild life park here! I like wildlife, but there are fields and woodland all around my house. Why can't they stay there?

Had to fence because deer were destroying everything, had baby hares born in my big herbaceous border - they were very partial to campanulas! I have foxes, badgers, mice, even near the house. At least the wild boar and the stone martins have stayed in the woods, so far.

But now I have MOLES. I've had them before but I thought they'd gone. I was weeding and found loads of tunnels going right under the plants. They weren't there a couple of months ago. I think they came in because the heavy rain yesterday has softened the earth. There were poor roots waving about in space! 

Evening forkers

Roasting day.....feeling the heat still.  Its funny, this morning just a mile,down the road it was very misty yet here blue sky.  That's Cornwall though.  

Busy, gosh that's a lot of mischievous wildlife you have to contend with there.  Don't have moles here.....too sandy I think.  It must be frustrating.

Bought a red coreopsis and couple of penstemons.....actually wanted something blue ....but they look right where they have been planted.  Starting to build up some stock now for next year.  For example, Osteospermum Voltage Yellow has been superb so have propagated more plants ......rooted quickly amd now young plants


Well, Iv'e just discovered the snail equivilant of the SAS. I found two snails 3 feet up a gladi. Not that  remarkable I hear you cry. However this pair had scaled a two foot wall to get into my raised bed, tackled the 3 inch overhanging lip of the coping stones, crossed six inches of said stones, dropped 4 inches into the bed, made thier way two feet across the bed, avoiding a slugpellet minefield and then scaled the plantitself. All this without me noticing. What an achievment. Their reward for this endeavour was to find themselves in the composter.


Hi, thejazz - you sure it wasn't 'donated' over the fence from a neighbour???

Evening Forkers

Verdun was that just from cuttings of the Osteospermum how big do they need to be? got one yellow one would like to get more

Been very hot here too boiling again looks like it may rain sometime though, sorted out a few seeds for seed swap.

Then later I sawed up some wood to make 2 bug boxes sanded them down got some nails from garage to put together well must say it did not go to well as 2nd nail in wonkey tried to wacked it down to side of wood and wacked my thumb nail left side as right handed - really hurt started bleeding so ended up giving up for today feeling sick, think will use screws, nails not good not with hammer anyway.


I tried to latch onto a previous thread about planting potz up in layers but no replies. So back to planA and to ask you guys. Here it is....

i have 3 tubs next to each other. All empty at the moment. I like the idea of bulbs for spring, fushias for late summer (hardy fushias so the tubs last and are not disturbed) I also have some lavender cuttings I could use...

but what can I plant now for...

1) between spring and late summer , and

2). For autumn? Maybe winter ? 


Thanks. Hope you've all had a good day.

I've been round with the spray weed killer on the path, hard work! Next time I thought id get a diluteone but worried it would run into the borders....


Verduns here and no mention of cake yet!

Stacey Docherty

Evening all... Well the flight with lo went well apart from the power hungry security guard telling me to hurry up as I was holding up the line!!! Yeah mate you juggle a two year old and refil two bags! My reply of jog on mate was met with steely eyes! My lo turned round and blew a raspberry at him!!! Just been admitting my mums pots ... Watch this space for a what is this plant! I looks like cannabis but I know it isn't! Mmmm pink elephants !!! Have a great night all