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Thanks for your welcomes, everyone. It was a thread begun in April, I think, that I heard of Brumbull  It was still open, so I joined in, then posted a pic tonight, as I seem to be having a little luck, but could do with more specialist fuchsia advice.  Anyone out there?


Hiya jeannie and welcome to our little forum

Im sure we can help you with fuschia advice.  Fire away!

We are a funny bunch here Jeannie but I am the sensible and very wIse one.  


When my brother was born, he was 3 weeks late. The midwife kept telling my mum she had her dates wrong (no scans in them days). He weighed 13 pounds at birth. The doctor came next day(Home birth) and said he looked like a 3 month old as he filled the carrycot. Now he's a strapping 6 foot 5 inches. My mother said "no more". I was the runt of the litter, I'm 5'6". the next sister is 5'8. The youngest sister is 5'10" and has a son who is 6'7''. (useful for changing light bulbs)

 These days she would have been induced long before it got to that stage.

MrsGarden wrote (see)

Granny Bev


MrsGarden wrote (see)

Granny Bev


MrsGarden wrote (see)

Granny Bev


MrsGarden wrote (see)

Granny Bev

Ooops - its got a nice ring to it but I meant

Nannan Tina !



Good evening forkers,

Oh this site is not working well at all. Takes ages to move between posts as the little circle on the top bar just keeps spinning while it loads or does something with another technical name... I have just posted on the morning forkers to say hope all goes well with new baby, Tina.



And I cannot go where I want to go as I am flipped back to the thread rather than to another one... I'll put 50p in the metre and then see if it works quicker


Yep, definately something amiss why else would my above post have done such a silly thing.

Hmmm!  I posted last night but it didn't publish.  Shame, cos I offered £5 to every reply!!


My circle goes roung for ages - annoying.


I know it's morning, but yesterday had trouble getting here and now I've suddenly had lots of notifications.

KEF have you discovered yet that a trumpet is for the midwife to put one end on future Mummy's tummy and the other end to her ear to listen to baby's heart? I loved doing that when a student nurse doing an obstetrics course.Was going to be a midwife but met OH instead. Broken leg when I was on men's orthopaedics.

4th Panda and Dove, I had many happy holidays in Southwold as a child. My grandparents retired there. My grandmother was a Cobbold (local beer brewers, joined with Tolly).

Hello gardenjeannie, hope you enjoy it here. Brumbull started this thread but hasn't been seen for some time.

Pentille, hope your daughter is OK and the chemo does it's stuff without her feeling too tired.


Vino Mrs G? Keep warning you about that.


Good evening every one  

Thanks for your kind thoughts. Will do some research into CBT and see what goes.

Nothing done in the garden but am pleased to say that I have successfully updated Bernard (my iPad) and am free to post at will! 

Hope you all had a good day too 

Stacey Docherty

Evening all... Glad to see you are all in fine fettle... I'm seaside exhausted today no garden antics apart from commanding the oh to put down the Xbox controller and go water the garden.... Got a text saying more chillies have ripened and why do you have a plant in a freezer bag!!? I said basal cutting to which he replied bless you!!!!!! Tina congrats in the new arrival. I definitely have separation anxiety about my garden can't wait to get back and get my astrantia planted. Wonder if I can convince oh to go to crocus open day next weekend to grab some bargins will definitely take a list this time instead of going off at tangents.... Oh well all have a lovely evening 

The potty gardener

Evening all.

Welcome  Jeannie, everyone on here is great. I have tried to start a twisted stem fuchsia. I don't have Brum to ask any more but hopefully he will be back

I am afraid I did some housework today ( sorry to have to use such a bad word) My BF is coming tonight so I really felt I  had to . Mind you he spends most of the time sitting out in the garden, he doesn't have one himself and so loves mine.

Tina lovely news- I did wonder Mrsgarden what you were saying- mind you daughter did ring with some news last weekend which I am to share with no one for a few weeks, she wanted me to be the first to know

Pentile best wishes for your daughter. Enjoy the time with the grand children.

Have a lovely evening and weekend everyone


Time to settle down for GW - still my favourite part of the week.  Just hearing the theme tune makes me exhale a great sigh of relief !

Glad Bernard is up to the minute () , and pleased you are having such a lovely time Stacey - don't worry, garden will be waiting patiently for you when you return.



Hello folks   IT'S THE WEEKEND!!! 

BusyLizzie - I grew up in TollyCobbold country 



Stacey -plastic bags?

Potty - twisted stem fushia?

Tina - it was dove with vino! Honest



When did I have vino  .... apart from the last time 

Just read back properly - Congratulations TT - all that effort just to give you a lovely grand-daughter 

Woodgreen wonderboy

Hi everyone, sorry to have been away so long but I don't have many excuses. Will definitely do better this time. Thanks Lucy.



hope you enjoyed the cricket !