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MrsG I answered you on morning thread about bulbs!

Just having a cup of tea and watching Bake Off from last week. Nothing done in garden today but hopefully tomorrow. Looked at some of the Cimcifugas online that Verd mentioned. May be ordering some.....

Good thinking Fairy.  


Stacey..could be..we're all wild in Yorkshire

Lizzie, what a bummer..think I can say that..don't have any experience of the critters. Did you ever see the Jasper Carrot sketch about moles? Involved him sitting on a typist chair with pit lamp on his head and a 12 bore shot gun..all night. Sympathies not funny for your garden

GardenG..few drinks in order I reckon. To numb pain.

Thejazz, I think they have wings

MrsG I'm sure you"ll get plenty of ideas from posters, I'm a bit brain dead at minute so only doing chit chat.

Today I've done the usual up the road, including greenhouse jobs, laundry and stuff and then home deadheading, sewn some winter lettuce, and perp' spinach, blanched more beans, topped up toms, fed my thinks in pots and then enjoyed a bit of the lovely sunshine...that Verdun kindly spared us

Enjoy your evening all.

Will be glad when PM's working I want to reply to a message.


Sorry Fairy, just looked back and so you did! Thanks. I  saw your 2nd post about lasagne buds . must be the heat! missed Matty 2 as well - love the table n chairs Matty.


Soz Fairy didn't hear you fly in



Mrs. Garden, I plant lots of violas in autumn and they last until I plant out summer bedding. Also forget-me-nots with tulips. If they are in mixed borders you know where you've put the tulips like that. I know you are talking about pots. I planted dark purpley red and white stripey tulips with pink forget-me-nots and I was well pleased in the spring. You can make bulbs last longer in pots by planting some deeper than others or buying early flowering ones and late flowering ones.

Stacey Docherty

Lol Kef don't think it is its not dark enough  


BL thanks, will try forgetmenots with the tulips. Violas too.

Cut back a huge buddleia today and found a bench. Then set to on a huge lavertera and found a path.

Busy day really but at a nice steady pace so didn't notice. Planted 4-5 things from yesterdays open garden. Not the pulmonaria though, not sure where its going yet.


Heartfelt sympathies Lizzie - know exactly what a pain they can be ( critters, that is , so far never had to deal with moles!) - but on the other hand i feel pretty priveleged to have all that wildlife on our doorstep. Sitting outside again this evening and can hear "things" crashing round in the undergrowth, and occasionally barking at each other.  I like to tell myself doing battle with them makes me a more resourceful gardener.

on a more depressing note, holiday over, work tomorrow. Only 4,633 working days til i retire ( just got out the calculator!!)


Well, Guide Camp was amazing, 2,000 Guides all in one place enjoying a festival style camp.  Travel on a Bank Holiday Monday was not as bad on trains and tubes as it could have been!!  The camp was in the New Forest and I found myself critiquing the standard of the plants in their walled garden!  Am a little pooped, sleeping in a small tent is hard on the hips (even though I am only 27!!)

OH did his best with the hose . . . Saturday had a let off due to heavy rain all day . . . yesterday however he got kinks in the hose, didn't notice them and thought there was something up with it as the water kept stopping.  Kinks are now gone and I watered successfully!

Fairy, you have shamed me with your turf removal, I really must crack on with that tomorrow

The potty gardener

Evening all.

I don't know where today went. Enjoyed the sun earlier. Then watering took much longer than usual- I was enjoying sorting things as I went.

Then sorting seeds on seed swap.Will post tomorrow.

Lizzie I'm sorry for your creature problems.

I am already thinking about trying to overwinter some things. I never have any luck with taking cuttings- so frustrating. I will ask on plants thread in next few days.

Well I'll try to catch up with morning thread before I sleep


The potty gardener Just added another seed pack on seed swap I noticed  please can you add that one

4thPanda camping in the new forest you would of been Woodgreen wonderboy way, that many guides that is a lot


Mrs garden, it sounds like you're excavating sleeping beauty castle.

It's the secret garden isn't it what is hidden


Fidgetb and gardeng, a secret garden is frustratingly what's missing in my garden, if I could excavate the trampoline there'd be room for that very project. As for sleeping, what's that then? Awake till 3am planning arches along the path. Beauty, well lets not even go there.

Right off to morning thread before I get detention


Stacey Docherty

Evening everyone. What a lovely day here in North Yorkshire. Been to hardwick hall park... I resisted taking any seeds from all the lovely wild flowers.... Laughed my socks off at mum n dads hemp/cannabis plant it really does smell like something classed as a class b drug lmao. Mum won't dig it up she likes it! Eyeing up a lot of mums seeds gosh I'm going to be busy this year!! Well hopefully off to the beach tomorrow... Cup of tea and corned beef slice (heaven) for me!! OH phones to ask how to water the pots at the bottom of the garden "watering can" was my answer a hurrumph followed so we will see if they are as dry as a bone when I get home..... Have a great night all


Evening all - glorious day here in Norfolk too.  We had a lovely time with Tasmanian cousins yesterday, lunch with my children and their spouses and a walk on the beach - back here, a cuppa then a walk down to the marshes and along the riverbank, then back here for supper on the terrace, (spanakopita pie, tomato salad and a few bottles of French rosé).  We sat outise until well after dark and the bats were zooming around the garden before we came indoors to the comfy sofa and chairs.

Then today we went to look at the amazing collection of World Art at the Sainsbury Centre up the road before they set off again to visit friends in Derbyshire and I came home to wash and iron the bedding - it's been a lovely peaceful afternoon - I've been rehearsng for my retirement in November 


Stacey and Dove what lovely days you've both had.

I decided son was having a T.V free day so now I'm exhausted! T.V tomorrow! Shopped for school shoes, decided his old ones were still like new with loads of room in so didn't bother. Followed by picnic in local countyside. Cricket and boules in the garden.

Squeezed in some dead heading weeding oh, and dressed the conifers, see star of garden thread.  



MrsGarden wrote (see)

Stacey and Dove what lovely days you've both had.

I decided son was having a T.V free day so now I'm exhausted! T.V tomorrow!


MrsG- what did you put on the conifers? A nice hat I hope 

Everyone's been very busy. Dove what a lovely couple of days. You never mentioned you were retiring though...and at only 27..

I stripped some more turf in a new border- Panda you'll have to catch me!!   Not very much though as I had to go to the bank. That's my excuse anyway. WIll get some more 'manure' from work to put on them for the winter so that i can get going in the spring with planting. Have put one hydrangea in so I'll be keeping that well away from the new muck!



Fairy, I forgot the hat...