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At least it's blue. There can never be too much sky.

lovely pic

I have seen lots of white butterflies but not many others


Love your pics Bev. Looks beautiful. Have to hang on to that for when it's cold and wet!

So glad that there are other Xfactor fans. Have been quite impressed with some of the singers so far.

The only bit of gardening I did today was to fill next door's bin up in readiness for tomorrow.  Still got loads to go.

Apart from that I went to see my new granddaughter, had a cuddle and smacked her for crying - got to start as you mean to go on - as if. Came home and did a bit of online retail therapy. That's 4 new outfits she's got. Can't have her wearing hand-me-downs.  No second-hand Rose for me.

Going to be hot tomorrow. Aren't I lucky.


Gardening Grandma

Congratulations, Tina. What a joy she is ging to be to you and the family!



Great pics potty.

Tina , ahhh

G,girl - thanks, have beechgrove on planner, will prioritize

verdun, will let you know how it goes, thanks also for offer to send.

Night all.


Last one on here . . . The trauma of staying up late for 2 weeks means you can't sleep the night before you go back to work 

Glad I am not the only X Factor fan on here. . . and next week it's Strictly!!

Think of me at work when you are enjoying your gardens tomorrow and I'm stuck behind my desk 


Good evening Forkers 

We're having tomato salad and mozarella with lots of lovely crusty sourdough bread for supper - I'm too zonked after my reflexology session to do anything more complex, and anyway, what could be nicer?

The sun is streaming through the sitting room windows and I can hardly see the screen on this laptop - but I'm too zonked to alter the blinds.

OH will have to get the washing in off the line (and fold it!) .

The potty gardener


Dove that sounds lovely.

Was too preoccupied once I got to school this morning to get on here. Trouble connecting up to printer had me worried for a while.

Still tomorrow the children start and I'm all ready for them ( I think )

Must get and give everything a good soaking.

Have a good evening all


Good evening everyone,

Dove thats sounds really good,......and a glass of vino maybe ?

Best of luck tomorrow P G,

Off out to water everything now,its so dry .


So work not as bad as it could have been  I too will have to go out and give the garden a jolly good soak as it has been roasting here!

Now off to find a delicious recipe for gammon steaks for tea. . . yummy.


Evening. Think I must be sickening for something as I've taken all the net curtains down and 3 lots are washed, ironed and back up.  Have curtains as I live on a busy road and don't like people peering in.  I know they do it as I always do the same! Feeling very tired now.  Will do the others tomorrow.

Didn't the childrens' holiday go quickly Bev.  Where did that 6 weeks go to?  At least those families holidaying in the UK had some decent weather this year.  My granddaughter is starting her final year at primary school, which is rather sad. 

My new granddaughter is so advanced. She sent me an e-mail this morning telling me how comfey she found her crib.  Was sent at 3.55. Oh, the joys of a new baby.

Woodgreen wonderboy

My great niece sent me a thank you card, when she was only 3  months old, so there


John Harding

Cooked Bill Grainger's Baked Tuna Risotto this evening from the 9.00 slot on ITV's "Lorraine" - absolutely brilliant. Recipe can be found on then click on food. Used mostly our own veg in the dish + Parsley from the new herb bed. I can highly recommend his recipe. Added a phot of the dish + an update showing how the new herb bed (built in mid July) is progressing.



Woodgreen wonderboy wrote (see)

My great niece sent me a thank you card, when she was only 3  months old, so there

Evening Forkers

John your raised bed looks to be going on strong

Me been busy again still in the front garden digging a trench to put a brick path it took ages was out there till late ish and really difficult as lots of stones and rubble made a nice mound of dirt and hands are bit sore

It was really hot here today so had to water some plants

Forgot to say the daisy plant is in flower in the garden and a small blue butterfly was enjoying it and lots of bees

First today!  Evening everyone

Been dropping hints all weekend about supporting the Foodbanks and today I took in some of my produce.  And hey!  Penny dropped and several donations of fresh food was delivered.  Working in the warehouse this time ....not so many people to talk to so itching to get,back to the "front line" next time.

Its been very hot today.....hope it has been where you are will shortly be cutting my lawns. ( sounds grand but it's two medium and a small area). The smell of grass in the sunshine is magical