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The potty gardener


Mum and sister came today so out all day with them. Also met up with my daughter so had a lovely family day. Mum wanted to go into a really old fashioned store in Eastbourne. We were all very rude but went in to keep her happy. Well sis bought a kettle, daughter some scales and I got shoes and a cardi- yes we all had to admit it possibly wasn't as bad a place as we said.

Has anyone heard from Tina- I don't remember seeing her post for a few days

Potty, Tina is posting elsewhere on the forum.  I knew she was around somewhere because she was sInging "simply the best" and her voice has deteriorated alarmingly albeit the volume hasnt!


Gosh you lot are late. I've already been busy posting since finished work. Off out for a bite to eat withOH as son shipped out overnight. Have a happy evening.


Evening. Think I'm talking to myself.

Sorry Bev. Have been spreading myself about and being a bit vocal.  Did pm you the other day.  Used to visit Eastbourne a lot when I was younger.  Don't know if it's changed but it always had such beautifully kept gardens and there was the bandstand! Sat on many occasions listening to the bands with the 'oldies',

Verdun, there's nothing wrong with my bellows. It's the strutting that's getting a bit difficult.  Can't seem to control the zimmer frame.

Well, got the requested muslins for DIL and a few other bits and pieces.  Have sussed out where I want to shop and have my eye on some lovely little dresses and sweet cardis with rosebuds and bows on them, frilly tights, etc.  I bet it turns out to be a boy! DIL goes in tomorrow at 8.30 so it will be all systems go.

Best get washing as it's getting dark.

Evening all

been busy playing in the garden seeing how much of the pampus grass can be thined out

Looked like this

This how far I got

and here you can see the fence again



Tina, I can just imagine you strutting your stuff on your,Zimmerman frame!!!

Been  watching's such a friendly programme.  way down here it's odd to  see the contrast in growing day lengths and how much earlier autumn is up there.  

Thought we may have had a hot day but it was very warm at times but lot cloudier

Couldnt get a particular variety of helenium from my local GC .although it was advertised on its website.  Spoke to the manager and he has ordered it for me on his personal account.  How's that for service?  Mind you I am regularly getting plants there for friends, myself etc.

Another busy day at foodbank.....local radio there,today.  May hear myself tomorrow.....put on my posh voice, of course


Good work Garden Girl - mind your fingers, that stuff is razor sharp !

Hope all goes well with impending grandchild TT - exciting, but worrying all at the same time.  Will be keeping fingers crossed (well, obviously not whilst typing, as that would result in gobbledegook).

Got some work to do (the world's gone mad), but got two computers side by side, so might pop in here again later.

Chicky got sore arms - as warmish and just a t-shirt not long sleeved short ones so scratches up arms sore ouch, had gloves on hands so they are ok


Hi all did a little harvesting this evening

 still lots more to ripen, think i'm going to have to preserve some.


That's why  I got rid of mine Gardengirl.  So spiteful.  Seemed like a good idea when I first planted it.  Cats used to love it.

Thanks Chicky.  Just have to hope that all the 'this could happen, that could happen' prove to be wrong.  I do find these days that the young mums time is often spoilt with all these possible scenarios.  Bring back the trumpet I say!  You may be too young to know what I'm talking about. 

Those toms look delish Blackest.  Good photography too, not that I know much. Looks like it has been set for someone to paint.  Very nice.


Hello folks   We had a fresh tomato salad from the garden this evening - delicious 

The potty gardener


I spent a lovely last day with daughter before she goes back to Quatar tomorrow. I know she will be back at Christmas but she just seems so far away.

I can't believe tomorrow is the last day of my holiday. I've got to go in and sort some stuff

Good luck for sil tomorrow Tina. I remember the trumpet. Like you say nowerdays prehaps they can find too much before babies are born. I wouldn't have liked to know Billy was going to be 10Lb 3 oz before he was born- would have scared me to death, I'm only 5 ft 2 with size 5 feet so shouldn't have such a big baby

Matty hope your mum is soon better.

Gardengirl that looks as if you must have created so much to get rid of. Hope your arms soon calm down.

KEF have a lovely time, I'm  sure everything will be fine when you get home 

I seem to have been writing this for ages without getting very far.

Have a lovely evening all


anyone recognise this flower?


Had a busy busy day at the allotment today, lovely hot sun and picked loads of stuff.

Tomorrow wife and I will be looking after grandchildren aged 3 and 6 whilst our daughter starts a course of chemotherapy. Before she had the children she worked in the radiology department of a specialist oncology unit at Heatherwood Hospital at Ascot, so unfortunately she knows all the steps involved and words of comfort from consultants tend to wash over her. Still, she's in good spirits and the little 'uns will keep her chirpy  At times like this the garden and allotment can bring great peace of mind - and lots of optimism. Goodnight all.



Lovely larkspur - my favourite blue !!

TT and Potty - don't even want to start to think what they might have done with that trumpet !  (definitely before my time).

Bev - I just sent you a PM.

Work finished .... wine starting ...











Pentillie - good luck with the grandchildren, and special good luck for their mum ((hugs))

The potty gardener - me filled a whole wheelie bin full and still more in garden, think I will be having some help with shredding some of it as well

Not's a delphinium.

......hee hee hee