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Evening Forkers,  Hello woody welcome back we did all miss you

Think I went coal mining today in the garden as came out very sooty from trying to sort out bit more of the pampus grass had to have a dust mask on as horrible to breath in and goggles on. Well have sawn a bit of it off and thinned it it out a bit more and the pampus grass is well strong and tough to get smaller

so here is how it looks now you can see the fence amazing

and at one bit I disturbed a bee nest near the floor and had to move away as a few were flying around

can walk right around the pampus grass now

Enjoyed homegrown potatoes and first lot of the runner beans for dinner from the garden

Just had a trip to the station sorted out the rubbish all clean up there for now

Here is a pic of one of my sweet peas two tone colour really like this


That's so pretty Gardengirl 

Good morning folks - gorgeous morning here - hedghogs have emptied their dishes again   I watched one of them out on the terrace last evening before I fell asleep - they're lovely  

Heading south to  visit the Aged Ps later this morning - then back to the farm shop to pick up some food for the weekend and then home to tidy, hoover, ir*n and prepare supper. That leaves tomorrow for baking and gardening 


Whoops   this is the Evening thread ............


late night dove



Evening all. Had a busy day as the weather cleared and stayed fine though windy. Lots of progress with the new borders, turf removed and manure down in some areas, and got the poor sad little cherry tree out with a fair bit of pickaxing and sweary words and  breaking of my spade.  

Have run out of the granite edging stones which I transferred from the only planted area in the back so I'll need to get some. Tidied all the tomatoes and composted the ones that were finished. Would go back out and cut front grass but too tired and back sore. Had dinner and now need to lie down. 

Hope everyone has had a good day too.


Stacey Docherty

Evening all.... Still away having fun with lo went to the beach today froze my aspidistra  off!!! She lived it then I spent a fortune on whack a mole to get tickets to win her a prize... Mrs g- my jasmine cuttings I saved from outside a building waiting to be demolished are in a freezer bag in the shade I forgot to take them out!!! Lol whoops hopefully they have survived as it was a wonderful jasmine and I plan to let it grow up the oak tree in the wood garden( the oak tree gets more sun) hubby said more seeds arrived today hurrah... I'm going to be busy next week!! Well bed for lo all that sea air should knock her out! Have a great night all 


Did plan to follow in your footsteps Fairy and dig my new bed/border . . . and then my family came round for a visit!  I had made a start, honest, and removed the dead fence panel, covered in Ivy, dug out most of the roots. . . but then had to stop for tea and, the inevitable cake! 

Brother helped with putting in the new panel and I have now planted some of my (desperate for it) plants, lobelia and salvia amestad (sp?). They look good against the new panel. 


Stacey i can do that..... Got some jasmine which isn't doing well where it is, could try it up the tree which collapsed earlier, only trouble is im not keen on yellow flowers...i know I know...

Fairy, have a well earned rest.


Panda - you should have told them to bring a spade! 

MrsG- having a cup of tea and a bikkie now. May fall asleep quite soon!

Forgot to say earlier- good to have Woody back 

Wonder if Tina got lots of pink outfits today for new grand daughter 


Apparently she's been tempted by some pink  doc martins as well ...   ok, I'll put the spoon away

Evening folks

Salvia Amistad is brilliant salvia 4th panda.  Take cuttings from it now.  They will root very quickly.....mine took less than 2 weeks short while ago.  

Fairy......again, so impressive.  Wot a trooper. 

Intended to start new border by removing conifer but the nicest poss way.  But, used my new long reach hedgetrimmer again.  It's so long.  I managed to trim a bit of cloud back that was blocking the sun!!  Ha ha, no, hardly a cloud today amd so warm.

Good forecast too.....brill summer


Verd if it wasn't so hot down there I'd make you get your coat for that poor joke 

I found a dead bee next to the buddleia today - nothing there when I walked past and when I came back a couple of minutes later- there he was. 

Buried him in the little bit next to the shed. Is that sad?


Verdun - you recommend miscanthus varigata a while back. Haven't found it in GC so gonna order online, anywhere you rec to order from? Thinking of plantify. thanks.


I'll give them a bit of time to settle in first I think Verd. Will require some bravery on my part - these would be my first ever cuttings taken!  If it works, and I manage to get them to grow, what do I do with them over winter? I have a shed and a plastic greenhouse. I wouldn't want to kill them off 

Fairy, not sad re bee. 

Stacey Docherty

Mrsgarden... The variety I saved has wonderful black/purple stems and pure white flowers it was georgeous flapping around outside the demolition site.. Just begging to be saved.. If it takes I will happily send you a cutting... 


Evening all,

Verdun can I have some of the Salvia Amistad cuttings please they look lovely

I have been sorting out my nettle tea into 2ltr bottles and made 11 of them great lots to use. Then I went into the front garden and moved some plants into better places and then spent a long while digging and moving the large boulders they are heavy all round edge of flower in garden well in front of the flower

Knackered now gave the pampus grass a miss today

Stacey that was good finding of a plant and weldone for saving a bit

Someone mention Cake that would be nice

Fairy......kind too, I think.  Thats nice about the bee.  

Mrs garden.   Miscanthus variegatus is widely available.  Haven't bought  one for a while as I propagate my own by division.  Down here local nurseries stock them.  I will check on line amd get,back to you.  

4th panda. ,be not afraid.  Be not afraid.  You will not damage your plant by taking cuttings.  You may need to overwinter it indoors anyway.  If your plant is of reasonable  size look for lateral shoots low down amd pull them off.   3" or 4" tall then cut across where leaves are and put in pot of mpc mixed with grit/perlite.  Just take a couple if you are worried.  Water well. Cover with polythene bag.  Leave inside on a shady windowsill for couple of weeks ...hey Presto!  Two new plants.  


I WILL give it a go Verd! Grab the cuttings by the horns and do it   


Doing a Dove and moving the sprinkler round the garden - kitchen timer on to remind me to move it round every 45 mins

you lot sound like you have been very energetic. I spent the afternoon in front of my computer doing worky things, then cycled 25 miles to get it out of my system.  Now v tired, but feeling virtuous


Verdun, thanks

Stacey, assume my jasmine is yellow but it hasnt flowered, watch this space, and yes please to your offer of cuttings if and when, thanks.