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Stacey Docherty

Oh and before anyone says it I meant the beetroot is home grown not the chocolate beetroot cake tree!!!

The potty gardener

Stacey, that cake looks delicious.

The rain hasn't started yet but it's on it's way.

I will get to look at and reply to the pm's about the seed swap this weekend- probably Sunday, sorry about delay everyone.

Have a great evening and weekend




Chucking it down here. I've been drooling over Gino di Campos lemons. Now he's onto mozzarella. Its all a bit summery.

 I think I might make Delias apple cake tomorrow.

Evening forkers

My Cuprinol samples came today which was nice here is a pic

Raining here a lot today and think will be for a few day will have to wait a bit to sample paint on wood as wood needs to be dry to paint

A nice load of seeds came today from seed swap

me watching GW now

Stacey Docherty

Ooooooo garden girl how exciting.... Watching GW and my husband reckons nigel carries monty lmao!!!!



GW , hmmm, it started with a kiss, oh no I mean a recipe for juice, then a bit of eye candy amongst the brambles and a delicious northern accent from Harrogate. OH heard about apple juice ing, now thinks I should be a 'cook' (like most of you) and not ' 'just' a gardener.... How very dare he! But where were the flower and proper plants instead of stuff to grow n eat this week? Mind wandering back to catching my eye on a bramble...


Hello folks!   It's the weekend    Feeling really  now tho'  - but guess what .... discovered today that the way admin had calculated my annual leave entitlement this year was wrong - I've got another 4 days leave to take before I retire  my diary is pretty full of appointments and meetings, but I've managed to combine the leave days with some of my rota flex days and have some 4day weekends coming up - first one next weekend 


That sounds good, Dove. Ease on down to retirement. My dad found out that his final years holiday was double. When he started , he didn't get any holiday the first year. He was always a year in hand, but people starting some years later, had their holiday entitlement fron the first year. So in his final year, he got both.

 Everything comes to those that wait.

hollie hock

Dove,four day weekends are great! I work part time so always have these now, lovely way to start to start no work!

The samples look really good gardengirl have fun trying them out

Been out and bought some spring bulbs, I love them....... such an easy and cheap way to keep adding. Got some grape hycaniths and some of the two tone purple ones as well as an aldi job lot of crocus and some bare root wallflowers. When you see them in the Spring, makes you feel very happy that you spent the time planting them

Yes, a good plug from Monty for Harrogate Flower Show.  It rained most of the day, which meant I got to go home a bit early, as I was on the final shift in the Perennial Plant Creche and nearly all the plants had been collected half an hour before closing time 


Evening all. Have been out for a work do, for Christmas last year!!

That cake looks lovely Stacey, I bet it tasted as yummy as it looks 

Gardengirl, I bet you can't wait to get painting!

Hope you've all had a good night. GW is recorded and ready to watch tomorrow while the rain is on.


Last and first again!

Evening all  

So, weather has been pants here  If it's not dry tomorrow then it'll be on with the wet weather gear and I'll just have to get on with it.

Am settling down to hot and spicy pasta and the X Factor.


Hi panda, very quiet on here isn't it? I did as morning thread, visits n visitors, off to watch xfactor too but can skip through adverts as starting later on sky plus.

Have a good eve all.


Moved all the babies round  today. all lined up outside the GH awaiting planting time. Just need to get on with it.

Lots of aquilegias, puzzled by some of my own labelling. What are RYDs and WGDs?




Red and yellow doubles and White and green doubles?

Hello folks - sorry, bit late this evening .... been busy making and eating a S&K pie 


red yellow doubles, yes. that's the ones.  Thank you

But not the white and green. 


It is quiet Mrs G. We are down to the last act, which is always a belter!

Been trying to come up with some help for your labels Nut, "Really Yellow d..." "Well Good D..." Couldn't come up with anything for the d unfortunately 


just had a rummage in the files. It's William Guinees doubles. 

I now have an area 20 feet by 6 feet totally full of plants waiting for me to plant them out. This operation to be preceded buy remove weeds and prepare soil.