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Think it has all gone quiet on here tonight

I must say a very large bee flew into the house had to lit the mat help it out no flower in doors

I have so many plants that are saying hurry up and plant me it is terrible, Lots to clear before they are in the ground


I keep going to GC and not being tempted so nothing waiting in my garden. Well ok weeds etc.

Tidied front today ( really dislike gardening in the front, its just not my sanctuary).


Evening all  we're on the sofa digesting a Chinese takeaway 

Remember on Tuesday I had that sarky woman Leslie from Dept Work & Pensions telling me that the website didn't send out the pension letters - coincidence or what?  my pension letter arrived this morning 


How many days left Dove?

I got them from pippa greenwood grow your own show, I think I get too tempted at GC though and vouchers came through the post yesterday for what was called Wyevale - the garden centre group which I need to wait hold back so dont end up with more plants waiting in the garden and bulbs to plant as well when I go to the GC they have so many plants of one looking so nice all together the colour so pretty



You'll be an OAP soon Dove, draining the NHS service and getting all those wonderful perks. You know we live too long now. I think what the government have in mind is moving the goal posts so far that folk will work themselves to death so will never get to draw a pension.

Forgot to water.

Twinkle toes is home and tucked up in her little swinging crib. Bless. Probably have to wander that way tomorrow, just to say hello.


TT -  - happy times !!

Mrs garden

Check out Woottens Plants. I regularly buy from them and they are ethical, efficient and prompt.  Miscanthus variegatus is available in a 2 litre pot which will make a 6' tall specimen next summer.  Probably it will be cut back for despatch but you will receive it in a matter,of days.  There are other nurseries but I prefer Woottens.  Hope this helps. 


Verdun, thanks

Stacey, assume my jasmine is yellow but it hasnt flowered, watch this space, and yes please to your offer of cuttings if and when, thanks.



Hello folks - it's evening time - anyone about?

chicky wrote (see)

How many days left Dove?

Think it's 39 actual working days now 


Hi dove.

Strange - the post above at 9.21 I posted last night!

Spent much of the day deciding where to get miscanthus from. Phoned GC to check they don't have it. Looked on various sites but maked it v. Expensive to buy one item and delivery. So will phone around again tomorrow or spend loads by ordering other stuff as well. Or I might leave it a while. Never very decisive.



Something strange has happened today,

I have courgettes in large grow bags ,cropping well,a couple of days ago the plants started to die.This morning I noticed a large hole in the end of the bag and compost thrown about,

OH investigated this afternoon and found a rat in the bag!...........glad it was,nt me,has anyone else heard of this?


Oh dear, they will get anywhere they can 

Stacey Docherty

Gillyl in my old flat this happened to more as well... It's warm hidden and a good source of food ........ Evening all. Back home tomorrow can't wait to see the garden and get planting some seeds ...... Well gotta go pack and eat bday cake ( mums bday!!) have a great one all .... Oh and gotta go round collecting seeds from their garden ( think I will leave the hemp/marihuana plant!!)

Mrs Garden

Ive checked out online nursery I used to buy small grasses from and they're expensive too.  I'll continue checking out (economical) suppliers.

If you cant locate miscanthus variegatus at reasonable price I will send you a piece of mime when I divide it in October or November.  It wont be very big and it will be cut back but if you pot it up on receipt it will make small grass next year and a full size one  year after.

Another glorious day here

I think Dove might have overlooked the count down to her retirement.  She has the days correct but there is another year to go as well!   Oh dear!



I sympathise Gilly.

I hate rats.  I had all my birdfood in the garage, in big stacking tubs from Ikea. The peanuts seemed to be going down very fast, and then one day I opened the flap, and a mouse jumped out at me. It had made a nest in a bag of peat. There was a big stash of peanuts in it, and a nest of babies. Now I have all the birdfood in the kitchen.

My mum got rats in the compost bin, and decided to get rid of the compost bin rather than risk a recurrence.


Eek, rats and mice! We used to have this problem with our Guide tents I when they were in my friends garage. We ended up putting down traps and poison (I realise this may upset some but we couldn't afford the damage to our very expensive tents) but then had to check for dead mice, and that was worse than maybe finding live ones 

No gardening today, just a run round with the hose to keep everything healthy. Had a lovely lunch with the aged parents and am now settling down to, dare I say it, the X Factor 

Evening all

Been busy digging today more in front garden, cleared the weeds, levelled the garden and then started planing my design out using my empty plastic pots amazing when they come in handy as to what size the plants are I am planting there with out getting the plants in the way of the hard landscaping, managed to get some of the design done but think will take a few days to do most of it, will have pics when mostly complete

Saw the varigated miscanthus on Beechgrove gardens today looks really nice

The potty gardener

As most of you probably guess X factor is another of my guilty pleasures ( along with any other junk TV).

I was thinking that I have seen many many cabbage whites but very few other butterflies this year. Was really pleased thatI saw at least 5 other types during a walk along the cliff top in Peacehaven yesterday.