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Garden centre manager ringing you up?. Is that because you're his best customer, Verd, and the tills low this week?

Gardengirl, How about some sedums(daughters of rosy glow), pink phlox, orange hemerocallis, Euphorbia griffithi fireglow, A baptisia australis seedling, acanthus spinosus.  A few colour clashes there, but you can spread it about a bit. Also I can send you some white shasta daisies, or oxeye daisies.

Stacey Docherty

Mmmmmmm polytunnel..... where is the sedum cuttings advice ..... I have a lovely one  and would love to take some... Is it stems or leaves.... No don't answer that I have soooo much already.... Panda will take a look at that fushia mmmm do I like lots of white lol yeah guess I do lol


Try morning thread Stacey


Second thoughts think was on here but in morning

Fidgetbones - sounds AMAZING all those plants, anything you fancy sending greatly appreciated thank you

Was watching qvc on tv this morning - after a bit of beechgrove gardens really liked some plants for bees and butterflies so wanted to get them but no must not buy anymore at min still ones to plant in garden out yet just need to go plant them soon



 Gardengirl.When they die down, I will split them up and send them as bare roots/cut downs. Ex pots. (some time late October, probably) You will need to pot on or plant straight into a final position. I will message you before I post.


Sedums are easy to propagate.  Edge pot.  Add some perlite......actually I now settle perlite  at base of cuttings....water. Polythene bag.  Inside now. Should root easily.  

Fidget, no I'm not a special case.  I've been fussing about a plant they were supposed to be getting.  I  get better plants on line though and much prefer this ESP in dormant season

Oh no ! Was i meant to cover my sedum cuttings with a lid ?? Too late now, will nip out in morning, hopefully not too late to save them !

Why rip them out chicky? Leave well alone now

Wasn't going to rip them out - i meant that i would take a quick visit to the GH before i leave for work tomorrow and cover them up. Would go now but its dark/raining/i'm sleepy

Night Fidget x Sleep well 

Stacey Docherty

Woooohooooo 1st!!!! Well not a bad day today after all sun shone most of the day... Oh came home early and we went to the garden centre while lo was on the slide I pulled every white anenome out just incase a wild swan was hiding.. It wasn't. Took cuttings of my sedum after seeing the fab bees on it( see morning post) waterbutts so glad you like the plum mincemeat recipe it is a stunner... Gonna make it this weekend after we go to the windsor farm shop they are bound to have some russet apples.... My friend a Gardner brought round a huge bag of quinces for me today.... They aren't all ripe yet so will leave them outside to ripen before making quince jelly... Mmmm wonder if quince and chilli would work!! 


The Lidl near me has 5kg bags of assorted daffs for  £4. Good for naturalising or big areas.


Stacey Docherty

I got a bag like that they look like nice bulbs as well.... Not got round to planting yet! Have them and 250 other bulbs to plant ASAP!!!!

The potty gardener

Evening all.

Long day at school today but finished for evening now. Too cold now to go out planting bulbs, it's getting dark so early as well. Think a night on sofa watching Tv, unless I fall asleep that is.

Have a good evening all


blowing a gale here in north manchester and heavy rain . cassorole tomorrow me thinks 


Well that's another day over, ok half a day at work. Time to spare before picking son up - so where do I end up?

 GC of course - not to spend , just to look...
£25 later...
New Propagator, do I need it? Best to be prepared.
3 x lavender lusitanica
for the 3 tall planters , an ivy which can be split into 6 to go with them. And 3 diaries
 (don't ask). A few photos of plants to look up, I can go back on Friday 

anyone know what this curly spikey thing is ?

 It's not come out very well as taken on my phone then photoed onto ipad to post. 


I don't know what it is but I like it Mrs G! Don't let Stacey see it, she'll be wanting one 

Evening all! No gardening done but I did walk the plot to make sure it is all in place 

OH gone out unexpectedly for the evening so I am taking this chance to watch The Guilty on forum recommendation! So far so good 

Potty, my OH hates that Inhave to put the lights on earlier and earlier each day. When are we messing with our clocks? Can't wait! (Am now not sure that we get more light at the end of the day. Anyone?)