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Hello to all - seems we were lucky, having sun all weekend. All plants planted, bulbs fed and very excited to have signs of most things having survived the winter.

And gardening tv to watch this evening (taped from this morning). All in all a very nice weekend. (No smileys - on an iPad)

I lied about the smileys - seems the site is clever enough to convert a colon/close bracket

Oh, hello folks!  It's that time of day is it? .....ish    

I've been in the garden all day  - it's been glorious  temp got up to 18C but was much hotter in the sunshine - almost too hot at midday when we sat out on the terrace for lunch.

Jobs done today are - font lawn mowed (by the Under Gardener), fruit patch weeded/hoed, courgette seeds sown, dropped all over terrace, scooped  up and planted again , empty part of veg garden weeded and compost forked in.  Some foxgloves planted out.  More of the hard dry area under the biggest ash tree forked over a bit to try to get it ready to receive some ground cover plants, more weeding of the Shady Bank, some thatch and moss raked out of the lawn and tied up to the fence for the birds who are nesting, blood fish and bone sprinkled onto the Shady Bank and tickled in with the Dutch hoe, and some sulphate of potash sprinkled around the fruit bushes and again, tickled in - but there's rain forecast for tonight - that's why I did it today.

We also spent quite a long time watching a bluetit pecking away at the hole in a nest box to adjust the size of the hole, while the other of the pair sat in the tree loudly proclaiming ownership of the area. 

This evening we saw a wood pigeon fly up to a seed feeder and tip it to get it to spill seeds onto the ground below - I'd been wondering why there was always so much spilt on the ground - who'd have thought that pigeons are that clever?

The potty gardener

Evening all. I managed to remove old watering system and sort out bits I would need forthe new one. Then fell asleep!

Been a lovely sunny weekend

Gardening Grandma

How lovely, Dove! I'm envious, still struck by the absence of small birds in this area of the town, despite lots of trees and gardens. We don't hear them sing and we certainly don't see them in the gardens. This is understandable in this garden, with two small dogs patrolling the boundaries, though they do also keep away the cats. I




I used to watch wood pigeons waddle down the footpath and in the gate at my old house- and all they had to do was go under the fence! They must have wanted to work up an appetite so they took the long way round!

you've been busy Dove! I spent 2 hours digging out shrubs I don't want and I'm knackd. My back and wrists will be sore tomorrow 


Goodevening everyone. 

Had a very productive weekend.  Filled 8 bags with rubble and more to do.  Loads of earth retrieved which will be welcome on the garden.  The most galling thing about this is that I took 2 x 4 hours to clear two-thirds of the area I wanted levelling and son finished the rest off in an hour.  Just been on Council web site and as I am an OAP I can get the bags picked up for £30. Am pleased with that as it means I don't have to wait for my delightful 2 sons to do the job for me. Lost my temper tonight with son who lives at home as he had promised to help me today but was gone all day.  Do hate having to ask for someone to do things that I could once do myself.  Never mind.

Also moved Hydrangea from pot to garden. No doubt the wrong time, but I garden as the fancy takes me.  Potted on my 3 plants from Morrisons, as suggested by Matty and put them in a sheltered spot.  They are very small so want to protect them. 

Has turned really chilly and, I'm ashamed to say, heating went on at 4. 

Weather, permitting, I will be out there again tomorrow and shall ignore the dirty kitchen floor and all the bits over the carpet.  That can be done on a wet day, which I'm sure we will have.

Do hope everyone is enjoying this pleasant spell.

Evening Tina
No, I,think moving that hydrangea now is good time. Obviously keep watered for a while.
Everybody has been so busy I feel catch up is needed

Oh, you reminded me - I also potted on some hydrangea and sage cuttings which I took last year, and I also tidied up and repotted the Euonymous I bought from the Nearly Dead stall at the GC yesterday - it's looking much happier already 

It's ok folks - I've had roast chicken, roasted Crown Prince Squash, minted Majorcan new potatoes and broccoli - OH is washing up and I've got my feet up 

Evening All 

Sound as though peps have been doing a lot on weekend

Me in great back pain after lifting a lot of dirt - which went in to the new raised bed for the agapanthus

Deep heat for me and rest now


Oh Dove-I had leftovers from the freezer as girls often don't want much when they come back from their Dad so it's not worth making anything special for dinner at weekends in my house! I'm rather jealous!

Tina- Know the feeling. Hate being unable to do stuff that I used to do so easily-back's hopeless and wrists as well. I'll pay for today's  labours tomorrow when I get up!


Gardening Grandma

Gardengirl and FG, I hope you feel better soon. Me, I'm as fit as a fiddle, apart from the 5 tablets I have to take before breakfast, the stick I sometimes need because my balance was interfered with by a tumour (now gone),  the hearing aids I never wear although I can only hear with one ear and the lost stamina which means that I can only work hard physically for half a day at a time. Other than that, I'm the same as I was at 27!

Funnily enough, I do feel perfectly fit. None of the things listed above seem important, really, although they do make me seem eccentric to others. Moi, eccentric?


Fairygirl, I think I will be crawling up the stairs tonight, that's if I can manage to get of sofa.  Got to finish it tomorrow, no matter how achey I feel and even if it takes me all day.  Only had spaghetti tonight as that's just throw it all in one pan.  Am hoping I won't regret it as I shouldn't eat tomatoes but just didn't have the energy to even think of something for myself. 

Watched my son swinging the pickaxe thinking 'I used to do that'.  Can't even pick the blooming thing up now.  After listening last week to Andrew Marr relating how he caused his stroke by rowing too strenuously, I'm trying not to overdo it! No-one would know where I was tucked behind the shed.

Just reminded me of Thursday night.  Very tired and went to bed at 10.30.  Unheard of.  Did text son who was at work that I was going up and to say goodnight.  Came down the following morning to see a message saying goodnight and 'I haven't got a key'.  Woops!  Apparently, he hammered on the back and front doors for 10 minutes and threw a few pebbles at my window.  Never heard a thing.  I think he was a little apprehensive when he eventually got in having picked up a key from other son. Good job he didn't phone daughter otherwise the black van would have been outside.

GG you seem perfectly normal to me, like the rest of the mad hatters on this forum.

Spent all day Saturday attempting to tidy small boy's room.  Shouldn't have bothered, it's back to normal now.  Have sown courgette, tomatoes, pumpkin and sweet peppers in windowsill propagator.  Sown onions, peas, and runner beans in pots outside, hoping to get some space in garden over the road ready for them next week (bank holiday), so I can dig up lots of the perennial weeds and keep that area weed free.  Think it's just grass that's gone a bit mad in that area of the garden, so hopefully I can get them in and keep one area weed free.  Still waging war with the brambles, but I don't think they've reached right to the bottom of the garden.  Really must take some pictures, it's still a wilderness but not an impenetrable one like it was last year.

Not done much, but pleased that I've actually got stuff in pots now, so see how it germinates and hopefully it will romp away.  The tiny little seedlings of Toscana strawberry that I potted on a couple of weeks ago are already twice their size, if they keep going at that rate I will put them in hanging baskets this year, and see how they do.  I know you're not supposed to crop strawberries in their first year, but I don't like putting them in the ground as they're such a slug magnet.  If I do baskets this year think I will heel them in when nasty weather arrives, to keep them going.  I think all but one of my strawberry crowns in pots have survived this winter.  Oh, and I saw my first bumble bee of the season, must start planting flower seeds soon.


You can crop strawberries in their first year, MMP, but remove the flowers for the first few weeks after planting out to help the roots get established and improve the plant strength. I have Toscana as well which are to go in a pot, but I put violas in it, so they will have to wait.


Evening folks
Been cloudy but warm ..bit drizzle.
No gardening today but will catch up tomorrow or weds.
Off to foodbank in a mo......extra volunteering. Makes you realise how hard some people are finding it just now
Hope you all had good day.
Where's the author of this thread? Brumbull has disappeared..
The potty gardener

Evening all. Been nice here but I've felt tired all day so just sorted some seeds I will sow later on.

Anything good on TV tonight?


Peat B

Just hope it ain't any gardening prog ! I want t rest and relax, and forget anything about composts, soils, seeds, germinations, mulching, fertiloyzers, trowels, bowels and seives.  Ldet me sleep the sleep of the just,    just bone weary !

Gardening Grandma

Thank you for that vote of confidence, TT.  I'll write you a reference, too, should you ever need someone to vouch for your sanity.

I'm very impressed by the degree of industry shown by members of this forum! As the advert used to say, award yourselves the CDM.

I've been doing the incredible amount of work involved in getting things straight when we come home from a caravan holiday.  Still wet here, but I've done lots of potting on and planted more seeds for my new borders. I have now planted around 20 different kinds of seeds in reasonably limited quantities, ample for borders and I should have some to give away. Time will tell whether I can bring them to maturity in good shape! It is a learning curve (for me) to care for so many.

Peat B

I'm just an old Gadgie wot is long past sell by date............... so wha is all this acronym stuff ?  TT, & CDM,MMP ? do bear with an OAP  !