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Thanks for the recipe Stacey - will have a go this weekend. I use Seagate for irises too - after went to visit their nursery one year when irises were in bloom. Took 2 hours, and a lot of list making and whittling down, to choose my favourites. Happy days !
Panda - plum trees are often biennial, so next year could be your year! We have two trees, which seem to take it in turns - lucky that
Stacey Docherty

I had a hard job on their website choosing but am happy with my choice( can't remember all but one is called elope!!! Which me an hubby did so..) enjoy the mincemeat it is yyum yum......


Fingers crossed then Chicky 


Last on, first on! And late. It's quiet tonight.

the day turned out pretty nice, and I finished with a smile on my face so it can't be all bad! Friday is nearly here, which means the weekend is almost upon us  I am hoping for good weather so I can crack on with planting.


The potty gardener

Panda, I'm not getting notifications at the moment but will ckeck pm  in a minute. Where is everyone? not enjoying your gardens I'm sure. It's already getting dark. Educating Yorkshire tonight if I can stay awake long enough.

Yummy garlic chicken pizza for tea.

Stacey I have mental picture of you trying to plant up iris i the dark.

 Have a good evening all


I've never had a notification  I had chicken noodles, left over from last night 

Woodgreen wonderboy

Scorchio here ( I am temporarily in Worcester) sun tan topped up, vino imbibed, cricket watched, feet elevated.  zzzzzzzzzzzzz

Evening all, been watching the harvest off in tv world, now watching the train prog on 5+1 as watching the harvest at 8pm instead

I have ordered some sample colour paints including the lime green - some silver/grey and purple and it was free p+p great got a few more colours to finish off my bug box as well 

Been sorting out seeds for seed swap today, been a bit of climbing up a ladder to get seeds from the pampas grass hope they are seeds not collected them before. glad you got your seeds 4thPanda

Got a CJ Wildlife book through the post nice lot of nice plants, but note to myself must not buy more plants untill the ones in the garden have been planted 

Watching the birds on the timelapse cam as I set it up and I found Dovefromabove had flown in

isn't she pretty


Yey, good choice Gardengirl.., Lime green! Good to know it's free PnP for when I fancy a change to the woodwork. Ace piccy of Dove. She and her mates visit me loads! 


Gardengirl, don't forget photos!


good choice it was will be waiting for them in the next few days will get to see what they look like in the packs and testing them on the wood sometimes looks total different - found I have a sample still of the beech blue

Dove does visit my garden sometimes, this one is a smaller dove and a whole load of other small bird came in for there food - blue tits, sparrows, starlings and great tit, only filled up the feeding tube the other day food is going down quick at min they must all be hungury

not sure if it is free p+p all the time before it has not been a few pounds then normally maybe they changed it much better

Here is another pic

Looking out of a train window at torrential rain - forecast looks grim too - looks like my garden plans will have to wait. Might get to the bottom of the ironing pile instead



Naughty word that i word y'know chicky.


You wouldn't catch me saying any naughty words.

I,hope are a laydee

Stacey Docherty

Wow isn't it just raining chicky.......wet wet yucky ..... The bbc weatherman said A..... Is knocking does that mean we can say the word now? Hurrah GW tonight something to cheer me up.... Potty training lo at the moment !!!!!! 10/12 today she's done well and it's going on the compost heap(#1's) hope this rain is t going to affect my merely planted iris I had hoped they would get a good late summer baking... Had to clear cat mess off my saved ones today (gagg) mainly cause they had buried the rhimazones!!monkey well wrap up peeps and enjoy GW 

Stacey Docherty

Oh and seeing as its Friday.... Chocolate beetroot (home grown of course) cake For all......